Rockport World Tour Shoes, Classic

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Description: Rockport WT Classic features Patented Walking Platform, Steel shank reinforcement, Removable insole, Flexible, Strobel Construction, Padded tongue and collars, Flexible EVA midsole, Premium nubuck and leather uppers, Comfortable walking shoes from Rockport. Colors: Sand Nubuck, Navy Nubuck, Chocolate Nubuck, Brown Tumbled leather and Black Tumbled leather.

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World Tour Shoes, Classic, 4.9 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

5 Reviews

  1. Eric says:

    I have narrow feet, which means shoe-shopping hell for a guy, and I’ve worn Rockport World Tours for years. They absolutely fit with slipping, and they are super comfortable for work or excercise walking. I currently own 3 pairs in different colors. This is the only shoe I wear for home and work unless I really need something super dressy. They hold up well. Like all nubucks, that version of this shoe gets harder to keep looking nice after a few months, but the wear is acceptable. The tumbled leather wears beautifully.

  2. Greg H says:

    I bought my first pair about two years ago and they were so comfortable that I wore them almost everyday to work. Probably ended up being about 160 hours a month. After stomping around in them in all kinds of weather for two years, I decided to replace them with the exact same kind. I am really pleased with them and I know that they are the only shoe that I will need for work for the next two years.

  3. Kevin says:

    I have worn the standard nubuck style (suede) for many years – and have loved the comfort and style. They age nicely – and when I buy a new pair, my old pair becomes my ‘work’ shoes on the farm. Very durable and comfortable. The only problem has been the suede (nuebuck). So this time, my wife talked me into buying the brown tumbled exterior. They are exactly the same comfortable shoe I’ve worn for years – but the exterior is not as prone to wear and moisture. Nubuck changes appearances dramatically if it ever gets wet. The ‘tumbled’ does not. Only problem with the ‘brown tumbled’ is the color. They have a red tint to the brown color. I like the look of a new ‘nuebuck’ much better. I think I’ll like the look of an old ‘tumbled’ better! 🙂 I wear the new shoes to church and business mtgs. Old ones I wear everywhere.

  4. Sam says:

    I purchased my most recent a pair of Rockport Men’s World Tour Classics after I found my first pair to be the most comfortable shoes I had ever experienced. My newest pair, which are a different color, have been as good or even better than the original pair. I had previously undergone two ankle reconstructions and have found Rockport shoes to be the only brand that provides the comfort and support for my requirements following those operations. For the person who spends a great deal of time on their feet you cannot go past the world tour classic as the best buy for comfortable and safe walking. I cannot recommend these shoes more highly and I intend very shortly adding more to my wardrobe.

  5. Pete, Portland says:

    I’ve been purchasing this style of Rockport shoe for over 20 years in its various evolutions and am always pleased with the longevity and durability of wear. I’m a big guy who works indoors and outdoors – about 275 pounds, so I am hard on shoes and need shoes that are well constructed. I love how Rockport shoes are so lightweight yet so sturdily built to last. They make walking and standing much more comfortable for me. These are always comfortable from the first step and never need breaking in. I’ve tried several other brands but none seem to be quite as good for one