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Style Information: Mephisto Figura are comfortable and stylish slip-on which are eye-catching. Its upper is made from rich leather which keep the foot fresh and provides durability. The inset has fabric which is stretch to provide best fit. The inner has leather for comfort. The footbed has cushioning with Air-Jet for maximum comfort and it also keeps the foot fresh by allowing air pass. The outsole is made from rubber for good traction, reliability and easy shock-free ride. Its heel is ½ inches high and it weighs 9 ounces (as per size 6). It can be found in these colors: Khaki Green Bucksoft, Chestnut Bucksoft, Black Imperial Leather and Black Bucksoft.

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  1. Megan says:

    This is a fabulous shoe. I am very choosy and fussy about the shoes. I look for all the qualities in a shoe. It has to be comfy, cute and supportive. Mephisto is the only brand which I find perfect in all the perspective :wub: . I really trust the products they manufacture. I think this is amongst the most comfortable shoes this brand offers. It has the added bonus of a curved toe which reduces the ‘clunky’ look. The arch support is incredible, especially when you have to wear orthotics. I hope that the suede finish on the top of the shoe will hold really well. I think these shoes are really great for when you are traveling around as they slip on and off very easily. I bought it when I was planning a trip to Italy. I wore these for days and nights, walking through the streets of Italy in peace. No pain, no disturbance. I had fun and I never thought about my feet as I knew this shoe is going to protect them. The shoe seems to be durable too and the leather upper doesn’t only look nice, but it is very easy to clean as well. It is light weight and has only ½ inch heel which makes it very easy to walk in. Excellent shoe overall. :biggrin: