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Description: Rubber sole, EVA midsole, Adjustable quarter strap, Faceted rhinestone embellishments, Leather upper, T strap sandal.

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Awsome Sandals, 4.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Miss T says:

    SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED! I am a school teacher and all the time running after kids. I wanted to have a very comfortable shoe which would allow me to walk and run after kids. At the same time it had to be cute too because being a teacher I am always in the eyes of students. The little kids notice every thing that I am wearing, from my rings to my dress. Therefore I am always conscious about my dress up. I am very glad to find “Awsome”. I think Yellow Box has given this brand the right name as this is a very awesome shoe which caters all my needs. It is a stunning pair of shoes which looks extremely stylish because of its faceted rhinestone embellishments. It fits perfectly too thanks to the adjustable straps provide by yellow Box. I still remember the first time I wore it all my kids loved it very much. It is very easy to wear it and the adjusting Velcro closures really help me because my both feet sizes are a little different. I think I have done a nice purchase which I can wear not only at school but casually too. I feel confident while walking in this. It goes with most of my colors and I wear it with any kind of an outfit. I never slip in this and my feet never feel wet in these too. It wicks away all the moisture. It is the best summer shoe and I am making a good use of this BEAUTY!