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Style Information: Get best comfort, warmth and style with SKECHERS Keepsakes – Postage, which are cute, elegant and durable slipper looking clog. The upper is made from knit textile with the lining of faux-fur. The footbed is also made from faux-fur which provides softness to the foot. They are easy to wear with slip-on construction. The outsole is made from rubber which is raised to give additional height. It weighs 10 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: Natural and Chocolate.

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Keepsakes Clogs Postage, 4.4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

10 Reviews

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh god, these shoes are amazing. They are so much comfortable and soft. Me and my feet love them a lot. They are easy to wear. They keep my foot warm and cozy. The foot bed is well cushioned and it provides so much comfort. I have them in natural color, which I admit do get dirty but it looks stunning. The interior is also very soft with this faux fur which also enhances the comfort. They are perfect fit and they offer excellent arch support. I wear them at home usually for just for a quick trip within the neighborhood. I highly recommend these shoes to everyone. I also bought a pair in chocolate color to my mom and she also loved them. Now I am also planning to buy them in the same color because that one also looks stunning.

  2. Sheri, Onthego says:

    When my daughter left home I regretted not having access to her SKECHERS, so now I buy my own. SKECHER mules are great for airport runs where you need to get in and out of your shoes quickly. SKECHER mules provide the functional look of “boot styling” under slacks when a full-height “boot” would be too much bulk.

  3. cOLL says:

    These shoes are very comfortable and keep my feet warm. I wasn’t sure if the style of shoe was up for keeping my feet warm. Everywhere I go people always comment on them and want to know where I got them! I say Skechers, where else!

  4. Char says:

    I love these shoes for our cold MN winters! I wear them around the house and bring them along when we go to someone else’s home too. That way I can shed my “outside” shoes and still have the warmth and comfort of these instead of my stocking feet.

  5. Trent's Girl says:

    I bought these as an alternative to wearing calf lenght boots all winter. I wanted an easier shoe to put on and take off but still be warm and able to trek through the New England winter. I know they won’t be great in the snow but as long as I stay on a plowed path these are perfect. I highly recommend them. My husband even said he would wear a pair if I didn’t tell anyone. 🙂

  6. Lil Pimpet says:

    I wear these every day out and about and to work!! They are SOOOOO comfy!!! I really don’t think i have taken them off since i got them!!! I think i want to get them in every color!! ( i have black ones right now)On top of comfort they are really warm too, on cold days here my feet never felt the cold.

  7. Eck says:

    Cute slip on. Feels a little snug, but not bad enough that I won’t wear them. They look stylish and I have received many compliments.

  8. Lexy says:

    I love these, they are great to wear to class or to run out to the store, but be very careful with socks, thin ones – your feet tend to slid out if you arent careful. I would rather higher backs personally to prevent this. Also, they dont breath. so when i do slid them off…yuck. I love the look with wide-leg jeans.

  9. Lexx says:

    I did a lot of looking and research online for a good slipper. I was thinking in mind of something to wear around the house, and outside. When I first got them I was sad that the width felt a little tight, but because they are slippers I just wore them around all day, I even went to the store with them on, and they “broke in” so to speak. I love wearing them. Very cute with jeans!

  10. Lori says:

    I ordered these because I thought the soles would be arched and cushioned the way the sneakers are. I wanted to wear them around the house when I came home from work and on weekends. That’s the comfort factor I was looking for. That is not the case with these. The soles are flat. The slipper is comfortable, but not what I was expecting. Knowing this, I would still probably purchase another pair because I do wear them every day.