Bandolino Adeline Sandals – Braided Fabric

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Style Description: Make a fascinating addition in your personality with the Bandolino Adeline. These lightweight sandals have a casual and easy wearing design. They can be used with just about any outfit you like whether it is professional, casual or dressy. The upper is made from the fabric that is braided which gives feminine and elegant look. The slip on construction of these sandals allows you to wear them in a jiffy. The lining is made from the man-made material which is soft and it also wicks the moisture away from the foot to keep it fresh and cool. The footbed is cushioned lightweight for the best comfort in your each step. The outsole is made from the synthetic material which is flexible and durable. This outsole ensures you get traction for slip free ride. The heel is wedge style and it is wrapped with the same material as upper. The heel is 2 ½ inches high and it weighs 7 ounces as per size 8 which is lighter than most of the sandals available. You can find this style in these colors: Silver Fabric, Light Gold Fabric and Black Fabric.



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Adeline Sandals - Braided Fabric, 4.7 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

2 Reviews

  1. Aimie Z says:

    Adorable and Beautiful!! These shoes are very pretty and extremely stylish. When I first saw these shoes I fell in love with the look. I wore these shoes for the first time in a party and my feet felt a bit sour after walking around for 6 hours which is acceptable for a formal shoe. They look great though. I received a lot of complements on these. They are not only beautiful, but they also has other positives like there heel is of perfect size and it is also super light. These shoes are simply adorable. I wear size 7 and I ordered the same size in these which fit perfectly. They are comfortable enough to be worn for maximum 5 hours and in those hours you can even dance and have fun without any tension. I would like to say that I am in love with these shoes and I want to wear these for the whole night. They are very supportive. I have worn these many a times now and had a great ride. They are trendy and you can choose to dress it up and wear it casually too. They look adorable in the picture, but they are even better in real. Excellent choice!!

  2. Cindy B says:

    In this summer I was setting my wardrobe with new shoes. I had a through research on what I should buy and what I shouldn’t. First of all I made a list of the brands which I should be buying. Bandolino is my favorite brand so how could I miss adding this brand in my list. In every season so matter it is winter of summer I never miss buying a shoe by this brand as this is the most favorite one of mine. In last winters I bought a tall boot which was appreciated a lot and I received tons of nice remarks on that. I was completely flattered. This time I was looking for a nice looking casual sandal which can be worn outside while hanging out with buddies and family. After a lot of research I came across with this shoe. The design delighted me and when I read positive reviews about it, I was over whelmed. I wished to get this shoe as soon as possible and for that I immediately ordered these. I often order shoes online so I was not that reluctant to buy them online. Finally these shoes were on my door steps and I was so excited to take a look at these. I ordered two more pairs by other brand when I ordered this one and they were also at home. I tried all three pairs and guess what Bandolino was the winner of course. The reason I fell in love with its design was that it was simple yet stylish and elegant and when I put my feet inside these I felt really glad to see my feet as they were looking too good in them. These shoes are adorable in every way. I took my first steps in these and felt that my feet were in a completely healthy environment. My feet could experience maximum comfort and support. I started jumping and dancing in my lounge in these as a trail and nothing happened to my feet. They were again in a complete comfort zone. I kept this one and the other two sandals were returned. I made a very nice decision. I have been wearing these for the whole summer and received so many complements. I didn’t received such complements on any other sandal of mine. They are simply amazing just like my Bandolino boot. I am really Happy to have these. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GUYS!!