Bandolino Endall Sandals

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Description: Bandolino Endall sandals are good to go with any outfit. It has synthetic sole and strapped upper and insole is lightly padded for cushioning. On/off wear is easy thanks to its ankle strap with elastic. Heel is 2 inches and weight is 5 ounces (as per size 6.5). available in Silver Synthetic, Medium Red Synthetic, Light Gold leather, Ivory Satin, Bronze Synthetic, Black Fabric.

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Endall Sandals, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Lydia says:

    I love Bandoline and all its products. This shoe has also lived up to my expectorations or you can say that they are even better than expected. They run true to size and look awesome. It is a very comfortable sandal. I have purchased these in gold color because I wanted to wear it in a wedding and it was a perfect color for me. I danced and walked through out the whole function and didn’t feel any pain. I had a wonderful time in this. Now I wear it often. I recommend this shoe to all the ladies who are looking for a very classy look and comfort at the same time. When I was purchasing it , I was a little concerted with the so many straps. I thought they might not be that comfortable, but thanks to God this have proved to be the best shoe ever. The straps fits well and though my feet is healthy still never feel like flesh is coming out of these. This is a shoe for all the ladies of all ages. Really well made and cute looking. Thumbs up to Bandoline! :biggrin: