Yellow Box Florence Shoes, Slingback

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Description: Man-made sole, Lightly padded insole, Metal link detail on vamp, Leather or animal-print haircalf upper. This slingback can be found in Bronze and Cheetah colors.

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Florence Shoes, Slingback, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Amari says:

    Cutest low heel sling back – LOVING IT! O my dear Florence where were you? How could I live my life without you! If you think about wearing an extremely ravishing shoe which would fulfill all your requirements, a sandal which can be used while going out for a movie as a casual sandal, which can be used while going out on a formal meeting or which can also be used on events then GO for FLORENCE. It is the ALL ROUNDER! Its sexy looks attract all the people around you but it is not overtly sexy which is another good point of this shoe. While manufacturing this shoe Yellow Box has gone through each and every detail.
    I used to have so many shoes for all the events, but from the time this all rounder has joined my wardrobe I feel more confident. The finishing and style is such that it looks like an extremely expensive shoe. Life is so beautiful now with Florence. If your hubby or boy friends thinks that your choice is not good then changes their option by walking to them in these fabulous shoes. They will definitely find it stunning. Florence has made this summer very special. What more should I coat about this wonderful shoe. Over all it is a perfect shoe in every sense which will make you the heart of any gathering. Look rich and feel rich is this extremely well made shoe! This lovely sling back is ready to give to total prime and proper LOOK!