Yellow Box Breeze Sandals

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Description: 5.00 oz. 1/2″ heel. Lightly padded insole. Thong construction, Leather upper. Flashy beautiful summer sandal.

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Breeze Sandals, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

2 Reviews

  1. Grace says:

    Exquisite Sandal! It is absolutely a wonderful sandal. After reading many reviews and searching a lot I ordered a pair of this wonderful shoe in gold. The heel of this sandal is more like ┬╝ inches than a half inch. It fits perfectly because the strap of it does come half way up the foot and stays there. It is extremely comfy at the same time. First I though that the ornaments on the shoe may come off, but after walking in these for a whole week they are still there. Instead they look extremely nice too and add style to my whole personality. The buckle on the side is adjustable and therefore fit perfectly and looks extremely pretty too. Unlike other ordinary sandals my feet never slide in the shoe when they are wet. This is a chic shoe and I am really delightful to own this shoe.
    This is a perfect sandal for summer and spring season. This sexy sandal looks extremely nice when you wear. I wear this shoe with both long and short dresses and also with jeans.
    The skimpy heel and ornamental jewels accent this shoe. If you get a pedicure and polish your nails before wearing it then THE LOOK IS PERFECT. I am in love with this shoe. It looks even better than it look online. I highly recommend this shoe to every one. So get ready to receive plenty of complements from all the ladies around you in these cute BREEZE!

  2. Betty says:

    I have recently ordered 2 pairs of your breeze sandles with velcro over the toes and a buckle strap at the top from Maryland Square. These are the same size and exact sandles that I already have, but mine are probably 4 yrs. old (brown and cream) and one pair (black) about 2 yrs. old. The older ones fit great for my narrow, thin foot, but the newer black one was wide, but I figured miss-sized, but kept anyway, but don’t wear often.

    My new ones do not fit well at all (like the black pair from about 2 yrs. ago, so am returning them to Maryland Sq. I got out a measure and found out why the new ones don’t fit. The are a bit wider (1/8 – 1/4 in.), but mainly are higher on the sides, giving a larger inside fit. I can’t imagine why they would redesign the shoes like that – if women are ordering the narrowest they come in (4A), then why would they need to have more room inside the shoe. Those who did need that could just order a wider size.

    I have very little choice on shoes as it is, none from anywhere locally, and this gives me even less of a choice. I don’t understand why these changes were made. If women need narrow shoes, they order narrow shoes. If they don’t, they order wider shoes. Seems like a simple plan to me.