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Description: 2 Inch Heel, Taken from The Sanita Original Collection, Skid-resistant polyurethane outsole, Anatomically-shaped footbed, stabilizing insert provide extra support , Reinforced instep, Premium leather upper in this summer Margrete Latigo sandal.

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Latigo Shoes, 4.2 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

1 Review

  1. Qiana Reeds says:

    Wrap your feet in style this summer with the fantastic “ Margrete Latigo” I really love this shoe. The color of this shoe is very rich and it matches with every thing you wear. This is the kind of shoe which can be worn with any thing from skirts to jeans. The arch support is simply great. I am a house wife and more then that I am a full time mom so I was looking for a sturdy shoe. Thanks God that I found this. This shoe has made my life easier. At the same time I look a stylish mom too.
    Previously I was using similar shoes, but was not satisfied with the comfort level. I am all the time running after my kid, so uncomfortable shoe are like burning in hell. Can’t afford to wear them. At home I often use slippers, but obviously can’t wear it when I am out for shopping for my kid or buying grocery. This shoe is my best purchase so far. I now prefer to buy Sanita then buying any other brand because they make high quality shoes which very nice features. My feet are narrow and still I can walk for the whole day in this shoe. I go out in this and every one admires me.
    Anyone who desires a comfortable yet elegant shoe should go for this one. People say my feet are beautiful, but I think it’s the magic of Latigo which has made my feet look pretty. So all the ladies want to make their feet beautiful should go for it!