Timberland PRO Five Star Leela Mary Jane Shoes

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Featured Review: (by Jan in the Kitchen), I liked the initial comfort, but I am on my feet nearly 8 hours straight, in a kitchen, hurts my arch after a bit and somedays the ball of my foot as well. Great tread, stops the slipping. I own 3 other pairs of timberland shoes and love them. I do think the tread wears out a little quick; usually get one school year from them, but maybe the softer bottom assists in the grip on the wet floors.

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PRO Five Star Leela Mary Jane Shoes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Tara says:

    Perfect shoe for work!! I am having a great time in these shoes as they are extremely comfortable and offer a great arch support. I can walk in them for hours and hours. I am working as a nurse and for me they are no doubt the best shoe. I have so many Mary Janes which I wear while working, but this is the best one because of many reasons. First of all they are the cutest ones. Secondly they offer a great support and a perfect cushioning. I have to stand for more than 8 hours and all my shoes have failed to give me comfort at the end of the day. Many have turned out to end up with bruises on my feet. I stood in these for 9 hours straight at the hospital and had a blast in them. No pain no bruise , nothing. Therefore I prefer wearing these all the time. They are the best shoes for the work like mine. This is my first pair by this brand and definitely I will consider this brand in future as well. Go for it!