Betsey Johnson Kittia High Heels

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Description: Bring out that fashion icon with these Betsey Johnson Kittia and be the center of some serious attention. They are easy to wear with slip-on design. The upper is made from leather with linings made from leather and lipstick made from metal at front. The insole is lightly padded for comfort. The sole is made from leather and has 4 ¼ inches of heel and 1 ½ inches of platform. It weighs 12 ounces and weighs 7 ounces (as per size 7). Available color is: Red Patent.

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Kittia High Heels, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews

  1. Ashley says:

    Wowwwwww!!!!! Extremely Sexy!! RED HOT!! I am simply loving this sexy yet elegant black shoe. It is so attractive that I could not resist buying it as soon as possible. Its leather looks very expensive and great. My friends use to say that I never wear stylish shoes, but after looking at this one they have totally changed their opinion. They think it is not only the most beautiful shoe I have ever owned, but they have also never owned such an outclass shoe. The metal detail on the top adds more style to this shoe. I like to wear high heels,but not for long as they are not that comfortable, but this one is extremely comfy and I can wear it for hours, therefore I wear it often. It can be worn at weddings and on other formal functions too. I hope you will also like it they way I do. :biggrin:

  2. Rae says:

    It was always a dream shoe for me :wub: . I saw it once and got crazy to get it. Thanks to mom, she gifted me this shoe on my birthday and believe me , that was the perfect gift I could ever receive. I cannot tell you how pleased and excited I was to see it. It was like dream come true. It is THE MOST SEXIEST shoe on earth. I love wearing high heels. Its heel is not only high but comfortable too. I wear it often. The first time I wore it thousands of complements were given for these. I am really glad. I am sure you will love it the way I do :biggrin: . It deserves to be given five stars.

  3. Aaliyah says:

    Hot and sizzling!! I didn’t want to think for the second time because I JUST LOVED the look and immediately ordered it. This hottie looks even more beautiful than it seems to be in pictures. The detail on the top looks awesome. Its high heel is not at all unstable rather it makes my walk more attractive. I really like to wear it :kissing: all the time. Its leather foot bed is very cushy and I can walk and dance in comfort. It is Simply the best 😎