Timberland Earthkeepers™ 2.0 Moc Toe Boots – Green Rubber™ outsole

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Featured Review: (by Javi), I saw the commercial for this shoe (and line) on tv and thought “Wow, those boots are sick! Too bad this is a commercial for recycling or something” haha! I was so happy to see the Timberland logo afterwards. Now I haven’t worn boots since I was in single digits in age so this was kind of a leap for me, I’m a athletic tennis shoes type of guy. They came in and the color was goregeous, I really loved how they looked out of the box. The leather feels so nice. I wasn’t too used to the “moc” look to it,it was weird to me. I thought at the time maybe it would have been better rounded off but as I kept wearing them, I love how it looks. It definitely adds a nice flare of style to it. I put them on and it they were very comfy! I have bunions so narrow footwear is not fun for me but my toes have room to wiggle, my feed breathe well in these. Comfortable lining. The size maybe be a BIT larger than what I’m used to. I put that it fits a 1/2 size too big but it really doesn’t feel cavernous to me in there. I’ve ran with these shoes and they didn’t feel like they were going to fall off at all. I liked that the sole was white cause it goes great with the Gold boot but was worried they’d turn pitch black from walking around. I’ve owned these for almost 2 months now? and they look just fine 🙂 not too black. The recycled laces feel good to me, my loops are pretty long because I don’t lace them up through all the loops since I like the tongue to kind of hang out. The boot strap on the back is sturdy! It took me..a while to get used to taking boots off, it was really hard for me haha so yanking on it helped and no wear on it at all, still on the boot. I’m not sure what else to add to this..It’s a really, really great boot. My first boot worn/purchased in my adult life (23) and I’m so glad I shelled out the $ for these. When I wear these, they stay on all day! They’re very comfortable and will look great on a night out on the town. I’d wear them to work but I really don’t want to mess them up there haha. Highly recommended

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Earthkeepers™ 2.0 Moc Toe Boots - Green Rubber™ outsole, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

3 Reviews

  1. Capehorn says:

    I ordered a pair that was too small. I returned it, got refunded right away and ordered a new one Half a size larger. Excellent customer service. And of course the shoes are great: excellent quality, original (you don’t see a lot of them around), and stylish. A very good experience. Too bad they don’t ship overseas.

  2. Grant says:

    I purchased these shoes to wear during the winter, under the assumption that timberland boots were long lasting and durable. I am a college student and the only use they get is walking to class, some days dry some days snowy. The boots look great and I wear them daily. However, I have had the boots for less than two months and the sole is falling off. I even applied additional waterproofing. The seem/crease where the upper is connected to the sole is falling apart and breaking in the toe and in the inside. It also gets water damage quite easily. Although they look and feel great, I am wholly disappointed in the lack of durability. I feel these are too expensive to be buying every 2 months.

  3. Bob The Builder says:

    Its a really nice shoe and is really comforting though it does feel and look like a slipper =/. the shoe is really stylish but i wouldn’t recommend wearing it in the outdoors since the thread that keeps the bottom of the soul on is really close to the floor or ground that well likely cause the threads to rip and the soul to fall off wish it was covered up a bit since it just gets me worried a lot since I love these shoes for outdoors.