Skechers Shape Ups – Sleek Fit Mary Jane Shoes

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(4.6 out of 5)
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Style Information: Get the sporty, Mary Jane style with best comfort and shape of yourself with SKECHERS Shape Ups – Sleek Fit shoes. Its specially foam midsole and kinetic wedge style provide rocking motion. The upper is made from mesh, synthetic and leather along with panels from the side which allow breathability. It upper also features hook and loop closure system for personalized fit. The collar and tongue is well cushioned for comfort. The outsole is sculpted from the rubber to make the shoe durable and ensure easy walk. Its heel is 1 Ā¾ inches high and it weighs 13 ounces (as per size 6). It can be found in these colors: Silver/ White, Silver/ Stone and Black/ Black.

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Shape Ups - Sleek Fit Mary Jane Shoes, 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

9 Reviews

  1. Liza H says:

    The first time I tired these shoes I was speech less. So much comfort in a shoe? It is amazing. The size is perfect. They are easy to wear and in spite having one strap for closure, they fit very nicely and I can walk all day in them. I have started going on walk regularly after buying them. The effect which it gives is just brilliant. I can really feel its effect on my stomach and leg muscles. They give this amazing exercising effect which is effective as well. You do need to get use to it because walking in them feels different but once you are use to it, you will hardly like to walk in any other shoes. I even walk in them at mall or to the store because they just give wonderful feel. I also bought these to my mom and she also loved them. very effect and excellent shoes. They worth every single cent. I would recommend them to everyone.

  2. Sharon says:

    own three pair of Mary Janes. Wear them all day long in work where I sell shoes so I am on my feet and walking all day. They are so comfortable and I have worn them up to 15 hours and my feet are still feeling great. Best shoe I have worn ever.

  3. Dog Walker says:

    I love the fact that it absorbs the shock from my knees. I wear my Mary Jane’s to work everyday. I have a black and a beige pair. I wear pants or jeans with my Skechers. I usually wear socks but not always. I wish I would have ordered a 1/2 size larger than my normal size.

  4. HeyTech says:

    I tend to roll my weight to the outsides of my feet. I have ruined tons of shoes doing that and my knees ache all the time. These shape ups correct that. I wear them all day while teaching first/second grade special ed and walk for 20 min over lunch. I have not experienced achy knees at all.
    I love me some shape ups šŸ™‚

  5. Jo Ree the Walker says:

    These shoes are great for the casual walker that is looking to get a little more of a work out. They feel great and stable, yet I can feel the difference between walking shoes and my Shape ups. I have been using them for two months, both in my job as a teacher and excercising. I have a pair of black ones and I am ready to get a pair of white!

  6. Rizz says:

    I could not keep the shoes as they aggravated the spurs I have on my big toes. I was hoping this shoe would get me back into walking on a daily basis, after walking around the house for an hour, I knew I had to return them. I still believe they are a great shoe!!

  7. Apd says:

    Product seems to do what it advertised. Very comfortable. Only potential problem is I dont think I can get orthotics in shoe and pronation is causing a problem with tendon in groin. I havent had them very long and need to experiment. I can feel muscles in lower back and calves working harder so am thrilled with product. Easier to walk in than I thought they would be. Very happy with purchase! I am 57 and losing muscle mass in legs so anything that helps while Im just walking around is great.

  8. Blue Angel says:

    What I love most about my shape ups is that I can get a real work out without setting foot in a gym. I have two little boys one 4 and one 4 months and its hard to get to the gym.
    I wear my shape up everywhere to work to go shopping. Wore shoes to work first day with no socks! So comfortable! I am on my feet all day I work at a retail (Jc Penney) store in the shoe department . I highly recommend these shoes.
    Well worth the money. Shoes are very well made
    I can wear almost anything with my shape ups.

  9. Ruth says:

    the only thing wrong with these shoes is that they do not support my ankles and I find my feet turning in at the ankles. I love how comfortable they are. I have heel spurs, planters fasciitis, and acute tendonitis, I wore these shoes all day Thanksgiving day and my feet DIDN’T hurt at all at the end of the day. I have tried shocks, crocs, and others and these are the only ones that keep my feet from being in pain at the end of the day. You can feel the muscles in the calves and thighs working when you walk in these shoes.