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Style Description: MBT Amali are decent and very effective shoes which are designed to shape your body up while walking. They are also the very first physiological shoes which are causing a positive and excellent effect on the complete body. The upper is made from the high quality leather which provides breathability for freshness and health and it very durable as well. The lining is made from the foam and Dry & Cool antimicrobial mesh. This enhances the breathability and keeps the foot fresh and comfortable by wicking away the moisture. The footbed is made from the EVA which provides excellent comfort with each step and it is perforated which helps in the reduction of the odor. The shank makes the sole very firm with the help of the glass fiver and TPU. This also helps in distributing the weight evenly on the whole foot and encourages the movement of the foot in the natural order. The midsole has the polyurethane which provides the proper balance of the shoes it also helps in the active rolling movement. This shoe is designed to ensure the enabling of numerous of muscles throughout the body while standing or walking. While walking you get an excellent feel of walking on sand with the help of Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®). These shoes are designed to also increase the working of the additional muscles when you step into them. The outsole is made from the rubber which is very durable and it also provides super grip for sturdy and smooth ride. It weighs 15 ounces as per size 7. Colors: Black.

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Amali Shoes | Oxford Sneakers, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Catherine says:

    Buy moleskin and band aids – This is my 9th pair of MBTs and the first to give me blisters. Follow the recommended sizing, 1/2 up. These are the least comfortable of all MBTs but the styling is much more attractive. If you walk long distances every day, use moleskin and band aids. I’ve had three pairs of the MBT Kisumu sandals, the hiking boots, sport high sneakers and more casual styles over the last three years and have never gotten blisters before. I love the look of these but I still need to use moleskin after weeks of wearing them. The Kisumu sandals have a soft material inside, the leather on the inside of these chafes and will give you blisters. It’s a much heavier sandal than the other sandal (Kisumu) style. They should have lined these with a foot friendly material on the straps. I was very disappointed – they seemed to get the styling right but missed the boat on comfort.