Vans Core Classics Shoes, Skate Slip on

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Style Information: Vans Core Classics Slip on is among highly demanding skate shoes due to its comfort, durability and style. The upper is made from canvas which is long-lasting and it offers effortless on/off wear with slip-on construction. The collar and EVA footbed inserts are well cushioned to provide maximum comfort all day long. The lining of cotton provides softness and helps to keep the foot fresh and healthy. Its sole is vulcanized attached. The outsole is made from gum rubber which provides smooth ride, durability and flexibility. It can be found in these colors: White, True White, White/ Red and White Checkerboard, Navy, Charcoal Canvas, True White/ Black Leather, Formula One Checkerboard/ Black, Fandango Pink Checkerboard/ Black, Black/ Black, Black Suede, Black and White Checkerboard and Black.

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Core Classics Shoes, Skate Slip on, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Melissa says:

    Honestly this shoe looks great and it is ok if you want to sit in a car or walk for just a while. I would not recommend them if you are often on your feet. I mean when I got them, I wore them almost every day because of the excitement of the new shoe and that causes a lot of problem with my feet. But after some time, they stopped hurting my feet and became normal. They are a bit comfortable but if you want to walk a lot or stand on your feet a lot then they will be a bad choice. The first pair which I ordered didn’t fit me right so I have to send it back. The other one which I have currently is ok in size and fits right. My son wanted to buy them as well but I didn’t get him these. He uses his shoes roughly and I don’t think these will last much. Over all, you don’t get what you pay for. They are expensive and Vans could have used more comfort and durability while making them.