Timberland PRO® Pit Boss 6-Inch Work Boots – Soft Toe

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Featured Review: (by Billy), I have been wearing this model boot for the past 8 years. I get a safety shoe allotment every year as a job requirement and these are my boots of choice. These ARE the most comfortable Timberland boot I have ever worn. I’ve worn other styles, but this is the BEST. The V cut at the Achilles Tendon allows for driving comfort and high stepping comfort while still being very supportive. The sole gives a very sure-footed grip even on slippery surfaces. They wear very well as I always have at least 3 pair laying around (left over from previous year) for different jobs. They are extremely light for being a steel toed shoe. I call them my work slippers! Hey Timberland, DO NOT stop making this boot. Please!!



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PRO® Pit Boss 6-Inch Work Boots - Soft Toe, 3.9 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

6 Reviews

  1. Tony says:

    Compfortable boot. Keeps feet dry in wet condition. A little narrow so there is sone rubbing on the side of my foot. A squeak appeared about a year after I bought them and I called Timberland and they replaced them without a question. How about that service, especially this day in age. I will always recommend Timberland work boots.

  2. Amar says:

    I bought these boots because they have everything I want in a boot. Size was fine, width is the real issue. I bought the wide version and it just isn’t wide enough. I had thought, the boot just needed a break in, but I was wrong. The shoe started giving me pressure point on the ball of my foot at my big toe and pinky toe, while the rest of the sole kind of curved away from my foot, read: not wide enough. This resulted in difficulty walking in the boots since they would hurt my feet.

  3. O'B says:

    Im a butcher and our floors are constantly slippery and quite hazardous. These boots take away all worries I have. I dont have to look what im stepping on if the floors wet, it doesnt matter i dont slip anymore. Shoes are great for all surfaces wet or dry.

  4. Ranch hand says:

    I need comfortable boots to wear while working in the pasture, in the cattle pens and on the granite hills here. Could have saved myself a lot of money if I had found these before I bought my Wolverines. These boots are both tough and comfortable, and I wear them everyday.

  5. Danny says:

    When I worked on a Dairy Farm, I bought my first pair. I have had at least 10 pairs since then and cant say enough about them. Comfortable, easy to brake in, but the tread wears out fairly quickly. Overall not bad!!!

  6. Joe Scagnelli says:

    When I walk they make a sound like a loose floor board squeaking with a low sound. It will take 5 weeks if they find a problem.I could wrap my feet in rags for 5 weeks. when you walk in a store pepole look at you like you passed gas.40 yrs.in business no more timberland shoes. Joe Scagnelli