Bandolino Zohra Sling Back Sandals

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Style Description: Be the fashion queen and make people follow you fashion choice with the Bandolino Zohra. These incredible sandals will go from office to shopping and then to dinner. They can be used with the casual, dressy or professional outfit. The upper is available in various materials which gives you option to choose the one which you like the most. The upper has the sling back strap and buckle closure to allow secure, comfortable and personalized fit. The footbed is padded to provide comfortable wearing. This footbed ensures that you get no stress while on your feet for long time. The outsole is made from the durable man-made material which keeps the weight of the sandals less and it also provides proper grip for stable ride. The heel is 4 inches high with ½ inches high platform and both are wrapped with the same material used as upper. It weighs 8 ounces as per size 7. You can find this style in these colors: Black Synthetic/ Black.

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Zohra Sling Back Sandals, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews

  1. Elle says:

    Zohra has become my most favorite sling back because of many reasons. First of all they look very trendy and attract all the people towards me in other words you can say that they work like magnet. I have worn it to three places so far and it was a huge hit at all three places. I was overwhelmed to received so many complements on these. The design is awesome and the best part is that they fit on my feet very well and make my feet look smart and stylish. Secondly they have an ankle buckle which offers a perfect fit. When I first wore these it was looking a bit loose, I adjusted it according to my ankle and here I go. I have worn these in a party where they were really appreciated which shows that they will go even on formal occasions. Thridly I like these because of there functionality. They are extremely comfort for a high heel shoe. I wear these for hours and they never hurt my feet. I have another high heel shoe by Bandolino and I think that they know how to manufacture a very comfy high heel shoe. I love Bandolino and when ever I am going to buy anything I first of all look that in this brand. They know how to meet there customer demands and expectations. In fact they go beyond our expectations and create such master pieces which makes a difference in your overall appearance. I think it is a must have sandal for every lady who want to look different in a huge crowd. SHOE OF WONDERS!!

  2. Cristal from San Diego says:

    These sandals are very stylish yet comfortable. I was looking for a black sling back for my upcoming birthday party. I am a Frye lover and never tried Bandolino before. One of my friend suggest these shoes to be. I found these quite amusing too so decided to switch this time and bought these. That was a very wise decision as I am in love with these sandals now. On my birthday I wore these with my red top and black skirt and every body fell in love with these. I had to make all the arrangements too so I was walking here and there the whole time , sometimes talking to people, sometimes working at kitchen and sometimes servings and these really supported me well. I was a bit confused before wearing these because they arrived right one day before the party so I was thinking whether they will be comfy enough for that long time wearing and may be they require any break in time, but they were comfortable the moment I put them on till the moment I take them off. I feel really lucky to have these. Besides that almost all the people in the party praised these which was very appreciating and I came across many Bandolino fans too who told me how this brand has achieved there high goals. I will also consider buying this brand now as they have satisfied my all expectations. I am definitely going to stick with this. NICE Shoe Overall.

  3. Martha H says:

    WHAT A STYLE!!! I was deeply in love with the style of this shoe. I think that this sandal has all the reasons to be in one’s wardrobe. It has a great look and I have literally received so many complements that I can’t even count these now. I bought these in black color which I love to wear with almost every outfit. The best thing about this shoe is that it can be used causally and also semi formally and formally too. I wear these from going out with buddies to attending weddings. This is a great shoe which is not only high heel, but also provides a great comfort. I am a high heel lover who loves to wear high heel shoes and these are the best high heel shoe of my wardrobe so far. They feel very comfortable. I won’t say that these feel like slippers, but still they are very comfortable as compared to other high heel shoes. I am in love with these. The ankle strap is there to get a comfortable and secure fit. I adjust it according to my ankle. My feet are narrow and they go with my feet and make my feet look adorable. You will love it too I am sure. Would high suggest these!