Sanita Flexible Closed Back Clogs

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Featured Review: (by Rebecca), This is my 4th pair of Sanita shoe and I can’t see myself in any other every day shoe. Though this shoe fits a little snugger than my others they are still very comfortable. This particular shoe goes with jeans as well as a lot of other color pants. I have bought the cheaper version of these shoes but wished I had spent the extra to get the better quality shoe. Live and learn as they say. You can’t go wrong with buying these shoes or any other Sanita brand shoes. The only thing that confuses me is these were labeled Mens shoes when I went to order them, no matter how much I kept changing my purchase so I went with it but the size I received are womans and the box they came in said womens. Not sure what that’s all about.



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Flexible Closed Back Clogs, 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

10 Reviews

  1. Chrisha says:

    Heavenly Shoe! I am wearing orthotics for bunions, I am always hesitant to buy new shoes as I only wear the shoes prescribed by my doctor. Online shopping offers a great guarantee of return that I thought to try this shoe as I knew that if they would not fit, I can return them any time. After receiving this shoe I first had a trial. I wore this shoe and walked some time to see its comfort. Of course I was completely satisfied with the look of this shoe that’s why I wanted to give it a try. The only concern left was the comfort level. I felt really great in these. I wore it for about an hour and my feet felt nice and soft in these.
    How does it fit??? Well I ordered my regular size and it felt well although I have a pinky-width between my heel and shoe that means it is a very good and well made shoe.
    As far as the look is concern I found it really cute. I got it in red color and it looks awesome. It is not that ordinary cheep red color. It looks very stylish especially with jeans and skirts.
    Last words. I can wear it with all types of outfits and also with my regular dress socks when I am not walking around much. It is really the shoe for all generation so I highly recommend this to every one!

  2. Helen says:

    Cute clogs, Bought them for my sister as her birthday gift and she love them, They fit perfect and are true to size.

  3. Seattle Writer says:

    I had Danskos a few years back and couldn’t figure out what everyone was so excited about. I eventually got rid of them and decided I was just one of those people for whom clogs were a no-go. Then a friend told me about Sanitas and swore up and down they are much, much better. I was a tad dubious, but found them here on sale and thought why not.

    Boy am I glad I did. These were comfortable from the first moment I put them on. I wear them to walk to the store, to the train, around town, just about anywhere. They hit my arch just right, don’t pinch or rub, and are stable (unlike the Danskos, which I actually fell out of). I absolutely love these shoes.

  4. All About Comfort says:

    I had to replace my 8 year old narrow clogs by Sanita/Dansko and wanted the same fit and comfort as when they were new. I found the Danskos a bit too loose and high in the arch, but these olied leather narrow Sanitas are just the same fit and comfort as the new ones were 8 years ago. At first they felt slightly too narrow, but within a week have stretched just right. The blueberry oiled leather is attractive and durable in any weather.

  5. Debrabou says:

    I have a job where I am on my feet all day. I have flat feet, broke my leg in 3 places and now have arthritis in my right foot, bad back, ingrown toenail problems and this shoe is the first shoe that I can work in without hurting so bad I have to go to bed when I get home. I think I forgot to mention I am 5’1 and weigh 189 pounds. Because of the weight problem my knees were killing me. Not now!! It’s magnificient

  6. Thebeardedchef says:

    if you have anything more than a standard width foot than this is most likely not the shoe for you. i typically can wear a 12 or 13 W in almost any shoe style but went through every large size they had just trying to find something that would fit both feet! these came very highly recommended and im sure if i had smaller feet i would have enjoyed them. they should really consider manufacturing wide options in all of their sizes.

  7. Mimi says:

    I wear these shoes all winter, and have for many years now. I have several colors, wear them to work and sometimes with my jeans, although I do have other casual shoes. They look great with my A-Line corduroy and wool skirts, with colored tights and a nice sweater. Not a suit type of shoe, but great for everyday work. I work in an office and the shoes always pull my outfits together. Not a day passes that someone doesn’t comment on my shoes, and I tell them they too can have them, and exactly where to purchase them. To me, they are worth every penny!!!! I love their style, but the comfort is amazing.

  8. Curly haired says:

    I just got these Sanita clogs and have found out that Sanita made all of the old Dansko clogs. Dansko just put their name on the clogs. Dansko now makes their own clogs in China and not in Denmark. Sanita are the real things. They also have narrow sizes and I find the Sanita narrow clogs fit so much better than my Dansko clogs. If you can’t find your size, then find a local shoe store that will fit you. The clogs are handmade so there is some variation in the way each pair fits. I love these for work and play. My feet now don’t bother me.

  9. New clog-ophile says:

    I love these clogs! I wear them walking to and from town, traveling (great for airports), shopping, dining, anywhere I can.I am a die hard fashion person and something about a clog feels right on, I might be ahead of the trendies here or it may be that my life has gone more casual and a simple, comfortable, good for your back/posture shoe just makes sense.I have them in brown napa and will be going back for the black pair very soon.[…]*buy them true to size and they should have a little room in the heel area for perfect fit.

  10. klm71 says:

    I purchased a pair of patent Dansko clogs prior to this purchase. I have worn these clogs for years. The new Dansko pair I received was the first pair I had made in China. Not only was the craftmanship terrible (crooked staples, leather overlapping or not even meeting the sole) the size changed. I own 5 pairs of Dansko clogs all the same size, all made in Poland except one pair made in Italy. This new pair in the same size was much too small, when set next to an old pair, the difference in lengh was obvious to the naked eye. Thankfully I was able to return them and purchase these. This pair of Sanita clogs is just as well made as my other Dansko made in Poland or Italy pairs.