Timberland PRO Rigmaster Boots – Waterproof, Steel Toe

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(2.3 out of 5)
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Featured Review: (by Adam), After about 2 weeks of wearing the boots every day for 10-14 hours a day, the liner inside the left heel started slipping causing an annoying noise while walking. I returned them with in the 30 day satisfaction guarantee time frame. I initially spoke to Timberland direct and received awful customer service, after notifying the customer service representative that I was relying on the 30 day satisfaction guarantee I was referred to timberland.com customer service. After speaking to the timberland.com representative I was extremely satisfied with the resolution. I have owned 2 pairs of the steel trax boots which are pretty tuff even though the soles a bit on the hard side. Too bad timberland.com seems like an entirely different company.



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PRO Rigmaster Boots - Waterproof, Steel Toe, 2.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

6 Reviews

  1. Sugar "D" says:

    Fit great when I tried them on. That lasted about 4 days then it happen. I work in the Gas drilling here at home, so they had long hours of use in a short time but could hold up. Then in just 2 weeks of use, the inner back lining started coming apart. Very Poor design. It also caused problems in fit and comfort. I had blisters for a week from the wear on my upper heels. I really thought they were the bomb but turned out to be a real dud and very much a discomfort let alone the expense as I could get my money back after use in the Gas fields.
    Last pair of Timber Pro’s I will ever buy.

  2. jlw052 says:

    I work heavy construction equipment maintenance so my boot take a beating. This was my first pair of Timberland’s and probably my last. At first, I really liked them. Comfortable right out of the box. In a few weeks, the lugs began to show wear but the most annoying problem was the inner lining at the heel. It developed a hole,(both boots) exposing the seam that runs down the back of the boot. Without 2 pairs of socks, this exposed seam grinds on the back of the heel and will cause a blister on a hard work day. I really wanted to like these boots because they were so comfortable but they did NOT hold up for me.

  3. Russ the roughneck says:

    Had for six months and they are done. Definitely the most comfortable shoe I have worn. I have high arches you will need an arch support insert. The soles just don’t wear long and the two piece comfort sole comes apart if you manage to rip a tread lug. Didn’t last in oil base drilling mud started leaking after two months. The tough toe leather is a joke I killed the right toe just as fast as my redwing boots with a normal leather. Would be a great boot if not used on high traction surfaces or around sharp objects sole is way to soft.

  4. Mr.plunko says:

    split in the middle//but nun the less even when wet they feel like moccasins and hug my feet even if my feet are wet. i love them but im rough on boots and these boots lasted 5 months tops!!!!im in heavy civil construction climbing on rebar cages and such they work great for climbing structures and rebar so remember that and they are not for mud or concrete.

  5. Bob says:

    These boots didn’t even last six months. A co worker and I purchased this same boot and are both having the exact same problems. One they have begun to leak after 5 months, the laces have torn through with there “new” lace design which is supposed to help with this old problem they have on all their boots. Also soles of boots cracking. Plus another recurring nightmare problem a broken eyelet, these will be the last timberlands purchased ever. Same problems on all their boots over and over again.

  6. On feet most of the day says:

    These boots are terrible. The feel flimsy and have little or no support in the arch and the foot in general. They are a nice looking boot, but for [$] they should be able to support my feet for a whole 10 hour shift. Made it about 2 hours before I had to put on my old Timberland Pitboss boots.