Yellow Box Clique Sandals

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(4.7 out of 5)
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Description: Rubber sole, Adjustable heel strap, rhinestone embellishments, Decorative design, Leather upper. Colors: Gold and Silver

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Clique Sandals, 4.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Shonna says:

    Who doesn’t want to wear a PERFECT SHOE? A shoe which combines all the features together. Like any other person I also wanted to have a shoe which could fulfill all my requirements. I felt disappointed with many other shoes because none of them could satisfy me. Many of them wear nice but not GREAT until I find what I was looking for “ Clique”. It really fits well and fulfills all my requirements. I am really obliged to have this pair of shoe.
    My parents gave this sandal as a gift on my birthday. I gave it a try and felt very glad as they needed no break in time and the look was awesome too. It looks like a sandal but provides comfort like a slipper and it is strong like a shoe. It is simply a great pair of sandals. Next day I wore it for the whole day in a function and every one just loved my new shoe. Its beauty comes from the decorative design with the rhinestone embellishments which looks extremely nice. It also provides adjustable heel strap therefore it fits great on any kind of feet. All the people who are looking up for a sandal which could look for a nice sandal that can be worn formally and also causally would love wearing it. I don’t like wearing sandals for long but when it comes to have this sandal I can wear it for the whole day. It is simply the great sandal. I love its incredible arch support. My husband also likes this one and always admires my feet when they are in this sandal. When I get my pedicure the first thing I do is to wear this sandal as I my feet look awesome in these. My feet never slip in this shoe.