Skechers Shape Ups – Motivator Shoes, Work SR

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Style Information: Get ready to shape yourself up in style SKECHERS Work SR Shape Ups – Motivator. These Mary Jane style shape up sneakers provides comfort, help you to lose weight and tone your muscles. The upper is made from leather which has a hook and loop closure for personalized fit and prominent stitch detail for attractive styling. The insole is well cushioned to provide comfort and the lining of fabric provides softness while keeping the foot fresh. The frame is made from PU which provides stability and support to the foot for easy walking. The midsole of form and kinetic wedge avoid shocks and ensure the exercise effect. The midsole is 1 ½ inches high at the center. The outsole is made from OSHA rubber which is anti-slip and provides durability. It weighs 15 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: White and Black.

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Shape Ups - Motivator Shoes, Work SR, 4.7 out of 5 based on 42 ratings

43 Reviews

  1. Elena says:

    I have never seen such a cute looking shoe. They looked like a doll shoe. I purchased it in white color and my feet looks smaller and cuter in these. It is like a blessing for my wide feet as it makes them look attractive and smaller. The issue that I have faced is with the sole design. A non skid sole was desirable and however the design of the lugs on the sole is so dense. These shoes are extremely difficult to clean which I really dislikes because I bought it in white color which gets dirty very quickly. I have bought a stiff wire brush and a sharp skewer and also a discarded toothbrush to clean it. I use all these tools and even then it takes a lot of time to clean these. For Skechers, I would suggest them to redesign the sole so that it becomes more user friendly. Other then that it’s a nice looking shoe and provides desirable comfort.

  2. M says:

    I was looking for black Skechers Shape-Ups to wear with black slacks for work. I already owned a pair of Shape-ups white sneakers and knew how comfortable they were. The Motivators are great for work and soooo comfortable. They look nice with casual wear. I won’t wear heels again!

  3. Pest Girl says:

    My name is Debbie and I am a Pest Control Sales Professional. I love my shape up shoe for work…I do everything in them from walking, running, scaling ladders, walking roof tops, walking beams in attics. The consistency of the work out is excellent…it’s to the point I do not even know I am exercising. Regular shoes just don’t cut it any more.

  4. Ceci The Bionic Woman says:

    I wear my Skechers everyday! At work I stand/walk alot. I have bad knees and back. What a difference these shoes have made! It’s like walking on cushioned springs. My knees don’t hurt, and my back doesn’t hurt as bad as it used to. I wear them with work slacks or with my jeans. I’m now looking for some tennis shoes. I have recommended them to my friends with similar foot and knee problems. They promptly went out looking for them. I used to come home from work and immediately take off my shoes and lay down. Now I don’t want to take them off! I still have energy to do other things.

  5. Sally says:

    i have both pairs of these shoes the ones that tie and the ones with the velcro and i love both of them. i use the ones with shoestrings to walk in daily (2 mile power walk)and the other ones to wear out shopping, or outings. i swear by them, i have always bought another brand tennis shoe but these are much better. if they last as long as the other brand then i will always buy these from now on. they’re great !!

  6. Lyonees says:

    I am 68 and the small of my back hurt, my knee hurt. These shoes MAKE you walk correctly. After a week my back does not hurt and my knee does not hurt. And even on snow days when I can’t wear my Mary Janes, my back does not hurt wearing other shoes. Once it warms up I’M GOING WALKING.

  7. Deni says:

    After having foot and ankle surgery last year, I have had difficulty find a comfortable shoe that would allow me to walk smoothly without limping. The Shape Ups Motivator not only helps me to walk normally, but is a wonderful shoe to wear with my dressier office attire. I plan to order several different styles of Shape Ups!

  8. Mommy says:

    These are, quite honestly, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. It literally feels like you are walking on pillows or clouds. I could wear these for house and hours and hours and my feet would not hurt.

    And the bonus? I can feel it working my legs, yet my muscles aren’t sore at the end of the day.

    Seriously, these shoes are WELL WORTH the price you pay for them. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation. Do yourself a favor and buy these shoes.

  9. Jenn, The Casino Host says:

    I am on my feet constantly, and I have to wear a dress suit, so Sketchers Mary Janes, like the “Step Ups”, look great and make my feet feel great. I couldn’t get through a day at work without them!

  10. Hot Donna says:

    I wear my shoes all the time. I have the SR style in black and can wear them with jeans or casual pants. They are like walking on marshmallows, the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. ( am a shoe freak, so I have a lot of them!)

  11. Tah says:

    I don’t usually like to write reviews..but these shoes are amazing- worth every penny. I don’t have any physical problems thank goodness but my mother does and I got a pair for her as well she has arthritis, a herniated disc just to list two of the ones that make walking for her a short painful trip normally, with these shoes..she’s able to go farther, for longer periods of time and they help ease some of the pain and discomfort she used to feel when walk before and not to mention her posture looks so much better in them! Thanks!

  12. Roller Skater says:

    This particular style is roomy and runs more true to size than others. The most “shoe looking” currently available for folks required to wear shoes to work. Review info helped me order right style & sz the 1st time. Shape Up was recommended by my senior citizen sister who works full time at Khols where walking and standing IS the job. She had to re-hem her pants w/in 3 wks because of the changes to her body shape. I work a “feet all day” job too but don’t walk as much. There was no adjustment period for me. I am grateful for the recommendation and hope to see the same results soon.

  13. J Baker says:

    I wear motivators to work, and sneakers everyday!! I can not believe how comfortable they are I have arthitis in my hip and back problems, I feel so much better with these shoes, my boss and co-worker have each bought a pair of work shoes!! We work in a bakery and on our feet all day gives you more energy! I love them!!!!

  14. On the Go Lady says:

    I Love these shoes. They are fantastic. I have recommeded then to a lot of people. I have problems with lower back pain as soon as I put these on my entire back felt like it had realigned and most of the pain was gone. I love the mary janes and do wish you would make some that are laceless in a sneaker style this would help people like me with arthritis.
    however the Mary Janes are great for work and do look much dressier.

  15. Annie Nurse says:

    I needed a replacement shoe for work, since I am on my feet all day long…..these are it!!! They are soft, absorbe the shock, my feet are no longer tired or ache!! They look as good as they feel and I have recommended them to everyone I know.

  16. LNSU says:

    I am very overweight & out of shape. I just moved into my first house. Due to a blizzard my husband and I had to move all of our stuff on my own. My body hurt SO badly after that. Walking around the house hurt for weeks! So, I got these shoes to help me recover from the move. I now feel FANTASTIC. My body feels so good I decided to join the gym and I wear the shoes everyday-all the time. They even look cute with skirts. Now all I need are more colors and styles! I’d love a pair of RED Mary Janes-Sketchers:get on that!! I’m even getting a pair for my out of shape husband!

  17. Jhaughy says:

    I first bought the sneakers action pack. They are the most amazing shoes I have ever owned, so comfortable, I have arthritis in my hip and a bad back and am only 44, with these shoes I wear them everyday when I am at home, then I work in a bakery and am on my feet over 8 hours aday so I ordered the shape-up motivator, (I dont ever spend this much for shoes ever!)oh gosh love them I dont have any pain all day, come home feeling great! My boss is even going to buy a pair. I tell everyone! I also go to curves and tell all the ladies there how amazing these shoes are!

  18. Pat says:

    Shape ups were recommended to me by my foot doctor. I love these shoes because I can wear them to work. My feet are pain free which makes them the best shoes in the world for me!! I have another pair that I wear on the weekends. Shape ups are all I wear now and I love them!! I would recommend them to anyone.

  19. Charlyn says:

    I wear my Skechers shapeups to work and to the gym. They’re great support and my leg muscles have not gotten sore or tired. The shoes are heavier than my regular tennis shoes but I don’t notice the difference when wearing them. I had to get used to the rocking motion of the soles the first two days I wore them but now don’t even notice it. I work in a hospital as a medical provider and have gotten numerous compliments on the style and appearance. Several nurses are going to buy them for their use.

  20. Laura says:

    I bought these Skechers for work shoes, but find myself wearing them often outside of work. The Mary Jane style can be worn with jeans, slacks, casual skirts, and shorts. I absolutely love the fact that they were comfortable the first time I put them on, and have stayed that way! NO ‘break-in’ time… huge plus! I haven’t been this satisfied with a shoe purchase in I don’t know how long! Also, I am very excited to see the positive physical benefits I hope to get from my Skechers Shape-Ups. I have already noticed a significant improvement in my posture!

  21. Fembiker says:

    I am recovering from a fracturd heel and have been out of my Cam-walker for one week after wearing it for SIX months. There is not another shoe that compares. Worth every penny. No weight on my heel so I can continue to heal out of my boot! Just today my podiatrist saw them on me and gathered the entire office staff to check them out, he also wrote them down for recommendation.

  22. Karen says:

    I love that my Sketchers shoes are comfortable and quite cushiony. I stand on my feet for extended periods of time and my Sketchers remain lightweight and don’t hurt my feet. They are stylish and appropriate for work and casual wear.
    The velcro closure is very quick and handy. I like the idea that while wearing my Sketchers, I am exercising my legs.

  23. Katie says:

    I love the total comfort, the relief from the backaches, the major relief from the heel pain of planter facitis. The pain relief alone makes such a difference in the EVERYDAY, EVERY PLACE wear of these shoes. I wear mostly jeans, but ordered another pair a little dresser that I can wear with slacks. Can’t wait till they come out with some dresser yet ones! These shoes are truley heaven on earth for my feet and back! The proof was when I was stuck for six hours in the DFW airport and was shuffeled to several different gates over those six hours. I love it, I can really walk again without a backache or killer pain in my heels!

  24. Tami The Mixologist says:

    I am a bartender at a golf resort and my job requires me to be on my feet and walking for at least 8 hours a day, and oftentimes more. I purchased my first pair of Shapeups about 3 months ago and they are still going strong. This is my second pair and I bought these to replace another brand of work shoes that I had worn out. All I have to say is that I am 48 and my body doesn’t hurt at the end of the day! As far as style, I say they are STILL gawdawful ugly. I am a vain woman and still willing to wear them, though. Nuff said!

  25. Liz Teacher says:

    I can really feel my leg muscles working when I wear these, especially when I walk a lot. The springiness is awesome. I am a teacher and find them great. I would have loved them when I was a waitress, although some jobs I worked required lace up shoes. Friends of mine who are hair stylists plan on getting them after trying on mine!

  26. Granny RN says:

    The shoes took some getting used to for me, but I have problem feet (a nurse for 37 years!) Because of a large bunion on my left foot, and the style of the shoe (the mary janes) I needed a half size larger…a wide width would be great!! However, the cushioning is wonderful and they are very slip resistant. In spite of the size (10) I was repeatedly told that my feet looked small, and they were a major point of interest! All were also impressed with the cost in comparison to some of the similar type shoes. I would, and have, recommended them highly to friends and co-workers. After wearing them for 2 days, I could really tell that they were working on my calves and lower back.

  27. Evona says:

    I wear my shoes at work where I am standing and walking the entire time and need shoes that are comfortable, slip resistant, easy to clean and nice looking too. I haven’t noticed any of the toning qualities but that wasn’t the sole purpose I bought the shoes.

  28. Claire says:

    I wore these for a few days, and they started to hurt my foot at the side of my big toe knuckle. It was almost bruising my foot. I have sent them back to exchange for the lace-up version. I hope that they feel better.

  29. Wendy says:

    I’m usually a size 7.5 in all shoes and i had to go up a full size they don’t carry this particular style of shape-ups in an 8.5 so i got a pair that was almost exactly the same the slim fit they fit great as an 8.5 super comfy usually by the end of my work day my feet are killing me now i feel like i could be on my feet another 8 hours so Ive started walking home from work I’m very pleased I’m sure these shoes will help me achieve my fitness goals

  30. Jen says:

    Shoes are fairly comfortable. In terms of looks, my son says they look like “old lady” shoes. I do think they look a little more therapeutic. The cut at the toe seems low. It may be because in the shape up tennis shoes, the shoe seems to provide lots of support all around. I like them but not as much as the shape up tennis shoes.

  31. Joan says:

    They’re comfortable and supports your back. It takes a while to get use to but once you follow the instructions its easy to work in. Almost three weeks and I started to notice a change. My pants started to fit a little loose. You really get toned. I work two jobs. I stand all day doing hair and I work in a womens’ clothing store part time in the evening so I’m in my shoes alot. I wear a career casual style with my shoes. They even look good with jeans! My aunt has back problems. I’m recommending these shoes to her.

  32. Pam says:

    I stand on my feet for hours a day at work. This shoe is very comfortable and eases the pain in my lower back and the calves of my legs. I will buy another pair for everyday use. I am not sure about how much they support the arch because the way the shoes balance the foot, they don’t really put stress on the arch. My only compaint about these shoes is that the upper is so stiff that it bothers the outside of one foot and the bunion on the other. However, they are comfortable enough otherwise that I don’t mind wearing a bunion pad, etc. I told my chiropractor that I bought these and he said he had several patients who wore them and they all love them.

  33. Smakin Pinch says:

    I am a nurse and I began noticing moderate to severe lower back and foot pain. I saw an ad on the walk fits and I immediately bought a pair. Since I have been using them I have experienced almost a 100% reduction in back and foot pain. I am truly amazed and happy with my shoes. I wear these shoes during my 12 – 14 hour shifts and I love them soo much I have thrown out every pair of nursing shoes that I own.

  34. Jenner says:

    very nice to stand on. I work on hard floors so all the extra padding was nice. but I ordered a 1/2 size bigger like i was told to and it was to big. returned them for a smaller size 2 weeks ago and havent heard a word about my return (GURRRR) they were also tight on the with so I hope the smaller size is better and gets here

  35. Kepsd says:

    I have two pair and was interested in the skechers shape ups. I found shape ups in a work shoe,and was excited! I ordered a size 9 but they were too small so I sent them back. I went to a department store to try on a pair,and found they run 1/2-1 full size smaller[…]now I’m trying to decide if I should order a 1/2,or 1 size larger,and or a size wide. As soon as I figure it out,I’ll definitely re order!

  36. Kendra Food Server says:

    These are comfy, good for work, slip resistant, and help to tone. However, the plastic piece that holds the strap on broke so now they are useless until I can get it fixed. Also, the big fat strap is so ugly, everybody made fun of my shoes. I wish they would bring back the smaller strap style. Now I have to look for some through another brand.

  37. Picky Shopper says:

    I bought my first pair of Skechers Shape-Ups at a retail store, and liked them so much, I wanted another pair in a different style. I shopped at Skechers website to look for a mary jane style[…]I no longer get cramps in my feet after standing all day at work. These are just about the only shoes I wear. They go any where any time and are comfortable and well made. I finally found something worth paying for!

  38. Fitness Walker says:

    I have been curious about various fitness shoes and tried these because they were a much better price than the competitor’s shoes. I am so happy I tried them! I have been wearing them for a few weeks now (around the neighborhood and to work, shopping, etc.) and I can definitely feel the extra work-out these shoes provide. I find them very easy to walk in and very comfortable. They also feel very cushioned – more fun to walk in than regular shoes. I also think the style is good – some exercise shoes are too ugly to wear unless you are wearing workout clothes. These have quickly become my favorite shoes and I am wearing them everyday. Now if they would just come out with some winter boots that have the same sole – I don’t want to have to stop wearing shape ups once the snow arrives.

  39. Julie the Doctor says:

    These shoes have helped my posture and my back pain is almost gone. If I am leaving the house for more than a few minutes, I put them on. I can definitely feel them working. My muscles were initially a bit sore in my abs and lower back. Also a bit in my quads. All the areas that need help!! I have since bought a second pair and am looking for a third (need one to match every outfit). I doubt I’ll wear anything else in my closet!! I am a casual dresser and wear them with my work clothes and more casual “weekend” wear. They run fairly true to size. I usually wear a 9 or 9-1/2 and I definitely needed the 9-1/2, so if you are an in-btweener, buy the 1/2 size up.


  40. Barbie says:

    The only one we my daughter, sister @ I had problem with the all leather black Mary Jane it gave us blaster on our right toe rubbed, we sent it back and will get the mocha 2 pr we will not share anymore we want our own they work! My sister works in the Hospital. I do day care We do about 5 to 12 miles a day. Thank you so much!!!

  41. Heids says:

    I love my new Skechers. They are the ultimate in comfort and there isn’t any place that I haven’t worn them. One day I wore them for 8 hours while doing errands, when I got home my feet didn’t even hurt. It’s hard for me to find a really good shoe as I have a broken hip that is screwed together. They can be worn with just about anything, jeans, shorts, and sweats. Since winter has come early here to Minnesota I’m hoping the shoes will afford me some protection against falling due to their non slip soles, I will let you know how that turns out however it will be many months from now!!! I have used your shoes almost since they first came out due to the sizing and they way they feel on your feet, as if they were made especially for you. Thanks for making such a great product.

  42. Minnie Lou says:

    I bought the Jump-Start Shape-Ups about 2 months ago-they’re fantastic! I was thrilled when I saw they had these new styles for work! I usually wear the Dansko Professional-which is great- but these are really awesome! You just have to try them on-they feel divine! I feel like I’m being propelled-my husband says my posture and gait are really good when I wear either of my Shape-Ups. I feel like this line of shoes is really special- it’s not just about form and function-I think these shoes are really beneficial. Better posture, no foot pain and if they can help tone a jello butt- well, that’s a bonus! I’m hooked- I’ll be buying more!

  43. Me says:

    I love wearing my skechers BUT at night i am getting horrific leg cramps, the worst ever!!!! Did anybody else have this problem when they started wearing their ‘shape ups’??
    I did the “break in” recommendation twice now and still have the worst leg cramps.
    Please, if there is anything else i can do to help let me know I really don’t want to give up the comfort i have when I wear them but I can’t trade it for the leg cramps!!!