Hush Puppies Heaven Shoes, Flexible

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(4.5 out of 5)
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Description: Flexible, lightweight, PVC outsole, Dual-density foam footbed, supple nappa leather uppers, flexible, lightweight paradise outsoles, Antibacterial sock linings, HPO²Flex technology for cushioning. Colors: Dark Brown Leather and Black Leather.

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Heaven Shoes, Flexible, 4.5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

5 Reviews

  1. Karen says:

    Overall, these shoes are very comfortable — even on the first wearing. But, I do think they seem a little “short” in that the tips of my toes hang over a bit. There’s more room behind my heel but the way the sandals are constructed, I can’t force my foot back any further. I’ll still wear them though because of the comfort and the fact that they look nice, too.

  2. Sissy Stephanie Anders says:

    Most men like me would only buy ladies shoes for a lady. I buy them for myself, because they look better, are less costly, and usually are better made. The pair of Hush Puppies Heaven I recently purchased is a prime example of all of the above. They are dressy enough to wear out in the evening, but also casual. I like them very much!

  3. Aime says:

    The shoe fits my foot well and is very comfortable to wear. I’m on my feet much of the time during the day and this show has considerable cushion.

  4. Jennifer says:

    This shoe is pretty enough to wear with a suit, and comfortable enough to wear all day, even walking to the metro. This is my second pair in black, since I wore the first ones out completely after years of wear, and I also have the brown. The new Heaven shoes have more padding at the bottom than the old ones- I find they are true to size but fit better with stockings or light socks than with anything heavy.

  5. Sissy Stephanie Anders says:

    I bought this shoe to have a comfortable, yet good looking casual shoe for everyday wear and for traveling. It needed no breaking in because of it’s built-in comfort. It has one fault in my opinion. The heel slips on my foot. A narrower heel would definitely be desirable for anyone with a narrow foot. The shoe seemed a bit wide overall but especially at the heel. Still, it’s comfort is unbeatable.