Timberland City Endurance Shoes – Cotton Laces

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Featured Review: (posted by Vin) I work in a field where I am required to wear a suit while remaining somewhat tactical. I wear these for about 10 hours a day and they are very comfortable. They have a sole with good traction for safety and performance. These are great shoes to wear with a suit and still have the performance of a cross trainer. I would call them a “tactical dress shoe.” They’re real leather and are “shineable” for those of us that still like to put a nice shine on our shoes. The neoprene heel collar is great because you don’t have stiff leather cutting into your ankles and heels. The shoe feels broken in. The only things I don’t like about the shoe is that I don’t think you can re-sole the shoe, so basically if you like the shoe and it’s well broken in, and the sole is worn you’re out of luck. The other thing is that the heel loop is great if you have trouble putting your shoes on, but I dont think it’s necessary. It catches your pants or slacks and causes that scrunched up look at the bottom, so you’re constantly re-adjusting your slacks. Overall it’s a quality product which is true form of Timberland products. During a recent event I had two individuals come up to me and complain how there feet were hurting from their shoes, and I showed them the mid-sole and sole of the shoe and they were surprised and complimented them. I would recommend it for those who need to look good, but still need that performance in a shoe.



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City Endurance Shoes - Cotton Laces, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. from Portland says:

    Great shoe!! I like to wear these shoes because they can be worn in both casual and formal settings. I wear these daily for 9 hours at office and also while going out. They are very good looking and have been praised by many of my colleagues. I not only wear them because they are good looking but the major reason is that I am on my toes all the time so I have to buy something very comfortable which could let me stand for hours without any blisters and this is it! These shoes are durable and very comfortable. I have been wearing these from the last 1 year and I am in peace. I can relay to them when ever I see that I have to stand a lot or walk a lot. It’s a great shoe overall!