Adidas Copa Mundial Shoes

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Description: Molded studs on Direct-injected PU outsole, For comfort and support it offers Lightly padded footbed, Kangaroo leather upper, This shoe uses the same technologies that have been used by soccer players for decades.

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Copa Mundial Shoes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Karen L says:

    Every one has a different feet and Adidas is the one company who fulfils the demans of every one. From wider feet to the narrower one can find a suitable shoe for there feet. I love playing Frisbee and there is a big debate between soccer and football cleats, but I am personally with the favor of lighter cleats. I feel like I can run faster than any one else in them. These shoes are superb in every way, but you have to be careful with the sizing of these. You should not be buying this half size smaller than you actually wear. These shoes are comfortable and worth the cost they ask for. If you are looking for a nice gift for your son or father then this one can prove to be the best one ever. This is a kind of shoe which will last for years and years. They fit well and there leather is also very soft. if you are looking for a shoe which could offer you maximum protection and complete comfort and support then you should go for this one. They are the ultimate in every way. They offer excellent grip on all kind of surfaces which includes artificial turf and it last longer than other cleats. This is an all rounder cleat which will never disappoint you. If you are a soccer player than again this is a great blessing for you. My son is also crazy about playing soccer so I have purchased another pair for him just like mine. They are very excited to have these and feels that they have served him the best. They are durable and I am sure that they will last for 10 more years to come. Over all it’s a great shoe to buy. You should go for this one. Even if you don’t like to play and love to walk around. This one will serve you the best in that case as well. I wear these while morning walks and they support me really well. I can wear these for the whole day without any pain. I am sure that you will also have a lovely time in these just like me and my family. I am a Adidas lover and I consider these one of there best creation. BUY THESE!!