Avia A5020M Shoes – CMEVA Midsole Running Sneakers

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Style Description: Get the running experience like never before with the Avia A5020M. These lightweight running shoes have comprehensive and special construction which makes them perfect for amateur and professional runners. They feature state of the art technologies which enhance the ride comfort and keep your feet fresh all the time. These shoes have the Anatomical Cradle® which ensures that you don’t twist your knees or ankles. This is done by keeping the heel in proper position. The Anatomical Cradle® also absorbs shocks to maximize the comfort level and it multiplies the motion control. These shoes also features CANTILEVER® technology which makes sure that heel stays right in the middle. Through this you get additional comfort, stable walk and reduced stress on the legs. The upper is made from the combination of high quality leather, synthetic and mesh. This upper is durable, easy to clean and breathable. The footbed is made from the EVA and it can be removed or replaced. This EVA footbed also provides shock absorption to maximize the comfort and minimize the stress on the spine. The midsole is compression molded from the EVA. This provides support and maximum energy return for stress free ride. The forefoot area has the grooves which provide additional flexibility to these shoes. The outsole is made from the solid rubber which provides traction, durability and flexibility. It weighs 11 ounces as per size 7.5. You can find this style in these colors: Rich Gold/ Silver/ Submarine/ White and Chrome Silver/ Black.



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A5020M Shoes - CMEVA Midsole Running Sneakers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews

  1. Chris R from Maryland says:

    Bought these 6 months back and just love them!! I have purchased these a few other pairs of Avia’s from other stores too and they didn’t fit me well. These shoes really fit well. These shoes are very comfortable and perform really well especially on the track. The arch support of this shoe is above average. They are very stable and durable. Anybody who like to run should have these shoes in there loves. The technology of Avia builds into their running shoe is what puts them ahead of other kind of all athletic shoes. They are extremely comfortable and it last a long time too. I am a good runner and I run 50 miles per week in these shoes. from the 6 months I have been wearing these and using these for running and they are doing really well. One of my friend is having these from the last 2 years and using these for running and they are still performing well and look fine. The mid sole of this shoe is very solid. I have also taken these to off road and but and observed that they can handle the harsh terrain better then any typical running shoe. I have also used these at gym and they went well. I have never recommended any Avia shoe ever but I would strongly recommend these as they are better then any athletic shoe. They are more solid and cover long distances. They are inexpensive too and perform even better then there price. They will last longer too. These are the best running shoe ever. Avia is building on its reputation by designing such fabulous shoes. My feet feel awesome in these. I had my New balance shoes before these but they are even better than that. You will get extra stability with the cantilever system of this shoe. It has good cushioning which stabilizes the heel and prevent injuries. GREAT SHOE!!

  2. Matt F from PA says:

    At first glance these shoes may appear to be your typical athletic shoes but then you take these on you will notice that they are even better than any other shoe you own. With brands like Nike and Saucony these shoes are not only light weight but very stable too. they are so stable that nearly impossible to get injured in these. This brand must have put these shoes through rigorous testing while designing this marvelous shoe. These shoes are very well made just like other reviews have stated. I am a very heavy runner and I would agree with the others that they really support you well. The arch support is very good and they come in true width too. The price is also amazing , not too high. They have such a nice and reasonable price that you should never miss these. I would suggest you to buy these in half size larger to get a perfect fit as they run a bit small. These shoes have the same great Avia cushioning that the others have. They are probably the most sturdy shoes ever. They have convinced me to wear this brand again and again. They make running a pleasure. The other good thing about these shoes are the unbeatable variety of sizes and widths. Avia is better than anyother shoe you have. Go for it.

  3. from Springfield, MO says:

    GREAT SHOE!!! Avia was never my favorite brand , but now it is !!! I never got fascinated with there products because frankly speaking I have never bothered to see them. When ever I got a chance to buy a high priced branded shoe , I preferred buying Merrell and Frye. I saw these in my friend’s feet first. They were looking awesome and I couldn’t stop my self from asking that from where did those shoes come? I came to know that it is by Avia. It was the first time that I draw my attention to this brand. I decided to have these too. I searched these on net and read about these in detail. I am simply impressed. My friend also praised these so I thought of buying them too as I was looking for a nice pair of sneakers. Now after having these “I LOVE THEM”. They are extremely comfortable and at the same time look very sporty. I am very lucky to have these. I have worn these on slippery places and never slipped. I have also worn these on rough surfaces and on many types of terrain and they have never failed me. They keep my feet healthy and dry the whole time. I can even run in them. I am in a habit of morning walk/jogging and they have really supported me. I am impressed with how they function and I never expected this from Avia. I now love and ready to buy more of this brand. I think they worth the money they are asking for. This shoe is a master piece by Avia. It is simply the Best!!