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(4.6 out of 5)
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Description: Removable footbed, Breathable leather or suede, distributed energy when walking, Features Bounce technology. Colors: Stone Leather and Black Leather.

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Upbeat Shoes, 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

12 Reviews

  1. Carla M says:

    Last year, when I couldn’t find a pair of Hush Puppies oxfords in my size (10 EW), I tried the Upbeats and found I liked them even better. The Upbeat was a bit more roomy, and there was no painful break-in period. I used a seam ripper to remove the sewn-in Hush Puppies label from the tongue of the shoes (why would they sew white labels on a black shoe?) I have wide feet, a high arch, and thick ankles, so it’s hard for me to find a shoe that’s truly comfortable. This one does the trick. I could even feel the difference in my knees and in my back. I wear this shoe everywhere except to church.

  2. Kim says:

    I have been a waitress for 24 years at a family restaurant chain based in Pittsburgh, Pa. A shoeclerk friend of mine suggested that I try these hushpuppies about 18-20 years ago, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I love the fact that I can take them out of the box, put them on, and they feel like I’ve been wearing them for months instead of the dreaded breaking in period. They are extremely light weight, and considering they are a walking shoe(which usually aren’t much of a fashion statement), they don’t look half bad. Of course my number one priority must be comfort over style when hustling for 8-9 hours a day on my feet. I’ve made a believer out of several of my co-workers who for years said they could not justify spending that much for shoes, but thought nothing of eating out and blowing $50.00 or more on one meal…I’m worth way more than that!!!!! These are truly a great investment. My only “complaint” is that I wish the insoles were a little more padded. I am slightly overweight and pound my poor little feet pretty hard and would appreciate some extra cushion!!

  3. Mary S says:

    I used to drive 25 to 30 miles to an outlet store twice a year just to get this shoe. Then my size changed and the outlet store went out of business. It was a Godsend to find the shoe. I buy this shoe twice a year. The shoe is comfortable and gives great support for walking. My podiatrist checked out all of my shoes and found this one to be the best that I owned for support in walking.

  4. Baylay says:

    I have been wearing these shoes for several years now and you simply can’t beat the upbeat! I even have my sister hooked on them. They are comfortable from the first minute you put them on. They give great support and a bounce in your step. They look like regular walking shoes, but you won’t believe the difference.

  5. Karen R Karney says:

    I bought two pairs of this shoe, one in Black Leather, and one in Stone Leather. I like this shoe because it is comfortable, and my orthotics fit well inside each shoe. I have flat feet, and wear orthotics in most of my shoes. Although this shoe is comfortable, it has a neat look, neat enough that I at times wear the Upbeat to work. I am a teacher, and stand up much of the time. I like the comfort, and the professional appearance of the Upbeat, especially the Black Leather.

  6. Susan C says:

    I have been wearing SAS for years, but they are so expensive that I have not bought any for a long time. I decided to give these Hush Puppies a try, and found them to be affordable, comfortable and attractive – more attractive, in fact, than the SAS. They did require a little more break-in time, which I was not used to, but I found them to be better than expected, and I will certainly buy them again.

  7. Janet says:

    I bought my first pair of Hush Puppy Upbeat years ago in a Hush Puppy store in the mall. When the store went out of business, I was very upset as the Hush Puppies generally are comfortable to begin with and last. Since I found Shoebuy carries the Upbeat walking shoe, I just continually order another pair when one pair starts wearing out. I have one of each color and this provides me with comfort for any walking occasion. I sure hope online stores continue to keep selling them.

  8. S Teague says:

    I work on my feet 8 hours a day in a dietary kitchen where we have to where non-slip shoes and we need good shoes to support our feet on hard surface floors. I like these shoes because I don’t slip on slippery surfaces and the heel pads my feet against shock from walking all day. I’ve been wearing these shoes for 8 years and I love them. I wouldn’t buy anything else also with them being all leather they hold up where for me at least 2 years before I have to buy new ones.

  9. Linda says:

    I found that I like my Hush Puppies, first time buyer, They are a comfortable shoe, and they fit! I have been buying children’s shoe’s because size 4 1/2 is not something very many stores carry, so needless to say I was very happy to find that I could order online, and though the color I wanted was sold out at the store, there were other choices, something I don’t usually get to make. The fit is good, and this will be a site I will visit again before making the purchase.

  10. Shelley Cassady says:

    It looks just like the shoe I bought nine years ago. But in the inside, the removable cushion support is no where near the quality of the cushion of nine years ago. So I was very disappointed with the shoe. I took my insole from the old shoe and put it in the new shoe. It still does not have the comfort (particularly in the heel) of the old shoe. I was going to buy another pair but the inside quality is just not there as it once was.

  11. Bonnie says:

    I really wanted this shoe in 7 EW or 7 1/2 EW but could only find them in wide. I bought them anyway for I have a bunion and am really a medium but buy shoes bigger in width because of my bunion now. I like these bounce by Hush Puppies for they make my legs and knees less sore for the cushion they have for I work on concrete and walk all day too. After the leather stretched on the shoe they are really comfortable.

  12. Mary Beth says:

    I have been wearing this style shoe for over 12 years. I am an RN and I started wearing the white model when I worked as a hospital nurse. The ‘bounce’ in the heel is super comfortable on hard surfaces like hospital floors. I also have a pair in taupe suede that I wear with street clothes. I used to have a problem with painful heels that has totally resolved with wearing this shoe.