Timberland PRO® Met Guard 8 Inch Boots – Steel Toe, For Work

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(4.8 out of 5)
Based on 4 Reviews

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Featured Review: (by BuBba), When I first got them, they felt realy great loved the safty sheld every thing. I’ve had them for about 7 months if that just like any othe pair that last. when the snow started the boot started to fall apart. I’ve been throu 15 pairs of string from the boots eating them, the bottom is spliting from the Boot. the sheild is seperting from the base. The reson I bought them I thought they were toughter then the Comps. we had 4 other men buy a pair, an just bout the same happen to them. my line of work is Sweeper Truck opps. snow removeal an want nots an power washing. Name It I probly done it.

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PRO® Met Guard 8 Inch Boots - Steel Toe, For Work, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

4 Reviews

  1. Shipley says:

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let ya know that these boots are the best i have ever worn and worked in! I have had these over a year and am getting ready to order another pair.I am a steelworker and I use mine in every harsh condition imaginable and they have outlasted any other boot i have worked in. Try them out and you wont be disappointed. Also I will add that I hate external metatarsal guards but I tried these boots on and walked out the door with them if that tells ya anything. Hope this review helps. Thanks Timberland and God Bless

  2. picky says:

    I go from lawns to custodial to newspaper. They where bought for the lawns you nerver know when that blade is going to catch you foot. But once they where on they never came off. Hat in the son bought easely overcome by the comfort. Bought mines at marchal for 30 but can’t find for for less than 130 now wont give five stars because leave room for tomorows pruduck

  3. Crash says:

    The boot has held up well over the past two years, and has saved me from a number of foot injures. The only issue i had was the insert coming unglued after working in knee deep water. The steel cap and guard have saved my feet from everything… heavy pallets, a rolling dumpster, a up set girl friend and a steel tie.

  4. HOTNECK says:

    By Far The Best!!! I’ll put it like this; I already HAD blisters from a pair of personal boots I was breaking in. I picked up these boots for work and tried them on. They were SO COMFORTABLE I put my personal boots in the box and just wore these!!! Just like the other review, I also work at a steel mill. And if Standing over a 3,000 degree hole isn’t the harshest environment on boots, I don’t wanna know what is!!!