Timberland Earthkeepers® Front Country Loafer Shoes

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(4.3 out of 5)
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Featured Review: (by Dante), This is a fantastic shoe that is amazingly comfortable in so many conditions, walking, hiking, lots of light activity. You can put it on in the morning, ride the bike to work, walk to lunch, play soccer with the kids afterwards, anything. Very versatile. It’s slip-on so it’s great at the airport. My only complaints are that the style is too casual for the office, and I am not a fan of the area around the ankle where the smart wool shows, otherwise this would be the only shoe I ever wore.



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Earthkeepers® Front Country Loafer Shoes, 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

7 Reviews

  1. Versute says:

    for the past two winters, I have bought these shoes to wear as houseshoes around the house. They are perfect for wearing in the house, and stepping out to get the mail. They will not damage the carpet, and are excellent for keeping my feet warm during the cold months. I usually wear them out by the time Spring comes around, so I purchase another pair to wear the following Winter. I will also wear them out, for short trips to the store, or to pick my daughter up from daycare. I love wearing them along with some Smartwool socks. Highly recommended!

  2. Ray the Writer says:

    I wear these shoes almost every day because they are so comfortable. I wear them to work because I can dress casually; I wear them out with friends for an evening of dinner or drinks; I wear them to do chores around the home (oh, did I mention that I have two pair at any given time so I never worry if one gets a little dirty–the other is always spotless for the more “formal” occasions).

  3. Ron says:

    I bought some shoes about three years ago and are still wearing them, they are getting a litte louse but steal work. I did not think I would find these shoes that are just about the same and fit just like my old ones did when they were new. I wear these shoe for every day use and around the house.

  4. DrWilds says:

    I have gone through 5 pairs of the power loungers over the past few years, in a couple different colors. They are all I will wear to work and if I go out anywhere. They do tend to stretch out over time, so your foot isn’t as stable when they are well broken in, but not a big deal. Really comfortable. Just wish they didn’t discontinue the originals.

  5. Jerry says:

    I’m on my feet all day long and I’m not even in a rush to kick them off when I get home. I like being able to slip them on and they look great with shorts. I have ordered them twice now and the slightly different design from the first time is even better.

  6. Looking For Quality says:

    I purchased the very similar Model 10172 a few years ago AND THEY ARE AWESOME! Since the model 10172 is discontinued, I purchased its replacement, the 63574. It is a substantial downgrade from the prior model…heavier, much less comfortable, only available in suede (so stains easier), and less attractive overall. I would pay $200 for a pair of 10172s but wouldn’t pay [$] for a pair of 63574s.

  7. Cliff says:

    Warning to anyone noticing the similar looks of the City Adventure Front Country Slip-on and the (discontinued) Power Lounger Low Shoe series. The sole of the Front Country is much harder rubber, with a very thin SmartWool pad to provide cushioning. I like the basic style and wool interior enough that I’m going to try orthotic inserts to reproduce the better cushioning provided by the Power Lounger.