Propet Washable Walker Shoes | Unique French Seamed Vamps

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Style Description: These walker offers ultimate comfort and they look cute too. It is a great shoe for long walks and has been especially designed for it. Its design is very attractive. As it is also available in white color which becomes dirty quickly therefore the leather which has been used in making is washable so you can maintain is easily. It is very light weight so that you can cover longer distances with ease and comfort. Propet actually guarantee that it can cover 1,000 mile which is great. It is not only comfy but very durable too so that it can be used for many years. It provides great arch support. Its unique French seamed vamp makes this look very trendy. The padded tongue and collar is very important for stability and for walking comfort. Its EVA insole is removable. It provides ultimate arch support and great traction. Available colors: Black , White.



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Washable Walker Shoes | Unique French Seamed Vamps, 1.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Pam says:

    I bought these shoes only because of comfort. The look was just O.K for me. They seemed to be really soft. I pull them on and went out for a while . OUCHHH :angry: !!!!!! they were pinching my little toes really badly. I have a wide feet and I think this shoe is not meant to be for the people with wide foot. The square toe box has not worked for me. I am really disappointed with these. I ordered these only because one of my friend suggested this to me when I was looking for a really comfortable shoes. They proved to be really bad in that. My friend has a narrow feet and may be that why she feels comfortable in them. I also think that they are not very well made unlike other Propet shoes. I have found the right shoe defective as it puckers across the front. I am really missing Propet W9717. I just loved it but Propet discontinued it and now I have nothing good to wear. I request this brand to restart making this shoe again and I recommend people not to buy this one. :blink:

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