Skechers Shape Ups Hydrate Shoes, Mary Jane Sneakers

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Style Information: SKECHERS Shape Ups Hydrate are elegant and comfortable Mary Jane style shape ups which provide exercising effect to tone up your muscles and help you in weight loose to keep you in good shape. Its upper is made from synthetic and suede. The upper also has overlay of metallic leather and prominent stitches which enhances the styling. It features effortless on / off wear with hook and loop fastener. The lining of fabric provides softness to the foot. The footbed is wrapped with fabric and it ensures best comfort all day long. The foot frame is made from polyurethane which provides stability and support in each step. The midsole has foam and kinetic wedge provides exercising effect while absorbing shocks. The outsole is sculpted from rubber which provides durability and comfort. It is not recommended to run the shape ups. It weighs 14 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: Black.

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Shape Ups Hydrate Shoes, Mary Jane Sneakers, 4.9 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

8 Reviews

  1. Trauma Queen says:

    I made the mistake of wearing my Shape Ups for two twelve hour nursing shifts in a row. I was so sore for the next week. If you’re buying them for the workout, don’t overdo it at first. You don’t feel the workout while you’re wearing them, but a day or two later, you know they’re working. My feet felt great while my leg and lower torso muscles, especially hip flexors, felt like I had done a pretty hardcore workout.

  2. Nancy says:

    Incredibly comfortable shoes. I never thought that shoes could be this much comfortable and walking could be this much fun until I tried them. They feel strange to walk in the start but I soon got use to it and then I was just amazing. I have always been big fan of Mary Jane and I have many pairs with that style. I am glad that these shape ups are also available in Mary Jane. I bought them 20 days ago and I could already feel their effect on my stomach and legs muscles. Very effective and they perform as they are advertised. The size is true and so as the width. The arch support is just amazing. As per their price, I wonder how long they will last. The only problem with these shoes is that they are only available in one color. They should have made more colors of them. Everything is excellent. Love these shoes.

  3. Love Them says:

    I love these shoes and sneakers. A few weeks ago, we went to New York City, I wore my Shape Up Sneakers from 9am Saturday morning to 12:30 am Sunday. We went from the ferry in Weehawkin, NJ all the way up to Times Square and back and my feet did not hurt. I was amazed. When I walked around Universal Studios in Orlando in my regular sneakers, my feet would be killing me after 3-4 hours of walking around the park. Now I feel my legs and butt toning up and my knee actually feels better. I had surgery on it about 6 years ago and if I walked a lot, it would start bothering me. Also, my lower back doesn’t hurt as much after sitting for long periods of time or when I first wake up in the morning, been saving money on going to the chiropactor. Thanks, Skechers. Just need some in white or beige for the summer and I would be set.

  4. The Law Student says:

    I have been living with a fused ankle,finally I dont walk with a limp!!! The rounded bottoms are amazing for people with arthritis or other foot, knee and back problems. All the different styles make it fun to shoe shop for the first time in years. I have found Shape-ups for play, for fashion and to wear with suits (which is great if you have to be walking all day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have osteoarthritis and I teach. I am again able to stand and move around my classroom for most of the day with these shoes. I can also go on longer walks with my dog in the afternoons. So thanks to Skechers for making them!

  6. Skates says:

    My knees don’t lock or hurt when I walk down 9 flights of stairs- was only able to walk 1 or 2 prior to the skechers. Style and comfort important also needs to be able in narrow sizes.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I am addicted to these shoes. I love them so much. I never really thought that walking would be more fun. Feel bit different in the start but I soon got use to it and then it was amazing. I bought these shoes to my mom as well. Doctor has advised her daily walk and now with these shoes, she loves it. These shoes are the best. I already have the two pairs and now I will not hesitate to buy another pair. Highly recommended.

  8. kim says:

    :kissing: love love and love these shoes . These are the only shoes in the world that did not hurt my feet after an hour .I would love skechers to make this shoe in pink, blue and maybe green too