Skechers Shape Ups Sneakers Metabolize

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Style Information: Bring style in your life and shape yourself up with SKECHERS Shape Ups- Metabolize. It is comfortable sneaker which ensures Mimics walking barefoot. The midsole has foam and the kinetic wedge style provide effect of exercise in each step. The upper is made from leather and features laces on the top to get personalized, secure fit. The insole is well cushioned for comfort. The collar and the tongue is also cushioned to enhance the level of comfort. The outsole is sculpted from rubber which ensures traction and makes the shoe durable. It weighs 15 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: Silver/ White, White/ Natural and Black.

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Shape Ups Sneakers Metabolize , 4.6 out of 5 based on 28 ratings

28 Reviews

  1. Vickie says:

    These shoes are so impressive. So much comfortable that I don’t like wearing other shoes now. I bought these in black color and they look so great with the skinny jeans. They are excellent to walk in. I have stopped using my other walking shoes and I walk daily in them. They do feel a bit strange in the start but once you get use to it, it’s very pleasant. I could feel their effect on my legs and they do perform as Skechers claim. My friend introduced me to them and she wore them to work which was not a good idea. She is often on her feet at work and she said that they are very comfortable for walking but you don’t get much comfort while standing up. So I will not recommend them for work. I am planning to buy them to my sister in-law on her birthday. Very comfortable shoes. I love them.

  2. Jan says:

    I wear these shoes for work 12 hour shifts and find them great . I would like to buy the sandals however I will have to see if the size 11 is going to be big enough before I purchase them since size 12 are not available. I really liked the fact that I could get a ladies shoe size 12 since they are not as clunky as men shoes. Great shoe for posture and comfort.

  3. School Nurse says:

    After seeing these advertised on TV I was skeptical about their promise to “shape-up and tone” thinking this was just another weight loss gimmick. I tried a pair on and immediately felt as if I wanted to walk miles. I am a nurse, and on my feet alot and while I do not see the pounds dropping off, I no longer have the back and leg pain that I once had. I love them, recommended them to my family members and am getting ready to purchase my second pair.

  4. Walking for Fitness says:

    I received these Skechers for Christmas…I have been wearing them when I go for walks at the park fitness trails…before I had these shoes, I wore another brand and I would always have pain in the ankles as I walked. Couldn’t do more than a mile comfortably…well, now with these shoes, I am walking 4 miles at a time and no pain at all…it is wonderful! And I am losing weight. They do what they say…am very happy to say.

  5. Ex Runner says:

    I love the way I feel when wearing this shoe–it’s better than heels for my feet yet I get a great up-butt feeling. My legs & butt feel like I’ve been running–I haven’t been running in a year. These shoes feel so great I never wear my orthodic with them–my heel & arches feel wonderful. I have a wide toe area-just wish they were a little wider there without being wide in the heel. I purchased a half size larger than I normally wear because the store clerk said they run a little small. I want another pair in a different color

  6. Sewlearner says:

    I was very surprised at the comfort of these shoes. When I first put them on there was a little problem with getting used to balancing in them but after a short while they felt very natural. My back doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to do at the end of the day as it did before I started wearing these shoes. Didn’t have any problems with sore calves either like I thought might happen according to the instructions. These are the most comfortable shoes to walk in that I have ever had.

  7. Shape Upper says:

    These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I like walking barefoot, but these are the first shoes that are more comfortable than walking barefoot! It is like getting a foot massage when I wear these. Absolutely, positively love them! I rated them perfect because comfort wise they deserve six stars, not just five. Okay, style-wise – well, I’m not sure. But I honestly don’t care. They aren’t plugly. They’re cute in their own way!

  8. DC says:

    I bought the shoes to wear to Jerusalem (Holy Land) for comfort. I’ve worn them to work everyday to break them in, and, the shoe is like perfect (walking on clouds), my feet has never ached or gotten tired; however, I’ve worn another (new) name brand tennis shoe to break in and my feet ached at the end of the day – I highly recommend the shoe if you are looking for comfort

  9. Peanut says:

    I love that they give me height but at the same time they are comfortable and they look great on. I thought that they might look too large but they look like regular athletic shoes when I have them on, plus I feel like I am getting a work out while wearing them! I wear these shoes primarily at the hospital but will be purchasing another pair to wear for everyday use.

  10. Walker says:

    These Shape ups are great. The first time I wore them on my walk, not only did I feel the “burn” in my calves, back of thighs and buttocks, but my muscles got fatigued quicker, proving the work out was more intense. I immediately called my sister and friends and told them they’ve got to get a pair. I’m a nurse and I wear them at work as well. I haven’t noticed a difference yet but I definitely feel the difference.

  11. Pattie D says:

    Shape-ups are the first thing I go for when I wake up. Your whole body feels better when wearing Shape-ups. You have more energy, stronger muscles, better posture, I just can’t say enough about Shape-ups. I wear them everywhere. If I was paid a commission for every person I recommended these to, I’d have a pretty good income. Get yours today!!!

  12. Leona says:

    Love the comfort it gives me in my home on my tile floor. It also raises me up in front of my stove. That being said, I wear them at the gym to do all cardio and weight bearing exercises, including treadmill, elliptical, jacobs ladder, stairmaster,kickboxing, free weight, machine weight and personal training. I wear them when I need to do a lot of shopping and/ or a lot of walking. Add to that I am 63 years old and never felt better.

  13. Bree says:

    I haven’t had these shoes long, so I can’t comment on whether I’ve noticed any specific toning from these shoes. But they are very comfortable to wear, whether it be on the treadmill, at the office, walking around town, etc. In the beginning, it felt weird and fun to walk on the unique design heel. My feet quickly grew accustomed to it though so that I no longer even notice the heel design anymore. I just know my feet are very comfortable.

  14. Mizz J The Walke says:

    I like the color and style of the shoe. My main reasons for purchasing them was for walking. Unfortunately, when I did recieve my shoes, I had to return them for a larger size. As of now I am waiting for my exchange. I hope that my shape ups will help tone up my legs as well as promote weight loss. I am looking forward to recieving my new pair. The shoe itself felt very comfortable, just not size wise. I would wear them mostly casually with work out clothes or other comfortable clothing.

  15. Tammy says:

    It only took a little while to get used to the rocking motion of these sneakers. I love to wear them no matter where I go – for shopping or walking for exercise. It doesn’t take long to feel your legs working and soon enough you do feel your whole core at work. I feel like these sneakers are really giving my workouts quite the boost! I have already recommended these sneakers to others.

  16. Laundry lady says:

    these are the most comfortable shoes I have owned! they did need the recommended breakin time. Or I did! I could feel the difference the moment I put them on. I stand up with better posture, feel better about myself,and remind myself again about holding my abdominal muscles in! can’t wait to see the difference in me, in a couple months! I have already recommended them to my co-workers. we work on concrete floors, and these shoes make your feet feel like you are always walking on two, thick , anti-fatigue mats.

  17. Ambrossea says:

    I am excited to see how well the shoes work. I have not worn them enough to see a difference yet, but I can feel it in my legs at the end of the day. I only wish they had a better style design and more colors to choose from. I bought the black because that is all they had on-line. I will not wear them out of the house because I do not like the way they look. I would get better use out of them if the style was more attractive. I love Skechers all my shoes are Skechers. I was just a little disappointed in the style of the shoe, not the big bottom of it but the style.

  18. Lvy Walking on Clouds says:

    I have Fibromyalgia and degenerative disk. I have tried many ‘fitness’ shoes to try to decrease impact. I bought these and wore them to work and was amazed at the comfort. I then tested them further by walking around San Francisco…and the results are incredible. They are truly like walking on clouds…with slight or no impact. My friends questioned me all day on my progress…and now they too are going to buy some! I have always loved my skechers, but now they love me too…THANKS

  19. Mom Jay says:

    I LOVE my Skechers Shape Ups – Metabolize! They are so comfortable in fit and feel. I like to wear them when exercise walking and just around the house during housework.
    I HATE my Skechers Shap Ups – Metabolize! because they are the the basic solid black and are UG-LY! I would like to wear them out to shop, but with shorts on I’ve been told they look like serious orthopedic shoes. Maybe they’ll be better with jeans or other long pants.
    I wish the other colors – as seen in ads – had been available when I ordered mine.

  20. Walking in Comfort says:

    I was very skeptical that these shoes could use different muscles than any other sneaker, but you can feel them working immediately. I walk about three miles a day. I have plantars fasciitis and they actually help with the foot pain I used to feel when walking. I would like to have several pairs but the price is a little steep for that. Great workout shoes

  21. Gramma says:

    I have a slight balance problem. When I got the shoes and read that there might be a balance issue with them, I was concerned. I have had no problem with them at all. Have worn them full time at work after just a few days. I can feel the effect in my legs and back. They are cushiony and comfortable. I will buy another pair.

  22. Eve says:

    Skechers are super comfortable. I would love to buy a pair of skechers that is comfor and dressy without the skechers lable on the as for business shoes, I saw the Skechers Women Jubilee ad in the papers but it has the lable on the outside heal. They look cute and comfortable but with the lable they look sporty and childlish not business shoes. For bussiness,teachers,nurses,ect,,,, and I am sure there are other people thinking the same

  23. Little Claws says:

    I like wearing very feminine clothing and I was a little worried buying these shoes, but when I got them I was delighted with the little silver sparkles detailing the laces. These shoes are a little snug, but still very comfy and my feet never hurt after a long day at work.
    These shoes look a little silly with very conservative clothing (slacks), but I wear them to work with cute dresses all the time & they look so good with most jeans (not skinny jeans). One of the best things about these shoes I wasn’t rally expecting was how much taller they make you. I would guess they make me almost 2 or 3 inches taller & make me feel thinner and more confident. These shoes also help with my posture (I slump) and I no longer look at my feet while I walk! I have only had these shoes 3 weeks so I have not really noticed much weight loss, but every morning my calves are sore & it feels great!

  24. Susan says:

    I was in our mountain home when I bought these (I heard about the concept from a fellow hiker on the AT who swore by the concept) so I cannot judge the effect yet, now I am back one flat land in florida. We will see. I walk 3 miles and I do feel s difference when I walk. But no toning at this point, I am sure at 65 it will take longer. Would like to hear from other senors as to how they are doing. However, you should have a con section in you question section, it is only fair an could give valuable feedback For example, I would like to have been able to tell you that I could have lived with out the sparkles on my shoes.

  25. Suzette says:

    The shoes are real comfortable. Received a lot of compliments and questions about my shoes. They fit fine although they looked like they were 2 sizes smaller. Not as wide as a regular sketcher tennis shoe, but width was good. My only problem was the shoe made my foot pronate which I normally do not do. I had to get 1 whole size larger so I could put an orthodic in it.

  26. Roz says:

    These shoes size smaller than normal…which is good because I normally wear 4-41/2 so the 5s were perfect! It took a little getting use to, and I did feel some ankle, and calf soreness initally but that was good! Originally I was going to wear them in the hospital (because I am a nurse) but I ended up wearing them on a daily basis when I am out doing errands etc. I guess I will have to put them on my christmas list so I can get a pair for work?

  27. Beensy says:

    I found I needed to go up a size for fit (normally I wear a 10 but 11 was a must). The shoe is a little on the wide side. I was unable to wear the maryjane version as my foot would come out of the heel every step even when closed to tighest possible. This style is boxy looking.
    I really LOVE the extra muscle and body alignment work that these shoes create. You will use your muscles more efficiently and you stand straighter right away. I like that the shoes can challenge my balance and that I need to think about being aligned in posture and position. I do work in healthcare so those body/muscle work was easy for me to understand as to cause & effect and might feel odd to a lay person. I would not use on any workout without considering the workout’s challenge to balance 1st. Great for a walking program!!!

  28. Good for Gym and Work says:

    I bought the all black sketchers because the sole deff. is noticable, but that is the point of the sneaker. They are very comfortable and feel great on.
    I wear them while I’m at the gym on the tredmill and my legs feel great. I deff. feel like my legs are tighter!!!! I have had them for 3 weeks and wear them 3 times a week at the gym and at work! I LOVE THEM