MBT Salama Sandals – Casual Footwear

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Style Description: Whether you want office use or hanging out, MBT Salama is ready for everything. These cute shoes have the same technologies which are used in the creating any other MBT® style. They offer great comfort and allow you to stay on your feet for a long time. They also provide the exercising effect by activating the idle muscles in your body. This activation of muscles makes the overall positive effect on your body while you are standing or walking. The interior also has the Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) which ensures excellent comfort and gives the walk on the moss feeling. The midsole is made from the PU and it triggers the activity of the muscles due to its unique style. The upper is made from the high quality leather. The upper has three straps and buckle closure at ankle instep and forefoot. This allows you to have a precise and secure fit all the time. The sock liner is made from the microfiber which ensures comfort and also wicks away the moisture from the foot to make it dry and fresh. The shank is made from the glass fiber and TPU which makes the sole of the shoe durable and firm. The outsole is made from the rubber which is lightweight and provides traction for comfortable ride. It weighs 14 ounces as per size 6.5. Colors: Chocolate and Black.



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Salama Sandals - Casual Footwear, 4.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Carolyn from Boston says:

    I have tried many types of shoes to help my achy feet after standing and walking the whole day. I had a foot problem and my feet ached so bad that I had to stay in bed due to the foot pain which had spread through my leg, hip and back. Doctors suggested me that I can only wear extremely comfortable shoe only. A friend of mine recommended these shoes to me. I lost every hope to have a nice and comfortable shoe when she told me about this one. I had no MBT shoe before, so I was a bit reluctant to purchase these because I had already spend a lot on many shoes. I took the risk and bought these. After the first day of wearing this shoe, my pain subsided and by the second day it was gone. I have to say that these shoes really take the pressure off your joints and distributes your weight. The only negative point which I have faced is that the strap which goes around my ankle is a bit short. I barely get the buckle in the first hole. It usually takes me a bit more time to take these on therefore I sometimes I wear with the strap which still works for me just as good as the buckle on. I have been wearing these for hours and they have provided me with full comfort. This shoe has proven to be the best one for me. They are comfortable and cute. I am really very excited to say that I do not have to spend more money on different kinds on pairs of shoes to help my feet as these are too good for me. They well worth the money I have paid for them. These are the most comfortable sandal I own. These shoes are less bulky than many other shoes I have and there flat and smooth straps are soft too. They require no break in time. I have received many complements on these shoes. Must Have especially for the people with foot problems.