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Style Information: SKECHERS Shape Ups – Trim Step is another magnificent and comfortable slip-on style shape ups which are well ventilated and will provide you exercising effect in each step with kinetic wedge and foam filled midsole which also arbors shocks to ensures best ride. It offers effortless on / off wear with slip on design hook and loop fastener for personalized and perfect fit. The upper is made from leather and features prominent stitches for additional style. The lining of synthetic provides softness and keep the foot fresh and healthy. The footbed is also synthetic and it is well cushioned for best comfort all day long. The frame is made from polyurethane which ensures stability and support for comfortable ride. The outsole is sculpted from rubber which provides durability along with rocking motion. Its heel is 1 ½ inches high and platform is 1 inches high. It weighs 12 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: Desert Crazyhorse, Chocolate and Black.

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Shape Ups - Trim Step Shoes, 4.6 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

30 Reviews

  1. Crisy Russell says:

    Although they seemed to have stretched on me the very first day,still the lt.wt. feeling makes walking more enjoyable and I can walk longer without feeling tired. I use my trim step 3x a wk,I like to wear according to what I’m wearing at the moment. I would use trim step all the time but you know changing shoes is a must,especially in warm weather yr.around. I wear my trims usually with shorts,hardly with long pants or dresses,but I use my shape ups sneaker for every day am/pm 1hr walk exercise,pretty cool

  2. Andetta from Mobile, AL says:

    These shoes are the most amazing shoes I have ever owned. The first day I wore them, I felt like I’m walking on my bed. They are surprisingly comfortable shoes. My husband bought me these shoes and I fell in love with them from the very first day. It feels weird walking in them in the start and after a week or so I started having pain in my heel but after 10 or 12 days everything was fine. I later discovered that it is just a normal reaction of the muscles. I got use to them very quickly and I love walking in them now. I use them every day for walking the dog. I am planning to buy another pair of shape ups in some different style. They are very effective. I felt their effect on my muscles within 15 days of use. The arch support is good and size is true. I really like its style and color. Recommended.

  3. Mom of Three says:

    I have very painful plantar fasciitis in both feet which makes it so hard for me to get up and walk. Since I have been wearing my shoes on a daily basis for everyday wear. I have had zero pain in my feet. My legs feel a little tired like I have done a hard work out for hours(and yes they are firming up)But I have absolutely NO plantar fasciitis pain what-so-ever.

  4. Bjm says:

    I first bought the Skechers Shape-Up “Work” shoe since I work 8-16 hours a day as a nurse. My feet were killing me, and because I have very small feet, it was hard to find any shoes with enough support to keep my feet happy. Skechers makes a shoe small enough for me and the support has taken away my back-aches, knee and ankle pain. To show how much I love these shoes, I now own six pairs and my former shoes are no more. Since I got my first pair and bragged about them at work, at least six of my co-workers have bought the Shape-ups and are loving them as well. Thanks to Skechers for a great product–please don’t stop making them in the size 5!

  5. Michifur says:

    Only thing, they’re a bit less secure than sneakers since they don’t go as high, so they have to fit Exactly. I usually wear a 7 (foot 9 1/4″ longest length when traced on paper), but I Do order for extra room in the toe. Normally this size would fit, but I couldn’t cinch the strap enough so they wouldn’t slide. Had to get a 6 1/2. Otherwise LOVE them!

  6. Batonel says:

    I am a teacher suffering from a lot of heal pain. I have tried Nike Shox which has been the best shoe for me, so far. After discovering Shape Ups, I tell anyone who listens to try these shoes!! I doubt that I will wear any other shoe to work. These shoes provide support AND cushioning!! Thank you Skechers for providing shoes that help all of us who suffer from foot pain!!

  7. Granny Laney says:

    Loved the sandals. I can’t wear closed in shoes. I wear a narrow width & these fit perfectly. My back doesn’t hurt when I wear them. I wear them everywhere as I am retired and wear casual clothes almost all of the time. Would love to see them in more colors tho. Thanks to Skechers for a great product!!!

  8. Mother says:

    I plan to buy SKECHERS shape ups for each of my kids for Christmas! I’m impressed! I can FEEL improvement in my thighs, buttocks, lower back and tummy!! I’m in an active job…and these provide great support and great ‘exercise’ for my lower half. I also have horrid bunions…and these shoes don’t hurt!!! Love ’em.

  9. Nancy Hill Walker says:

    I got a casual style, but found them perfect for my day-time jaunts while I was on vacation for two weeks. My plantar fasciaitis never bothered me once, and we were on the go constantly. Thank to this brand for making a shoe that can provide me with real comfort.

  10. The Lady Bug says:

    If you are hesitating to buy these shoes, let me tell you…..don’t wait any longer! I went to try to buy these here at a store, but could not find them. I found some other Skechers to try on for size and was comfortable with my normal size.[…]I’m so in LOVE with these shoes, I’ll be buying another pair. I’m so excited! My knees & back do not hurt anymore with these shoes on. I bought – Trim Step – Style #11805 and now I will be buying a pair of the Phsyical -Style #11802 as soon as I get my next paycheck. AWESOME!!

  11. Karen says:

    The most comfortable shoe I own. For my narrow foot these shoes are a little too wide in the heel. I’m used to that though and know how to build the inside of my shoes so that they don’t rub. I do recommend this shoe to everyone because of the comfort. I thought they would be awkward to walk in but they weren’t.

  12. Pennybook says:

    I love SKECHERS because my feet and back NEVER hurt when I am wearing them. On the more stylish shoes I receive compliments on how cute they look – the most recent compliment came from a woman wearing 3 inch heels while sightseeing. Even though I am 20 years older than she and much heavier, I was more willing to keep walking than she.

    These shape-ups are incredibly comfortable and really add a bounce to my step. I can feel my calf muscles working harder.

    My dog gets excited when he sees me putting them on because he knows he is going for a walk.

  13. Teta ray says:

    I am still getting used to these shoes. Just as they arrived, I suffered 2-3 strokes, and a small heart attack, none of which I was aware of, but did have some problem with one of my eyes, another stroke, which forced me to the doctor. I have not been able to work since then, while getting meds regulated, and recovering, but have worn them around my home a bit, and they feel really good. I will be going back to work soon, part-time, and am looking forward to wearing them more often. Thank you. I stand all day at work, so hope these will be as nice as I expect.

  14. Ruth C says:

    I have been wearing the MBTs which I love and was really surprised that Skecher shape-ups compare fairly well with MBTs except Skecher’s price is way lower than I have been paying for my MBTs! This particular shoe feels a little bigger on my right foot, but I love the comfort and support to my heels and knees! I may just order another pair!

  15. Nickie says:

    The Shape Ups- Trim Step shoes are the most comfortable shoe I own. I don’t even want to wear my other shoes. They are stylish like a sandal, but built for comfort. After wearing this shoe for three weeks, I’ve lost three pounds without altering my current eating and exercise plan!! Thanks Skechers!! I plan to order another pair of Shape Ups in the near future.

  16. Sassy SIS says:

    These shoes combine comfort with style – every time I see someone wobbling around in pointy high heels, I just laugh to myself – wondering why people do that to themselves, when these skechers are just awesome! Please make more styles – cuz – as much as I love these, they really don’t work with all clothing.

  17. D The Walker says:

    I love these sandals and can’t wait to wear them without socks in the summer. They do slip a bit but don’t rub or make a blister. I have worn them for days in a row and love the way they feel. I’m not sure about any workout related muscle soreness but my legs are in good shape. I can really tell the difference when I switch shoes though.

  18. Mary The Teacher says:

    I bought these just before returning to Australia. I wear them to work- I’m a teacher and never have sore feet at the end of a long day.I have a bad knee and these seem to aleveate the pain I often have by the end of the day.

  19. Crisy says:

    Although they seemed to have stretched on me the very first day,still the lt.wt. feeling makes walking more enjoyable and I can walk longer without feeling tired. I use my trim step 3x a wk,I like to wear according to what I’m wearing at the moment. I would use trim step all the time but you know changing shoes is a must,especially in warm weather yr.around. I wear my trims usually with shorts,hardly with long pants or dresses,but I use my shape ups sneaker for every day am/pm 1hr walk exercise,pretty cool

  20. Jeneria, TX says:

    I love the color and styling of this shoe. They really do make you work harder in the walk, but they feel SO good – except this pair is a bit wide or .5 size too loose. They come loose when walking which rubs on my heel and therefor makes my toes sore from having to make up for the “slack”. I have a pair of Shape Up Tennis or Athletic/Tennis shoes and those are PERFECT! Try a pair.

  21. Tracey says:

    Very comfortably and good looking shoe, but I couldn’t seem to find the right fit. 6.5 too short for my foot and 7. had too much slipage around the back of my foot. Seems that I spent a bit on return shipping since I couldn’t find the right fit in this style (that I loved)

  22. Renee says:

    I love the comfort and craftmanship of these shoes. I am a skechers junkie and own many styles of this product. I currently am an non traditional student who spends hours a day walking around the college campus. At the end of the day wearing the shape Up shoes my legs and feet continue to feel revitalized. I recommend these shoes for anyone who is on their feet all day and does alot of walking.

  23. Mamatariff says:

    These have been great for my back. Although they are NOT attractive, they are comfortable and I wear them nearly everywhere. I can tell they’re working my muscles because I have some fatique and slight aching after wearing them on a busier than average day. They have been especially helpful on concrete floors, like at the supermarket. They are too wide for my feet so I wear them with socks (they’re already ugly; what the heck..)

  24. Reka says:

    The stitching has already started coming loose for the top of one of the shoes, which I feel is not acceptable for the price that I paid for them. I tried another style of shoe on at the store before ordering. Those ran a 1/2 size smaller, so I order 1/2 size larger. The sandals are true to size and slip on my heals so I wear thick socks with them.

  25. Judy Farmer says:

    I have a bruised heel problem, and boy did these take away the pain. You feel like you are walking on a cloud. I have worn them all day long and have no problems. Shopping, wedding reception(dancing included) and everyday wear. I plan on getting a pair of the tennis shoe style for winter.

  26. Grandma says:

    At first they were very uncomfortable. I thought I would be returning them. I was not use to wearing shoes with straps. My feet were getting sore spots from the straps. However, the shoes have stretched enough that they have become more comfortable. I feel a difference in the way I stand and walk. I wear them everywhere.

  27. Shurl says:

    I am a registered nurse working in a clinic and do a lot of walking. These are the most comfortable shoes that I have worn and I like the fact that there are benefits besides comfort and good looks. I have received many compliments on them.

  28. Lucs Mom says:

    I find they are very comfortable & look great. However I find the tennis shoes (the Metabolize) are far more comfortable for longer distance walking. Can’t wait to get another pair of Metabolize in a darker color (mine are white). Overall I love both pairs of shoes & would highly recommend them.

  29. Sher the Shoe Guru says:

    The shape ups really do help shape you up. As soon as you put them on and walk you can feel them working. They take a little getting use to, but that’s no problem. My only complaint is that the sandals are hot. I’m use to wearing flip flops during the summer so I’m kind of sensitive to other kinds of sandals being warmer than flip flops. And I’m hot blooded. Other than that they are everything they’re advertised to be.

  30. Ambivalent says:

    Shoe is comfortable but velcro “latch” comes undone too easily. I have mixed feelings about recommending the shoe to others until that is fixed because whoe slides up and down when undone.