Vans Shoes, The Heart of Skateboarding

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Van shoes are an expert of making sports shoes which help develop footwear that not only defines their individual styles but at the same time technology pushes the parameter of their sports. This company is basically an American based manufacturer of sneakers like BMX shoes, snowboarding boots and many other shoes types which caters primarily to the snow boarder youth market. For the same youth market accessories and apparel has also made. The first store of this company was opened on 16th March, 1966. Van Doren Rubber Company was a unique company in a sense that it manufactured it products and directly sold them to their customers. On the first day of that store 12 customers purchases Vans shoes. The company didn’t stop its effort of making durable and comfy shoes and continued to grow into the 1970’s. During that era they were also able to produce wool lined canvas and rubber mukluks under contract to the U.S Department of defense.

By the end of 1970’s the fame of this brand was spread all over the world. At that time Van had 70 stores in California and they also sold through dealers both internationally and nationally.

Now in 21st century Van shoes have become something which everyone from boy to a man, from a woman to a kid would love to wear and keep in their wardrobe. The collection of footwear is incomplete without a pair of Van. The wide range of Van shoes include skate shoes, sneakers, snowboarding and also BMX shoes. Van shoes are the perfect choice for all the occasions. Many other style icons have considered this brand the most stylish and fashionable. Van shoes are loved by people of all genre and likings. The shoes offered by this brand are very useful for running, jogging, skating, riding bikes, jumping and many more. These shoes are flat mostly to they can be considered great walking shoe. These shoes are not only stylish but at the same time extremely comfy too. Being an old company Vans is extremely reliable and trustworthy. Thousands of designs are available for its customers to choose from. This company promises and struggles to provide style, comfort, strength and durability.

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