Baby Phat Amber Sandals

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Description: 3/8 inch heel. Shaft height is 6 inch and weight is 6 oz, these details are for size 7. Its features include Buffed rubber outsole. For long-wear comfort its foodbed is lightly padded. Synthetic metallic leather lining. Heel panel zipper closure. For personalized and comfortable fit it offers Adjustable ankle strap, you will also find hidden elastic gore behind the buckle. For a comfortable fit with every step Hidden elastic gore at instep of strap is offered. Adjustable tonal large metallic gemstones ornament straps. Metal kitty logo hardware embellishes toe straps. Synthetic metallic tumble leather upper. This a beautiful gladiator Amber sandal for show off. Found in silver and gold colors.

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Amber Sandals, 4.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

2 Reviews

  1. Eliza says:

    I am the maid of honor for my sisters wedding. Therefore I needed something special. I went to the outlet and immediately Amber sandals caught my attention. They looked very different and pretty, just what I wanted. But I was still conerned about its fit, because I have got wide feet, so all styles do not fit. I had to try a few sizes to find the one with perfect secure fit. I have tried them on and they seem to be comfortable, I want to wear them new on the wedding day, therefore I am not going to check its comfort by wearing it. Giving 5 stars to comfort at this time, but the real comfort test will be wedding day, I hope they fulfill my expectations. The zipper at the back is very helpful for wearing on and off.
    They quality of this shoe is very good, made out of good quality materials. I love them :heart:

  2. Kim B says:

    I love this style. Got so many compliments from my friends and family. Excellent choice for party wear.