Timberland Rime Ridge Premium Waterproof Boots

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Featured Review: (by laddie), I purchased the wheat colored boot at the factory store in Woodbridge, VA – the boot is comfortable and stylish. However while walking around in the boot, I noticed that when the shoe lace rings rub against the leather, it causes a squeaking sound, similar to rubbing your finger across the washed surface of a plastic container. I thought it could have been a residue left on the rings from the manufacturing process, so I wiped all of the rings with a clear isopropyl alcohol, but it did not help. Because of the crowd noise in the factory store, the squeaking sound is not apparent, but walking around at home in a quiet setting, the sound is much more noticeable. I also just received the Brown Rime I ordered online and after walking around in them, the shoe lace rings make the same sound . Overall, I think it is a great boot – I hope the issue I’ve experienced is not a wide-spread problem.



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Rime Ridge Premium Waterproof Boots, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

4 Reviews

  1. Srini Greater Boston says:

    I bought this snow boot with the assumption that I can also drive a sedan and be comfortable on the Gas/Brake Pedals. Since I am tall and with the Ankle Support Lock its difficult to operate the Pedals of the Sedan. This is my specific problem and can be the case for tall people with long legs. However, if you drive a SUV this shouldn’t be an issue. The Boot Sole is incredible and cuts hard ice as well. Solid and Comfortable. Everything about the boot is real and practical. will recommend to those in snowy areas for sure, but just do keep in mind about the operating car pedals part, if it is relevant to you..

  2. Huong says:

    I order this boots for my husband but in the brown. When he saw it at first he was not thrilled with the style but when he put it on and wore it for the day he loved the boots. He said it was not heavy, plus he have flat foot so he said it was very comfortable all day.

  3. Winter Rink Rat says:

    I love this boot so much. I live in Minnesota and wear these seven days a week from November to March. They are extremely durable, and comfortable. Cold weather doesn’t phase my feet with these boots. I wear them out to the bars, and I think they look great with a pair of jeans. I want these made forever.

  4. Canibus says:

    Living in New England, owning Tims are a must and this is my 4th pair of Timberland boots. But man, these boots don’t look it before you actually hold it in your hands and put them on your feet. They are super light, lighter than most of my sneakers! My other pairs of Tims are much heavier and I’m super happy with these boots!