Timberland PRO Endurance Titan XL Boots with Safety Toe and 6 Inch Cut

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Featured Review: (by Philip), I received these boots as a family gift. I have been wearing Timberland’s for fifteen years. I usually buy two pair at a time from the local store when they are on sale. I had a good pair of boots so I only wore these a few times in the colder weather. For the first few weeks they felt very good, but soon after the cushion started to compress where the ball of your foot rests. (I tried the gel inserts and they helped a little.) This causes your toes to rise up and gets very uncomfortable. I also found them a bit slippery when wet compared to the older versions. Perhaps the treads are not deep enough. The size says 10 ½ but I am wondering if the label is accurate, because it seems my toes have too much movement. I am going drop these in charity bin and use the old pair of Tims I kept in the car as a backup. I hope they will come out with the smaller type boots like the Nubuck pros I’ve have been wearing for two years. They never feel heavy on your feet. They are worn out but still comfortable.

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PRO Endurance Titan XL Boots with Safety Toe and 6 Inch Cut, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews

  1. Orion ZyGarian says:

    I ordered these a year ago this week, and absolutely love them and use them regularly to this day. I had some steel toed Timberlands before that lasted over two years (and are still usable), and because I liked them, I kept with them. These are lighter (because of the toe) which is convenient for long stints. They are the most comfortable boot Ive worn and I haven’t even needed any gel inserts or anything. I really don’t have anything negative to say about them!

  2. Brad says:

    Though there is some wear on the inside of the shoe at the rear side by the heel still is great and comfortable boot one lace eyelit is a bit loose in the leather, still functions okay and doesn’t damage lace at all, these have been worn quite a bit I bought a second pair now, they are similar except for a darker leather tone.

  3. D Wils says:

    Greatest boot i’v ever owned. Very comfortable. My feet don’t feel sore after a full day of wearing them. Super light weight. Feels like i’m wearing a light pair of running shoes, but also getting great protection. And can take a beating. These boots are able to withstand the elements. Highly recommend this product.