Skechers Shape Ups Strength Shoes, Sneakers

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Style Information: Get the exercising feel even in simple walk and shape up yourself with SKECHERS Shape Ups – Strength. It is stylish and durable sneakers which provide rocking motion in walk with foam midsole and kinetic wedge. The upper is made from leather and has piercing detail on it. The laces at the front offer perfect fit. The insole is well cushioned for maximum comfort. The collar and the tongue are also cushioned to enhance the comfort. The outsole is sculpted from the rubber to provide durability and smooth walk. It weighs 14 ounces (as per size 6.5). It can be found in these colors: White/ Navy and White/ Black.

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Shape Ups Strength Shoes, Sneakers, 4.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

32 Reviews

  1. Sydnie says:

    I have never ever cared about the Skechers because usually the sole of the shoe they make is not much impressive. However these shape-ups, oh my god, these are out of this world. How come no one else thought about such shoes before? They are fantastic. I have never worn any shoes that comfortable. I can clearly feel their effect on my back, leg and stomach muscles. They are really affective. My younger brother introduced me to these shoes and he said that they shape up and I didn’t pay much attention to what he said lol but then he made me try them and they were very comfortable. It feels weird walking in them in the beginning but I got use to it, it was very comfortable and pleasurable. I really like them.

  2. Diana LY says:

    I love the way that this shoe makes my whole body feel. They promote good posture, help burn more calories than regular shoes,they are lightweight,work my calves and thighs,and help toning of rear. They are comfortable and I don’t get as tired when wearing them.

  3. Fascinar says:

    I love skechers any way. I own like 6 pair before I bought my first pair of shape ups. I love the way my feet feel when I wear them. I bought one pair at a local shoe carnival ordered a pair from your site online ( they will be here on the 10th) because I could not find the navy color I wanted in a store, and I am going to purchase another beige, stone or whatever the name of the color is. First I am going tomorrow to check to see if they are available at Shoe Carnival and if they arent I am gona order them from your site again. I wish this company would make more clothes for customers to buy. I SO want a skechers t-shirt. I had one I bought and wore for about 3 years and it was about to fall apart lol so I had to throw it out and I have not been able to find one since then that I like. There arent 2 many available on your site Thank you Abigail Sowell

  4. Sherre says:

    Felt awkward when I first put them on but it only took a few minutes to get used to them and I love them. I have had them a few wks now and feel a differnce in my legs and lower back already. My posture is improving because these shoes force me to stand up straight.

  5. Little Girl says:

    These shoes have made my back feel better and so far I feel that they are helping my legs and tush. They make me aware of my posture while standing and walking. I’m so glad I made the decision to purchase shape ups.

  6. Nancy on the Move says:

    I love my Sketchers because they gave me my confortable life back. I am a teacher and being on my feet all day was excruiating due to lower back concerns and plantar faciaitus. By the end of the day I would just have to soak my feet and sit. I could no longer take my evening walks and I soon began to put on weight plus the depression that sets in when you can’t get out and walk off the stress of the day. I got my SKETCHERS and have worn them everyday. I have black and white strength shoes that look like sporty tennis shoes and I also have the Mary Jane style in brown. I wear them with slacks, jeans, sports clothes and the Mary Janes look great with my skirts and dresses. I feel great and look forward to every day with my second graders! Thanks for giving me comfort when I had given up hope after trying almost everything from shoe lifts, shots and being told I would just have to live with it. I know SKETCHERS were designed for the walkers and athletes in the world, but the teachers, nurses and workers on their feet all day send our deep appreciation.

  7. Jodi says:

    I have been dealing with chronic back and hip pain for over a year now. I have relief. I still suffer some pain, but it is no means the amount of pain I would feel after 8 hours of work. I am on concrete all day and it is like I am walking on lush grass. These shoes have changed my life. I did not get them to lose weight or tone up. I got them to find relief and I did!!!

  8. I Run Again says:

    After a week of breaking these shoes in (they were a bit uncomfortable at the top of the shoe at first), these are my favorite shoes. I not only wear them to walk, but to the gym as well. I wear them for running (on the treadmill as well as outside) and on the elliptical with no problem. They have actually helped with chronic knee pain I used to have when running–I no longer need a knee brace! I also wear them with jeans, and love that the thick sole gives a little more height than a normal sneaker. I don’t know how legit the claims are about toning–before owning these shoes, I worked out at the same level as I do now and haven’t seen or felt any difference–but they are extremely comfortable. I highly recommend to anyone who likes cute, comfortable sneakers!

  9. Quilter Jeanne says:

    Foot surgeon recommended your shoes. Ordered a pair and find them to be one of the more comfortable shoes I own. Excellent fit. I have artifical joints in my toes and they seem to allow me to walk more comfortable and don’t pinch my feet. Have recommended them to several friends who are on their feet all day, they are nurses. Will look into buying another pair in a lighter color soon. Thank you for making a pair of shoes which I can afford and don’t mind wearing even though they are wedgey and builky.

  10. Almost 40 and out of shape. says:

    If you need a boost to your walks (or motivation to get started taking them), these are the shoes!

    I am a serious couch potato, but they make me want to stand up straight and keep moving. Wearing them to work eats deliciously/gently at your back side, but to actually try to plunge that heel and take the full roll of the sole can do some serious work to the back of the leg, from the knee to the butt, within a mile a few times a week. Seriously.

    Cautions: Be careful to not walk on balls of your feet or toes, and if you have flat feet, get an arch support.

    Sink that heel and feel the burn, baby!! They are worth every penny and I’m getting more!!

  11. KRS says:

    These are suprisingly lightweight. They are like walking on cushions- puts a little extra spring in your step. They really help your posture- I could feel it working my lower back withing about 1/2 hour and then my upper abs after about an hour. I am sure they help with legs and gluts as well but didn’t feel it. They are easy to get used to walking in. Havn’t tried working out yet but with the extra energy they put in your step and the impact cushion- they should be great. No one really notices the extra large sole unless you mention it to them.

  12. Flo says:

    They are pretty in design, but the stability lacks. I wear them to school, but won’t use them for the track, which is what I originally purchased them for.

    For the price paid, I would not recommend purchasing them. I feel there are other high end sneakers for less out there which would do better for walking purposes…Will go try another brand…

  13. Finally Glad says:

    I experienced terrible discomfort with my FIRST pair. They were the “WORK” version, all black in color. On the right shoe, where the shoelaces end at the top,the shoe would rub on my inner ankle bone because the lip of the shoe was much larger than the left shoe. I returned those shoes and the SECOND pair I tried on had the same problem. it was visibly obvious. It was quite embarrassing for you, Skechers! I never though a company your size could let such a huge mistake be made AND try to sell it to the public. Thank goodness the retailer took my return or I would have been irate and never would have bought skechers again. I am pleased that even through I can visibly still see the difference in the size of the same area I described, these shoes are not as bad and not chaffing my ankle so I am happy with them now. I love the concept of this shoe and I’m dissappointed that it took shoe experts this long to find something truly good our feet and bodies and successfully market it. It must be harder than rocket science!

  14. Zona Scorpio says:

    I could sleep in these. I have two pair and working on sandles for summer. I love these shoes and can’t wait to see the 7 new colors coming out this year. I am a walking advertisment for Shape Ups. Every where I go, gym, walk, shopping, etc. people stop me and ask what I think about these shoes. I give them the highest rating any shoes could have

  15. Sadly Disappointed says:

    would like to wear them to work at a hospital, but they hurt my feel if I wear them for longer than a half hour. I’m still hoping to “break them in”, but wish they would have just been comfortable when I put them on. I haven’t had to break-in my Saucony shoes ever, and have bought many pairs of that brand. I was very excited about getting these, so I hope they improve.

  16. Trish says:

    I’ve had mine for about 2 months. I work in a fast pace retail store and on my feet 4-8 hrs a day. My feet feel the same at the end of the day as when I put them on. The support is awesome. I’ve almost quit wearing any other shoe. I’ll buy another pair!

  17. Linn, The Singer says:

    I love the fact that I didn’t have to “break these shoes in.” They fit perfectly the first time I put them on and walked in them. I wear them around the house and walking around doing everyday chores and duties. I wear everyday clothes…socks and stockings under my long pants.

  18. Skechers Shoe Lover says:

    When I saw the commercial for these shoes and heard the claims I was very skeptical even though they were Sketchers and I love Sketchers shoes. I only bought them because they seem like good shoes to walk in. When I have not gone on my usual long walks, which includes hills, for a while, I am a little sore the day after when I wear regular athletic shoes. I decided to test these shoes out on one of my long walks with the hills just to see how comfy they were and so I could get use to walking in them. I was not buying into the claim that they would help firm up my thighs and butt and promote weight loss. However, I have to say that I was very sore the next day like I had been doing squats. So I guess their is some truth in the claims, however, I have to wear them on more walks to really know how truly valid the claims are.

  19. Allison says:

    I’m in my third trimester and have had very sore hips since the beginning of my second trimester. I chalked it up to pregnancy induced sciatica and suffered. When I ordered these shoes, I was excited about better blood flow and toning my legs. I did not expect them to take away my hip pain! They are great and I wear them as much as I can!

  20. Cycle Gr12andma says:

    i have worn no other sneaker since I received my Skechers. Wearing them has eliminated my leg aches, burning foot bottoms and tired legs. I plan to buy more and do not plan on wearing any former shoes I wore prior to these. Thank you for disigning them. I wear them all day and am on my feet most of the day. Wonderful footwear!!!!

  21. Katy says:

    First of all I have always been a wearer of Skechers. The shape ups have to be the best pair I have ever worn. Very Light weight. I have noticed a big change in my posture, I stand more straight. The comfort is what I love most. They feel like you are walking on marshmellows. I wear them every day for work and home. They look great with my jeans or capri’s.

  22. Katie is Soothed says:

    These shoes are have not only helped me with toning but also I have neurapothy (nerve ending damamge) and when I wear these shoes take away the pain that it caused by it. LOVE the shoes and recommend it to everyone I come across. I wear them as much as possible. I work 8 hours walking around at a gym and completely feel the difference from wearing them. AMAZING!!!!

  23. They are Pricy says:

    I’m on my feet a lot and know that comfortable shoes mean so much. That’s why I don’t mind spending a little more for good fit & support. The shoe is great, and very comfortable. Now. The price ([$] & no discount allowed). C’mon, I don’t think I would mind so much if it was made here in the USA – but to open the box and see made in [*]…doubt if I’ll buy another pair.

  24. Regi says:

    I was skeptical but curious. But I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight and comfortable these are. I have rather scrawny legs and athletic shoes simply do not look right on me. These shoes work nicely. I have back problems and have found that I can have greater walking endurance with these. I have only had them for 2 weeks. I think it may be too soon to tell if they are actually toning my legs. But I can see how and why they would. It seems to me that because of the slightly rounded bottoms you need to keep all of your lower muscles engaged in order to maintain balance – which is really not a big deal. You don’t even notice you’re doing it until you stop and think about it! These are now my primary shoes. I wear them everywhere and with everything!!!

  25. Nurse Julie says:

    I love the style of the shoe. I did wear it on a twelve hour shift in the ER. No foot pain at the end of the shift. You should be comfortable with them before you attempt to work in them. Some natural or skill aquired balance is necessary. They did seem to propell me to continue walking in a very comfortable way. I would recommend them to coworkers and fellow gym rats. I did have sore thighs at the end of the day.

  26. RSK says:

    I tried these on, bought them, and have worn them everyday since! I have a wide foot and bunions and these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever stepped in to! I am a Physical Therapist and have recommened these shoes to all my patients as well as colleagues- definitely worth the money, even during these tight times, and I rarely buy shoes at regular price.

  27. Bad Girl says:

    When I got these sneakers I was a little unsure if they would actually tone my legs and butt area. They were some getting used to also, took about a week of regular wear to break them in. At first my feet hurt wearing them, and they are different to walk in then regular sneakers. But I have been wearing them for a month and half and they are great! I have really felt the burn in my calfs and my boyfriend has notice that I have less of that cellulite in my thighs, and my butt, oh boy that is looking great! I walk all the time at work for 7 hours a day. You will see results with these sneakers, I would recommend to anyone looking to tone up! I also use a different insole, because the one provided is a bit too thin for me.

  28. Mimi says:

    I bought this pair of shoes about two weeks ago.[…]I have started to notice when I walk in them or use them at the gym, that my legs are starting to ache like they are building muscle. I do get a better cardio workout with them while walking. They are so comfortable I like to wear them anytime I can. I look forward to seeing further results over time. I plan to get another pair soon!!! Someone said they are the cutest pair of shoes I own. So not only are they comfy and cute, they work!!

  29. Linda says:

    I have fibromyalgia and suffer debilitating back and muscle pain. Because of that, I can’t exercize like I would like to. There is a marked difference in my back and other muscles that started the day I began wearing these shoes. My son noticed that I was standing taller and walking with longer strides. My masseuse noticed it immediately and wanted to know what I had been doing. I’m very grateful. With regard to sizing, they are seem a little smaller and wider around the toes and bridge of the foot than standard. That’s perfect for me and resloves a lot of shoe problems I have.

  30. Soozie Woozie says:

    These shoes are great! I love the ‘negative’ heel. I’m a hairdresser and can wear these all day at work. When I first wore them, my legs were tired by the end of the day. Which tells me they’re working. The more I wear them, the stronger my legs feel and they are less tired at the end of the day now. Very comforatble…I feel like I have a ‘spring’ to my step! I wear a size 9 1/2 but in these shoes and other Sketchers I’ve purchased I wear a 10.

  31. Coonie says:

    They are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I wear them whenever I can (except for at the office) and I wish I could wear them at the office. Before I got them, my legs and feet would just ache at night when I slept. That pain has all disappeared. They are easy to walk in, they really improve your posture, and they are attractive. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them, but for me, the most important thing is how comfortable they are and how they have taken away the pain in my legs and feet. I would pay three times as much for these shoes I love them so much, but please don’t increase the price!

  32. Krae Fitness says:

    I have been having lower back problems and knee problems since I retired from the USAF in April 2004. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and literally have no cartilage left in my knees but I do not want to have knee replacement surgery yet as I am only 44. Since purchasing these Shape-ups in October 2009 at the Skechers Store in Potomac Mills, VA everything has improved 110%. I am walking straight up now, my lower back no longer has problems and I can literally see and feel the difference in my legs, plus I have added weight loss. I am buying another pair to go along with my other clothes! GREATEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD. I will be one your spokes model if you want.