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Style Information: Get ready to shape yourself up with a jump start with SKECHERS Shape Ups – Jump Start. It is comfortable and durable sneakers and offer mimics walking barefoot effect. The midsole has foam and kinetic wedge style provides effect of exercise. The upper is made from mesh, synthetic and leather along with panels at the side which enhances the breathability of the shoe. The laces at the front allow personalized and perfect fit. The collar and tongue of the shoe is well cushioned to enhance the level of comfort throughout the day. The outsole is sculpted from rubber which provides traction and enhances the durability of the shoe. It weighs 15 ounces (as per size 6). It can be found in these colors: Yellow/ Silver/ White, Pink/ Silver/ White and Blue/ Silver/ White.

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Shape Ups Jump Start Shoes, Sneakers, 4.8 out of 5 based on 38 ratings

38 Reviews

  1. Steph the animal nurse says:

    I work in a vet clinic on my feet 8+ hours a day. I don’t have much spare time to go to the gym. I feel these shoes add a workout quality to my usual activity. I canfeel my calves firming and shaping up. I do the suggested exercises when I find myself standing in one place for any extended amount of time. I am now interested in finding more styles for casual wear. I recommend these shoes to everyone! Now half of my co-workers are wearing them too!!

  2. Alex says:

    I am addict to these shoes. My friend told me that I should try these shoes and I said no they look weird. But when I tested them and became big time fan of these shoes. They are supremely comfortable shoes. They even make me look taller than I am lol :biggrin: But walking in them is just amazing. I have never ever felt such a comfort while walking. My mom told me that I am gaining weight and I need to walk with her daily (she walks regularly, recommended from doctor). I started walking with her and I always use to get tired. But when I bought these shoes, walk feel like fun to me. I told my mom and she also bought these. The size and width is true. The arch support is magnificent and they are just perfect. We did feel big strange walking in them but once we got use to it, we love it. I can barely walk in any other shoes now. Someone told me that it’s recommended to run in them. I can defiantly feel its effect on my muscles. I love walking in them.

  3. LG Witty says:

    The cushioning and shock absorbtion are amazing. I wear them to work on cement floors. I have been suffering from heel pain for a couple of months and the Shapeups do not put any pressure or strain on my heel at all. I usually wear them with my work clothes, which include jeans, and they look great. I recommend them to our customers daily! And they seem to like them as much as I do.

  4. Baby Girl says:

    These shoes are so comfortable..But you can tell what is not in shape or as strong in your own body when you start walking in calfs and butt hurt the first couple times I wore them. People ask me if it is hard to balance at first..and no not at all..the only difference from other shoes is you have more back and forth motion with your foot. I never once felt like I was going to fall or anything. I love these shoes and for the money they are AWESOME

  5. Vicky says:

    What an icredible pair of shoes, they are so comfortable for walkiing and even running. I use mine everyday for walking on my treadmill. They are stylish and comfortable! I would recommend these shoes to anyone, young or old. Oh, did I forget to tell you? What a workout for my legs!!!!

  6. Sugar Lumps says:

    I want to start by saying that I have always done some kind of exercise but over the past several years Iv been having trouble with Rheumatoid and Osteoarthrits which makes It painful to walk or stand for long periods of time so therefore I havent been able to exrcise at all. Scence I purchased my Shape-ups Its been wonderful when I put them on It feels like Im walking on air I can walk further and longer without as much pain Its wonderful.I also went to the mall shopping while wearing my new shape-ups and got the through shopping without pain until then Its been 3 years scence Iv been to the Mall. My shape-ups are the only shoe I wear anymore and I plan to buy more In the future Im super excited about these shoes. When I go out like to the store or where ever I always get conversation going about my shape-ups so far iv ran into about 15 people that said they are going to buy a pair after talking to me about them. I should get commission for being walking advertisement haha. well anyway I just want to say my shape-ups have helped me with my joint problems. They are the best shoe I have ever bought. I wear my shoes every where. Thanks

  7. Minnie says:

    Whenever I had walked with my tennis shoes or walking shoes, my heel becomes so painful. The shapeups gives me arch support and when walking protects my heel from hitting the ground too hard. I wear my shoes when working around the house, stretching my legs in the morning, whenever I go shopping, and casual walks. I wear socks with my shapeups.

  8. Karen from Tennesse says:

    This is my 2nd pair of Shape Ups. I really like the shoe and it is very comfortable. I bought the shoe a half size bigger because it is running small. On both of my shoes the width at the toe area is perfect, however on both shoes my heels slip out of the shoe, it also slipped out of the ‘normal’ size for me so it isn’t just happening because I bought a shoe a half size bigger than normal. Also, I have never had an issue with my shoes having any kind of odor, but dang, this is my biggest complaint, they make my feet smell horrible. I am trying to spray the inside with febreeze, if this does not work I may have to resort back to my other shoes. (I have had some of my shoes for years, some Sketchers some were other brands, and never had a problem before.) I can live with the issue of my heels slipping out, I can’t live with the odor.

  9. Annette says:

    At the Gainesville Fl store we have started telling everyone about the comfort we have found with the sketcher shapeups. We now have approx 15 associates wearing them now. I myself have walked on these concrete floors for over 20 years and this is the BEST that my feet have ever felt. I will never wear anything else.

  10. Janoken says:

    I have bad knees and am on my feet at work most of the day. Wearing these shoes has made my days much more enjoyable. I love the spring in it gives to each step I take. I highly reccommend this shoe. I have also purchases a pair for my daughter who is a nurse. She loves them too.

  11. Dakreil says:

    I love shape ups. I am a stay at home mom. I put them on in the morning and wear them around the house and out for walks with our dogs. I don’t take them off until I go to bed. I have noticed a difference in the fit of my clothes and my tummy is definitely getting trimmer. Other than walking, I don’t do any formal exercise on a regular basis, so these were a natural choice to improve my fitness level.

  12. Tmburrough says:

    When I first bought these shoes I was skeptical about if they actully work or not, but I can tell you that after the first week of routine wear my legs, butt, and lower back muscles were feeling the benifits. I am an active mom of two young children and try to attend the gym but it dosen’t allways work. These shoes are perfect for that work out any time of day any where and they look so good too. I have recieved many compliments on the shoes. Not only do they make me look a couple inches taller but you can’t even tell they are work out shoes when you are wearing them. I can’t wait till I get my next pair. I love sketchers brand and now I have my new fasvorite shoe by them.

  13. gatermite says:

    I have worn Skechers for many years – I looked at this type shoe for quite awhile before deciding to actually purchase them. I work in a medical practice and suffer from a congenital joint problem – the two do not make a great partnership. These shoes have been WELL worth the $$$ – I can wear them all day, comfortably, my plantar fascitis no longer bothers me, I feel like I’m doing something good wearing them, and my lower back no longer aches. Would I buy them again? ABSOLUTELY. Would I recommend them to a friend? ALREADY HAVE – do I have ANY reservations about them or their efficacy? NO WAY!!!!

  14. Karen K says:

    I work 12 hour shifts/full-time as a nurse, since purchasing my skechers, my feet do not ach, I notice my posture improves automatically while wearing the footwear. I am less tired by the end of a shift. I have recommended them to all of my nurse-mates.

  15. Kathy H says:

    These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on and they look great. I work in a call center with a lot of people and I walk around a lot. I have low back pain everyday that is until I bought my sketchers and now I do not. Even wear them cleaning and the next day my back is not sore. I can feel them working in my legs and it makes me motivated. They are wonderful. I have recommended them to a lot of people. In fact I could probably sell a lot of them at work.

  16. Jersey Joyce says:

    I wear my shape-ups for work and casual, I tried them mainly because I have a bad right hip, it seems the shape-ups have helped me strengthen my support muscles in the hip area, my right hip feels stronger. My jeans fix better also!!! I have two pairs, and plan on purchasing a few more pairs. I only have one small complaint, the sneakers I bought, July 2009, are loosing the gray color on side of the sole, where the vertcal indentions are, but I still Love them !!!! It looks like I have sand stuck on the inside and outside of the soles.

  17. Suzie Q says:

    I bought these shoes not for exercise but for posture. I have a birth defect that causes one leg to be slightly shorter than the other. When I was young my parents had to buy special made shoes to balance my walk. Since then I have had numerous operations but never thought about the wearing of shoes to be of significant importance to help with the pain. After reading about sketchers I decided to give them a try to see if they made any difference in my knee and lower back. I found them not only comfortable from the start but also noticed after the first week or so that the pain in my lower back had decreased. I can walker longer without the usual problems I had been having for years and found no problem with getting use to the difference in the way the shoe was made. It even allow me to look 2 inches taller.

  18. Linda says:

    My Skechers Shape Up – Jump Start Sneakers are the most comfortable sneakers and the best sneakers I ever bought. It feels like I’m walking on clouds. I could stand and walk in them all day long and my feet and legs never get tired. I love wearing them in work or when I go powerwalking/jogging or when I work out on my treadmill, knowing that I’m getting a good workout wearing them and seeing the results is a definite plus. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

  19. Kristen Barbie says:

    I have over 200 pairs of shoes and hands down i love my shape ups the most! I love how they are pink and sparkle! I work out every day, I run and lift. My legs had a workout the first time i used them. I want to get them in evey color now 🙂 If you are thinking about getting them, just do it for yourself. You will not be sorry.

  20. Butterfly says:

    These are the best pair of shoes I have ever worn I have always worn skechers shoes. I think I own about 20 pair but they don’t compare to the shapeup’s. I am on my feet all day long and they are just great. I bought them to help my back and legs and now I can make it all day with out complaining about my leg’s and back hurting.

  21. Greyhound Walker says:

    I have severe low back pain and my doctor told me to buy these shoes. They have really decreased my pain allowing me to walk my greyhounds for longer periods and they give me an extra boost to my walk by increasing the use of my calves, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. I actually feel like I get a full workout when all I am doing is walking. Wish they came in wider widths, however.

  22. Janie says:

    When I first saw these online, all I could think was “I have to have these shoes”. With a chronic pain condition, I wanted to see if they would help me with my everyday walking and pain. They are WONDERFUL. I ALWAYS want to try and keep “moving” if possible and these shoes make me want to walk even if it it just around the house. I put them on first thing in the morning and the first night I got them my husband asked if I was going to take them off before I went to bed. Thanks Skechers! I will pass the word.

  23. Frammici says:

    They are so comfortable and it has really given me great workouts just wearing them to work. The problem is I now dont want to wear anytrhing else! I am going to buy a pair of the Mary janes so I can have a dressy pair. I love sketchers anyway. all my sneakers and several dress shoes are sketchers!! They are so comfortable. I am looking for mens dress in the fitness shoes – do you have them? I have recieved several comments from my patients and co workers as well as strangers who ask “are those those work out shoes?”

  24. Annie says:

    my orthopedic surgeon told me years ago to wear sneakers…I said “it is not going to happen” as my feet hate to be enclosed. I was almost crippled while walking and stayed in my recyliner most of the day…I saw the add and got the shape-ups and now I wear them all day and my pain from bone spurs is gone. My energy is back and I feel 90% better. I can then wear my dressy shoes when I go out in the evening.

  25. Janet says:

    I usually buy an 8.5 size shoe. I ordered the Skechers in an 8.5. They felt a little too small so I sent them back and ordered a 9. The 9’s feel just right. I would recommend ordering a 1/2 size larger, especially if you plan on using the shoes to work out in.
    I love the style and color. They even send along an additional pair of shoe laces in yellow!! What fun.
    These are simply a joy to walk in.

  26. Jeannine the former couch potato says:

    What don’t I love about these shoes? NOTHING!! I actually look forward to walking now. I wore them on a historical society organized walk and I loss count of how many people came up to ask, “Are those the new Skechers Shape Ups?” One fellow walker told me she ownes 4 pairs, bought a pair for her husband recently and she swears it changed the shape of her legs (for the good!) I can’t wait to see the results. Follow the directions as you may experience some soreness if you over-do it in the beginning

  27. Stay at Home Mom says:

    I’m trying to get back into shape so when I saw these shoes I thought I’d give them a try so I could get more out of my walks. I don’t do running! I go walking at the mall near my house and I got a lot more out my walk than I did when I wore regular shoes. I also wear them when I go grocery shopping or anywhere that I will be doing a lot of walking. Even around my house I get a little more out of my daily routine when I wear these!

  28. Con the Walker says:

    First let me say I am 58 yrs. old. I love my shoes except for the right shoe. It has a seam in it that the left shoe does not have. It rubs a blister on my toe every time I ware them. The left shoe is great. I ordered a pair for my husband and he love’s them. Can you help me with the right shoe. I would recomend them to anyone who is on their feet a lot. Please help me with my right shoe. My bestfriend and daughter have ordered a pair as well.

  29. Mahtomedi says:

    I wear these shoes for a workout and to help my posture and get a work out even when I’m not thinking about it. They are comfortable, I can feel the difference in my posture in the two weeks since I have been wearing them. I would and have highly recommended these shoes to anyone who wants to get a workout just wearing these shoes and help improve your posture.

  30. Tone says:

    My feet are in heaven! I love to wear my Shape – Ups all of the time, while driving, shopping, cleaning house, walking the dogs, etc. These are great shoes, I love the fact that it’s a new concept in footwear. Imagine, getting a better workout because of your shoe! My Shape-Ups look great with a pair of jeans or my work out pants. I have gotten rid of my “other workout” shoes. These out perform any of them and are extremely comfortable as well as affordable

  31. Fast Bubbe says:

    I am totally satisfied with my purchase of Shape-Ups. I wear them every day all day, and also from some of your other customers’ advice, I bought 1/2 size bigger than my regular size and they were perfect. I love the way they feel and I feel my back straighten out while I am walking and standing in them without any pain. They really make me feel good. I am a diabetic and the Shape Ups are perfect for my feet. I will try other Skechers so I may wear them with other clothing aside from slacks and jeans.

  32. Monkey says:

    I love the way these shoes hug my arches. I was very surprised to find out how light weight they were. They are so comfortable and my feet actually don’t hurt when I wear them. I have foot inserts made by a podiatrist and I don’t even have to use them when I wear thse shoes! I can’t wait until I buy another pair!

  33. Dr T says:

    I love these Shape-ups! I am a healthy, active and energized septogenarian and I wear these Shape-ups as often as I possibly can. They make me feel good, walk better, and have better posture and my closet will soon support one pair of every color and every style in which Shape-ups are made. Compared with a similar shoe that sells for two to three times more, these are a wonderful purchase.

  34. Pat Lee says:

    I have always had problems finding footwear that actually fit and feel comfortable. I have a very high arch and in my shoes that has caused me problems with comfort. The Skechers are very comfortable and the cushioning is wonderful. I like the way the sole is actually the way a person should walk. Rocking from back to front.
    They do take some getting used to. Balance, correct walking and getting over the initial soreness is finally getting better. I never knew that so many muscles are used when we walk correctly.
    I have already recommended them to several people. Comments from friends like: ‘what kind of shoes are they, love the look’.

  35. Mema says:

    I not really wearing shoes right now. It’s summer, I work from home and go out in sandals at the moment. I bought the shoes to wear when I get a chance to go walking. I will probably wear them more as winter approaches. I hope they feel more comfortable when I do. At this time the left foot feels a little pinched. I have had to let out the laces at the ball of the foot but hoope that is just because I have gone this summer in sandals. The length is great and don’t want to go up a size.

  36. Jan says:

    I love standing still and being able to rock back and forth on them. I can feel it in my calves and legs. Makes me feel like I am exercising. I wear them to work everyday. I wear them with my jeans. I have had several comments on how cute they are. I love shoes but my feet can not tolerate some kinds anymore so these are just right with the extra padding on the bottom.

  37. RI Red Sox Fan says:

    These shoes are TERRIFIC! I wore them to work the day after I purchased them and by the time I got home my legs and calfs felt like they do when I power walk. I have only had the shoes 3 weeks and I can already see results. My pants are looser in the legs and butt area. They actually do “shape you up”! I would recommend them to anyone! Plus they are great looking shoes as well! I love them so much I have ordered the pair of “Work Shape Ups (Mary Janes)” so that I can wear them to work on a daily basis!

  38. Victoria says:

    A wee too long (a bit loose in back), but okay. I’m a housekeeper and can really feel myself getting stronger and love the ability to exercise while standing and chatting with a client. Am also more aware of the rest of my body while cleaning and have made it a more productive workout. However, they are HOT and now that I have worked up to all day wear, I can’t because of the heat and have to switch back to flip-flops. So, am looking forward to winter and a more open sandal design offering in the spring. The current sandal was not available when I ordered, and looks like it still might be a bit more enclosed than I would like. Would love to see more than a maryjane for less casual wear in this line. Slippers?