Hush Puppies Huron Slippers, Shoes, Moccasin

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(4.8 out of 5)
Based on 26 Reviews

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Description: Easy and quick slip on comfort, Outdoor / Indoor hemi outsole, Warm sherpa lining, Soft suede uppers, suede moccasin. Colors: Chestnut, Camel and Navy.

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Huron Slippers, Shoes, Moccasin, 4.8 out of 5 based on 26 ratings

26 Reviews

  1. David says:

    These slippers are a little narrow, but all other slippers I have ever had were ok to start with but soon got really slossy to wear. I have enjoyed these and would recommend them to anyone who wants a good looking and comfortable slipper! These are true to shoe size, and run a little narrow. Great product.

  2. Matt says:

    I like them very much and they are good for in the morning to slip on bare feet and to wear to get a cup of coffee to get you started.

  3. Judi says:

    I liked the color. The shoe gapes a little at the sides when on foot. I bought it for my son for Christmas. He wanted a shoe that could also be worn outside. It could be better padded (softer) inside.

  4. Bob says:

    Overall a great buy, the only thing I dislike are the sides bag out.

  5. Dorothy B. Hilliard says:

    The slippers were purchased for my spouse. The purchase was for a wide foot that needed to be wide to accomodate a diabetic foot that sometimes swell. He has not experienced any discomfort since he has been wearing them.

  6. James Luber says:

    I am well-pleased with their appearance, color and comfort. The leather draw can be pulled and tied so they fit perfectly. I bought them to replace my worn-out deerskin slippers. I wanted a pair that would look good and be extra -comfortable in the house or on the patio. These are. I am also impressed with their good quality and I consider their price to be a bargain.

  7. From Hamburg says:

    I was very pleased with the slippers I bought. The price was very reasonable and the quality was superior. We had looked in many local stores to find slippers to fit my dad. These look great, fit great, and have non-slip bottoms.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I bought this slipper for my boyfriend for Christmas. He really likes the rubber soles so that he can go almost anywhere in them. I even had to talk him out of wearing them to work! Be careful when ordering though, the sizing is off. My boyfriend usually wears a 14-15W. I bought a 13W and I think they are still a little big.

  9. William says:

    I bought a large size so I could slip them on and off easily. It turned out OK. I don’t like the odor coming off the plastic soles. I hope it will fade with time.

  10. Wanda Grindstaff says:

    I ordered the size 15 Hush Puppie house slippers for my husband. He is seldom pleased with any shoe I purchase, simply because of the large size. He normally has to take whatever we can find. But he is totally delighted with this purchase. He has a beautiful shoe and high quality.

  11. Steve says:

    As stated in other reviews, these do tend to “gap” out on the sides, but other than that I’ve been happy with them.

  12. Ron Jackson says:

    I was looking for a comfortable house slipper that would provide warmth. This slipper has a nice warm, fuzzy lining with a non-skid sole. It can be worn outside if necessary and I find it very comfortable on cool evenings as I relax in front of the TV set.

  13. Tom says:

    I like everything about these slippers. Actually they are the first pair of slippers I have ever owned so I did not know what to expect. They are very comfortable and look very snazzy. I put them on as soon as I get home. My grandaughter told me “grandpa, you have slippers” and for whatever reason my dog, who chews on everything, has not gone after these slippers. I can not imagine another buyer not being 100% satisfied.

  14. Donna says:

    I got these for my husband. We are cruising to the Caribbean in June and he needed casual shoes. These are perfect and mega comfortable. Classy style and very well made. He said they feel like they were “made from a mold of his feet”! He’s picky about shoes….but no complaint on these! And price can’t be beat.

  15. Bob says:

    Overall, this is a good value. I found it helpful to insert athletic foam pad for additional support. After a month, the soles are showing very little wear.

  16. Dave says:

    Quality of house slipper is good, the lining is VERY warm and soft to the touch, the semi-firm sole is good for inside or outside (outside in moderation). I’m not a fan of house slippers but I really like the look and fit of these shoes / slippers. I originally ordered a size 10 since my actual shoe size is a 9.5. I walked right out of the 10’s so sent them back for a 9 which was just about right. Price was ok for the quality.

  17. Happy Feet says:

    Best feeling slipper I’ve worn. Treat your feet to a truly wonderful feeling. This is the second time I’ve purchased these exact shoes. The first ones were so nice. I had to buy another pair.

  18. Tanya says:

    I bought these slippers for my boyfriend. He loves them! They are very comfortable and look very nice. You can wear these outside in the garage, while cooking on the grill, or wear them while lounging on the couch. They are very nice looking as well. This is a great buy and we are very happy with this purchase.

  19. JNS says:

    I use these as slippers because they are so comfortable. But they can be worn outside as well. The lining lasts longer than the fur lining models, so I don’t have to replace them as often.

  20. Bill B says:

    I bought these shoes to replace an existing pair of slippers, the lining of which was wearing out. I like the looks of the slippers. They appear to be well-constructed. I’ve only had them a very short while, so it is impossible to tell how durable they will be. I like a slightly snug fit, and these are a bit loose for my tastes. A size smaller would be too snug.

  21. S Kirby says:

    We have searched at every possible place trying to find a distributor that sold the extra wide and also larger sizes. My husband has a very difficult time finding slippers his size, so I was very surprised when I found it on an online site with the kind of slippers he likes and that also have his size. He just loves them. We kept sewing the old ones back together now we don’t have to do that.

  22. Wsj says:

    I was a little unsure about ordering this slipper, since I have a very hard time finding a slipper that I like. I wear these slippers every night around the house and love them. They’re very cofmy and have great tread. I would highly recommend them.

  23. Ted Weg says:

    My Hush Puppies are well made, good looking, fit perfectly, are comfortable, and are perfectly suited to use as slippers. The XW size I have (not medium) fits so well because it has the extra width I need.

  24. Dex says:

    At first these seemed a little too big, but house slippers are supposed to be loose and comfortable. I enjoy them in the house and walking outside to get my newspapers.

  25. Gary K says:

    If I am indoors, I’m wearing these slippers. That’s several hours every day. After a couple of months, these slippers still look and feel like new. The quality of the materials and workmanship are very good, and they were a great value.

  26. Mary Pierce says:

    I bought them for my husband for Christmas. I love these type of slippers and I knew he did too. The color was perfect, as is the fit. He tells me every day how much he likes them. They have a very nice and soft insole which is important to him as he has a bad knee. They are really comfortable for him. And warm too.