Timberland PRO® Gorge Steel Toe Hiking Shoes

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Featured Review: (by Nupine), My first pair I got from the company shoe truck. I have had that pair for over two years. The cushioning is still almost as good as new. The only reason I am having to buy a new pair is that after two years of use and abuse from the factory floor to the creek bank the bottoms split. now that is not to say the shoes have lost tread they still have 50% tread on them. every day use of 10 to 14 hours just finaly wore them out. This is the very best fitting shoe and longest lasting I have ever owned. The shoe is soft light weight and not stiff like most steel toes are. the shoes fit like they were custom made for just me. Yes they look good and last a long time however the down side is they do stain. But what the heck, I never bought them for dress.

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PRO® Gorge Steel Toe Hiking Shoes, 3.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

9 Reviews

  1. Audioguy says:

    I have owned other Timberland products over the years and was in need of a safety toe boot/shoe. I thought Timberland would be a good choice and ordered a pair. I wear a 9.5 wide. Ordered it that way the first time and when they arrived I could barely get my foot into the shoe. It appears they were marked 9.5, but add in the safety toe and it makes the toe box very narrow. I returned them for the next size wider and found they were also too narrow. I tried again and […] decided not to replace them. Not really happy about the sizing on these shoes.

  2. GregM says:

    I have owned many pairs of Timberland Wide shoes, and this one didnt cut it. The shoe was just barely a wide and then when you added in the steel toe, it took the width factor and removed it. Where the steel hit my feet, it made the shoe a good 1/2 size smaller. Returned the shoes…. and though the return policy does not show it, they will NOT refund shipping costs 🙁

  3. Working hard says:

    This product is under your pro-series, I use these to work outdoor/indoor and the quality of the soles leak…I had to bring the first pair back to the store due to leaking soles, I exchanged them, and now this pair has the same issue. I have owned many Timberland products in my life and have found quality/durabilty/fit and comfort to be great, but am so unsatisfied with this problem in this boot??? I’ve had two pairs and worn them less than 1-year total and have had holes in the soles of both. I work very hard for the money I earn, and need work-boots to work! I believe Timberland should stand by its claims, recall this item, and respect the working mans needs.

  4. David says:

    As an I&E specialist in outdoor facilities, I’ve enjoyed their light weight, breathability, unpaved surface traction, and impact protection. The soles are holding up well against lots of grass and rock. I’ve kicked plenty in these and they’ve definitely saved my toes. Water-resistant, however, these shoes are not. There’s obviously no liquids protection, which is a serious hazard in certain environments and a mere inconvenience at best. That said, I work almost exclusively in dry situations, and their cool comfort has been great. Squatting in them, such that your toes are bent, seems to strain them a bit. Recommended accessory: bucket to sit on.

  5. Mikee says:

    I read some reviews and had my doubts but after 2 months i am very pleased and the fit is perfect and the product still looks like new. I have to wear these for work but now the bad weather ( snow and Ice) I am starting to wear them even on my day off. They are very comfortable , I cant believe they are steel tip , you would never know it. Down the road if I need new one again , I am coming back for another pair !

  6. Sammy says:

    I did not have any problems with these shoes because I just wore them day to day. If I was on a construction job I would wear construction boots not these shoes. These shoes are much more supportive than regular sneakers yet more casual than a pair of work boots. I had serious plantar fasciitis in both feet and these shoes allowed my feet to stay rested all day.

  7. Timberland Fan says:

    I love these shoes. I just wish my local shoe stores would carry this shoe. They carry other Timberland styles but not this one.I am greatfull you have thses on your website. I have stocked up and ordered several pairs of these over the past 2 years. Please keep making them. They feel just like wearing tennis shoes. You would never know that you are wearning steel toe shoes

  8. bluebird says:

    I like the shoe. Have owned three pair now. First pair was great lasted 2 yrs. 2nd pair more like 5 weeks bottom sole cracked . very disappointed. just got my 3rd pair hope they work out, if not it will be the last. p.s. you would think timberland would do something about their product to keep a good customer.

  9. bye bye tims says:

    I’ve wore these for 5 years. The first pairs were great and lasted over a year. I still have an old pair thats smooth on the bottom I use for lawn mowing. Then in October 09 I bought a pair, cracked all the way across the ball of the foot in January 2010, replaced and in March the new pair cracked all the way across the ball of the foot. So the new pair I recieved cracked after only 2 days![…]I’m done with these now. Sad cause they use to be a great shoe.