Timberland PRO® Pit Boss 6-Inch Steel Toe Boots – Comfortable For Work

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Featured Review: (by Justin M.), I wear my Timberland Pitboss boots 12+ hours out of the day and I am not impressed. Timberland’s Powerwelt 6 Inch Steel Toe boots are what turned me on to this brand of boot. Transitioning from the Powerwelts to the Pitboss was hard. The Powerwelts were the “Cadillac of All Boots” in my eyes. They were the best boot I’ve ever owned. So, I figured, being a Timberland product, the Pitboss would be on that level. I was wrong. I’ve began to get callus’ on parts of my foot I’ve never gotten before even though I purchased the same size and width as the Powerwelts. The break in period seemed to be months longer than the Powerwelts. I found my ankle rubbed raw after the first 2 weeks of owning them. They were so stiff that it hurt to wear them. After just months of ownership, the right one squeaks, on any surface(It sounds like rubber with in the sole delaminated itself and is rubbing against itself). The Pitboss Boots make my feet sweat alot. I feel as though there is no where near enough breathe ability. I end up wringing my socks out daily(which my girlfriend does not find funny I might add). They do protect me from puddles and mud.(Only my left boot does now, a piece of slag landed on my toe and rolled towards my ankle and burned a hole in the fabric part of the boot.) The right one started squeak a week before the incident. Anyways, they keep my feet warm, and don’t look bad. Needless to say, I will never be buying or recommending this model of Timberland boots. The pain and discomfort outweigh the positives about them.



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PRO® Pit Boss 6-Inch Steel Toe Boots - Comfortable For Work, 4.3 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

15 Reviews

  1. Sean the Bold says:

    These boots are, to put it bluntly, the greatest pair of boots I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear. I bought these boots when I was 15 years old and a freshman in highschool for my Automotive shopclass, which I stuck in for the entire time there. These boots where worn every school day, and even most weekends. After school, I immediately started to work in a stockroom, and currently, I’m 21 and still wearing the same pair.They’ve been covered in oil, drenched in gasoline, endured the insane New England weather from the high humidity and downpours of Spring, to the crazy amount of snow in the winter. They’ve saved my toes from getting crushed from large tires and pallets numerous times, and in one very rare case, from a hatchet. They still bear that epic scar today.In reality, the only bad thing about this boot is that they aren’t waterproof, and that like all insoles, heavy use will wear it out quickly. […] I walk in them about 40 miles a day in total, and they feel like an extension of my feet, although I guess 6 years of wearing them will do that to you.

  2. Zack says:

    I work heavy equipment and I am really hard on boots I put boots through torement almost 24-7. I have had these boots for almost 5 years and the only thing wrong with them is I almost have no sole left on them. I love these boots. I just bought a second pair and will never buy a different boot. I recommend this to anyone that wants durability and comfort for a long time. 11 out of 10.

  3. Wireline Pro says:

    I work in an oilfield industry. Wireline to be specific. I see every kind of environment imaginable, hot, cold, wet, dusty. You name it and i walk through it. I just purchased my second pair of these boots. My first pair lasted over two years. My work schedule is 12 days on and 2 days off so I wear work boots more days than not and sometimes my days last 20 hours or more so comfort and durability are of the highest priority. I see coworkers going through boots every 6 months spending anywhere from 150 to 200 dollars a pair. I’ve recommended these boots with personal testimony to anyone i know buying boots and am now doing the same to anyone reading this. hands down the best boots I’ve owned and I’ve paid a lot more money in the past for much poorer quality work boots. Buy a pair and you’ll be a believer.

  4. Rob The Machinist says:

    I just purchased my second pair of these pit boss steel toe boots. My first pair lasted several years and I am tough on work boots, I am a machinist and constantly walk on sharp metal chips, oily concrete, etc. My first pair lasted several years and I wore them almost every day.Finally the sole became detached on the rear of the right boot. I used some drywall screws and re-attached it and wore them for another year!!I could not find a second pair as the Fred Meyer I bought my first pair at quit selling them,I finally found a second pair on [@] These boots have a great cushoning sole, the only con to these boots is they are a bit tough to break in, and ussually cause a few hot spots on my feet before breaking in, but once they do break in they are extremely comfortable and just super durable. I hope Timberland never stops making these!

  5. Chuck says:

    just as comfortable as my euro hikers, but a little heavy because of the steel toe. this is the most comfortable workboot i have ever owned, and i have tried them all!!! the only test now is the durability of this boot, and my job will put them to the test heat,cold,grease,oil,dirt,chemicals. if these boots hold up for 8 months and stay comfortable i will buy them for life!!!!!!

  6. Greyhare says:

    I discovered these boots some time ago, perhaps over ten years ago, I replace these boots every so often just because I’ve worked so hard in them that the outward appearance of the boot no longer is acceptable in “public”. The old boots get used for the work around the house, the new pair gets to go to work in front of “the public”.

    I’m hard on boots, a heavy equipment operator by training, I’ve worked these boots in some nasty locations. I work job sites in a consultant position now so having a safety rated shoe with the ability to stand on my feet all day are among the important factors now.

    I still own my own equipment, so on my off hours I’m still working the boots to death, thanks to these boots my feet aren’t.

  7. Hammer Mike says:

    Great boots but the hook eyelet broke and I couldn’t find a cobbler who could fix it by replacing this grommet with a hook eyelet. Very frustrating. Without it, the boot was difficult if not impossible to keep properly tied. Otherwise, I simply love these boots. They fit perfect, are stiff enough for a tall guy like me and have held up (with the exception of the eyelet) amazingly well. Great value and performance with only that one reservation.

  8. C2500 says:

    I have had a pair of these for years. They will last forever because I can only wear them once every few months. They rub against my ankles and the shoe is impossible to break in. I have an assortment of Timberland steel toe boots that I love, and this one pair I hate.

  9. Crash Gordon says:

    I wear these non stop! Ive been wearing the same style pros for a decade or more! Great boots, though i have to admit, since they stopped being made in the USA the quality is a little bit more lacking every year. these boots usually last me just shy of a year. Again i wear them constantly, day and night. My biggest complaint is that they no longer make the soft toe in black! (Why they stopped making the soft toe Ill never know)I am not a big fan of steel tips! Just my preference. So c’mon Timberland!! Let’s start making the soft toe pit boss’s again!!!

  10. Troy says:

    Amazing boot. I have had mine for almost 5 years working 60 hours or more a week and they are just now needing to be replaced. I go up and down ladders, I’ve dropped 150lb panels on the toes, and I’m a large man. Definitely getting the same thing. Most comfortable work boot I’ve ever had. I’ve recommended them to several friends and they have all loved them as well.

  11. Bobby D. says:

    I have owned several pair of these boots in black and brown and I’m about to buy another. I wear them when I ride my motorcycles mostly and they out last the “Harley boots” 2 to 1. I’m not sure what the previous reviewer was talking about. I haven’t had any issue with the tongue fit or comfort with any of the pairs I have owned.

  12. Anime says:

    I wanted a pair of these for a long time because of how great I thought they looked, and my love for Timberland boots. How sad I was when the seam in the tongue drove itself into my foot every time I wore them, causing them to be actually painful to wear. I still occasionally take them out of the box to wear for extremely short periods of time, but this fatal design flaw keeps them from being anything close to comfortable. The similar reviews for the same boot in brown leather aren’t kidding. Only buy this if you can deal with storing the boot 99.99% of the time, and wearing it sparingly. Timberland should redesign this thing with a smooth padded tongue and give all of us who bought these a new pair.

  13. Jack says:

    Purchased 3 years ago for the Southern Florida storm support, these heavy shoes were impossible to ‘break-in.’ The uppers seemed to be of high quality, but the soles began to break away from the shoe. I would not recommend these shoes despite several favorable reviews associated with this item. I wonder if negative feedback is simply not included in the total reviews? I’m suspicious.

  14. Johnietee says:

    I work in the concrete end of construction and I beat my boots to death day in and day out. These boots really hold up and keep your feet feeling good all day. Break in is virtually not needed and feel more like a sneaker than a work boot. I bought another pair just for around town and on my off days. will never buy another pair of boots for work other than these. Have had these for 16 months and they are still holding up well worth the money…..

  15. X-Men says:

    My first pair of Pit Boss lasted for 6 hole years working in construcction or inside freezers (Cold Rooms). This are the more comfortable shoes that I own, I really use them for every kind of work. I recently chenged them for another pair of Timberland Steel Toe Boots but diferent model, and I really regret it, in fact, I am using the old ones again, can`t wait to boy a new pair of them. Buy the with your eyes closed!!!