Avia A104M Shoes – Cantilever System

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(4.2 out of 5)
Based on 5 Reviews

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Style Description: Mesh Upper, Cantilever® system, Lightweight injected EVA with gel insert, EVA sockliner, EVA midsole, Solid rubber outsole.

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A104M Shoes - Cantilever System, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

5 Reviews

  1. Rich says:

    Consumer Reports rated the shoe highly. They initially seemed to fit OK but by late afternoon the first day that I wore them the upper part of my right instep hurt.

  2. John says:

    I was worried by some of the other reviews but this is an incredibly comfortable shoe and gives a lot of support for your feet. If you are between sizes pick the larger size as this shoe seems to fit very exactly to the size you pick compared to some other shoes.

  3. Marco says:

    Well done Avia!! Previously I had Avia shoes , but they were defected. I thought that I will never buy this brand again. After 4 years this is my second pair that I bought because one of my friend guaranteed that they will not disappoint you. I found these good looking too so I took the risk and bought these. I must say that I made a good choice because they are no doubt the most comfortable shoes ever. I daily go out for jogging in these and they are working very well. They mold with my feet and protect them on any kind of terrain. I am very happy with these. I am now building my trust on this brand. I think that I can once again start buying this brand. I am mostly on traveling and I always take these shoes with me as they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I have become a great fan Avia now. I have been jogging in these for the last 6 months and feel really satisfied. The sole I very flexible and molds with my feet. I can walk for hours in them. They are in white color, but very easy to clean.

  4. Focker says:

    Avia is a nice brand to buy. I have been wearing this brand from many years. I have two pairs already and this one is my third. They are a good pair to have. I love to play sports daily in the club in the evening and this shoe has supported me well. I can play even without socks as they never let my feet sweat. I read many reviews before purchasing these and most of them were positive. I have a bit problem with the laces because I have to tie them up daily which takes a bit of my time, but its ok because of the sneakers are like that.

  5. Reed says:

    This is the first , but not the last shoe by this brand! I am definitely going to purchase more. These shoes are too good. The quality is superb. I was planning to go for a trip with my friends. We had to walk a lot as we are photographers and wanted to capture nice natural scenes. I took these on the trip. It was the time I wore these for so many hours and sometimes for the whole day as we were rushing from here to there to get awesome pictures. Through out the trip I was completely relaxed and because these shoes were very nice I could easily concentrate on my work. My of my friends started having feet problems after having these, but I was in a complete comfort zone. They are very easy to walk in. Some times I was in a rush and even forgot to wear my socks, but Thank God my feet didn’t sweat because the sole was very cushy and absorbent. They kept my feet dry and toasty through out the trip. These shoes are real darlings. I still remember a funny story related to these shoes that once I wanted to capture the picture of butterfly and she was moving and I kept running after her until I got my best shot and these shoes were so flexible and gave a very nice treatment through out. There laces offer a perfect fit. I can wear these in no time as I am used to the laces otherwise it was a bit difficult in the start. They are very easy to clean as well. I just wipe these with a dry cloth and enjoy wearing these. I not only wear these on trips but also on my morning walk. It is really fun to have them. I go out for a morning walk with my dog and they support my feet really well. I can bend and jump very easily in these therefore I also prefer wearing these while exercising. I think it is the best shoe I have ever own and I am crazy about them. I think you should also buy these because your feet deserves the best.