Old Friend Adjustable Closure Slippers – Sheepskin Bootie

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Style Description: Old Friend Adjustable Closure Bootie are the ultimate treat for your feet this winter. These booties have luxurious interior which will take excellent care of your feet in the cold weather. The lightweight design and excellent built quality makes them a must have. The upper is made from the original sheep skin which is incredibly soft and it molds as per the shape of your foot to give you perfect fit. The upper has the hook and loop closure on the top which allows personalized and comfortable fit. The slip on construction of these shoes allows you to wear them very quickly. The lining is made from the plush fleece which keeps the interior warm and cozy. This lining also creates the 360 degree comfort for the foot and they are ideal for those people for those people who have sore feet. The outsole is designed to give you smooth ride and it provides traction for slip free ride. These shoes are imported and durable. You can find this style in these colors: Natural Fleece/ Chestnut.

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Adjustable Closure Slippers - Sheepskin Bootie, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Kathleen says:

    After my hubby’s back surgery, he had edema in his lower legs which was a bit critical and a situation like is called stasis dermatitis which usually causes a rash on his lower leg , so he actually avoid socks and wears only extremely comfortable shoes. These slippers are just perfect for him. They are very easy to get on and they stayed on his feet and keep them warm for a long time. These shoes are lined with a fleecy material which offer great cushioning and warmth to your feet and helps you to be on your feet for the whole day. They are the best slippers for winters as they will offer coziness and support. My hubby can’t bend to wear the shoes. I am really glad they don’t require any bending as they offer easy on and off. They are wide open as well for easy dressing, yet they stay on the feet because of the Velcro like strap. They are cute so he can wear them outside too. One thing you have to keep in mind is that they are not water proof so you have to be a bit careful with that. They are really like his old friend who have supported him in every way. They are comfy , trustworthy and worth there weight in gold. After looking at the result I ordered these for my elderly father too. He will also have a nice time in these. there sole is very solid and durable. They are overall a well made , warm and comfortable slipper which will serve you the best , so go for it and have luxury time in winters.

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