Timberland PRO TiTAN® Waterproof 6 Inch Boots with Safety Toe

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Featured Review: (by Tackett), I work as an electrician and on my feet all day everyday, up and down stairs, ladders, attics, crawlspaces, ditch digging, you name it I do it. These were awesome in the store, felt better than the sneakers I had on. The titan safety toe is much roomier than the standard pro series steel toe that I can’t even wear, even in a wide width, this boot fits perfect. They broke in fast and painless, All day comfort all the time. CONS: The sole is soft – and for digging – sucks, cause its painful to stomp a shovel when you can feel the edge through the boot. Also I’ve only had them four months and the sole on both boots is cracked halfway across and all the way through – for $110 – After only four months – that really sucks. My other boots that lasted longer and looked better at the end. The good with the bad critique is that the leather upper is really soft leather – yes super comfortable and easy to break in, but on your knees in crawlspaces and other such work the toes wear through in no time. For the money the comfort is outstanding. For the money the durability sucks not for nothing but the cracking sole issue. I also had that in other pro series boots, with steel toes and without – tan, brown, and black boots, This is a really disheartening issue, it makes it hard to find a reason to buy timberland boots when i already know the outcome. The soles just dont last for the money, simply substandard.



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PRO TiTAN® Waterproof 6 Inch Boots with Safety Toe, 3.6 out of 5 based on 29 ratings

29 Reviews

  1. Tiffany says:

    I’m an automotive technician by trade, and these boots are great! I’ve worn them every day (summer and winter) for a year and a half, and they are starting to show signs of wear on the soles. I wanted to be sure that Timberland still made them, and wanted to add my review to the site while I was here. From the first day on, I haven’t had an uncomfortable day in them. The shoe itself has held up very well considering the beating I’ve put them through, and if it weren’t for all the walking I do every day, I wouldn’t even be thinking about budgeting for a second pair yet. For safety reasons, I want my work boots to have a VERY good sole, but I still plan on keeping the first pair around for yard work, hiking, rainy and snowy days for at least another year or more.

  2. Redrazor says:

    The boot was great out of the box. Took about 2 weeks to break them in. They breathe very well and very comfortable to wear even after 10 hours of constant walking on asphalt. They are only water proof after treating with water proofing materials. It was a very good boot until today I noticed the bottom of my foot getting wet just walking across the parking lot this morning. I pulled my boot up and found that the sole had split in half almost exposing my foot. I have never had a boot do this before even after 1 full year of use. To say the least I am disappointed in the quality of the sole. I should be able to expect at least 1 full year of full time use from any boot of this magnitude.

  3. SuCcUbUs says:

    I got a pair of these boots in brown last year for work. They were the most comfortable boots from day one. I thought it couldn’t get any better than this. They kept my feet warm & dry in winter and cool enough in summer. About 5 months after buying them, I noticed that side of the sole of my left shoe was cracked, but the bottom of the sole was barely worn away. I returned them to the store where I got them and they replaced them, saying it may have been a defect. About 5 months after that, it happened again-same crack, same foot, same spot. The store couldn’t explain it. So I got another pair a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again, because they are so comfortable for all day every day wear. If you can get past that, this is a great shoe.

  4. Toobizzy says:

    I am required to wear safety toed boots for work, but wear them on weekends as well. Very light, keep feet warmer in winter, breath pretty well for summer. Most comfortable work boots I’ve EVER worn and I have a hard time finding comfortable women’s work boots. Been wearing steel toes for about 19 years now. The wide size has tons of toe room. Padding in inside makes boot a pleasure to put on in the morning. I had to order these at my local boot store last time, PLEASE don’t stop making these. Hard to find ones with composite toe, and I finally found some that are perfect for me

  5. On_my_feet says:

    I work for a county in parks and do maintenence. The boots were very comfortable but within 3 months the soles cracked on both feet making them no longer water resistent and flimsy. I figured it was a fluke so i bought another pair but the exact same thing happened to the second pair in about 4 months. Its too bad this seems to happen alot because these are very comfortable work shoes.

  6. Wilson Cincinnati says:

    Great fit right out of the box.
    Con – After about 8 months the right sole split along the flex point.
    Pro – when I contacted Timberland customer service, I explained that quality problem with my boots and how I have another casual pair of Timberlands that are about 4-5 years old and still in great shape. The Customer Service Rep was kind enough to explain Timberlands lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects and gave me a return authorization # to send back the boots for their review. The boots were replaced in less than 2 weeks!!!
    It’s one thing to have quality issues on a product but it’s how the manufacturer backs up their product. Timberland goes beyond the call!!! Great company , great customer service…. I’m a fan again!!

  7. Payloader Pro says:

    In my opinion, these boots are the best I’ve tried so far. I work for my city’s public works dept., so my boots see a range of use from street paving, to snow removal, and construction. I owned a pair of pit boss steel toes, and was pleasantly pleased, but when I upgraded to the titans, I was blown away. No other work boot I have owned has stood up to the punishment that my job entails, most break down after 6-7 months. The titans are very versatile and the pair i have now has lasted me just over a year now. I would definitely recommend these boots to anyone.

  8. M1A1 Tank Builder says:

    I am a machinist and on my feet 8 to 12 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week. Sole very slick on wet or smooth surfaces and did not break in with tread wear. Soles cracked on both with in 6 months enough to put finger through. Pros: most comfortable boot I have owned right out of the box very light weight. I was very disappointed and had high hopes for these. Now wearing my 2 year old Red Wings again. Save your money.

  9. SafetyGuy says:

    I have worn this boot every day for 2 years and they still feel great. The light weight safety toe is a great feature. After two years the sole finally cracked right at the flex point under the ball of my foot. I work in construction and have co-workers that have boots that cost 2x as much and they wear out or fail every year. I feel that I got my money’s worth out of this pair. Although, I might try to get it repaired since they broke in so well. Maybe I’ll keep them anohter 2 years.

  10. Phread says:

    I sold industrial safety shoes for many years. Despite trying many different safety toe boots, I have always come back to the Titan Pro. Beside my personal preferences, I learned quickly that no other boots that I sold had as many loyal repeat customers. It made my workday easy because customers were already aware of the consistent quality of Timberland products. Customers would gladly pay any overage beyond their companies subsidy rather than select a boot which didn’t require out of pocket expense. Through my 6 years of selling Industial Footware, I know of no other product that came close.

  11. RedHummer says:

    The boots feel great, but the sole did not last long, with in 3 months, the have already broken open in front area of the rubber outsole and I am not at all hard on them, and I am not a big walker either. This has got to be the shortest life in steel toe boots I have ever had. Second downfall with them as the upper tabs for the lacing. You have to work with them to keep the lace in place before you get them tied up. Many times I have to re-string the lace around the clips before getting them tied up and not easy to do in the dark. They claim they should repel the water, but I also did not find that the case with mine. Good chance I will not buy Timberland steel shoe boots again.

  12. Andy says:

    I’m a horticulturist/landscape contractor for 20 years so my boots get lots of abuse on all sorts of terrain. Wear them and older various timberlands every day, 10-16 hours, year round. I’ve had at least 10 pairs. Still using 3-4 regularly. I like to let them “rest” every now and then like my running shoes. Tried many models and brands and the Pros are the lightest and most comfortable. My main complaint, like others, is the soles wear out too quickly and start leaking or fall apart. Have to replace about yearly and sometimes glue soles back together much sooner. Also have to order 1/2 size smaller than all other footwear. The uppers, except laces, don’t wear out. If they would address the sole durability issue these boots would last a lot longer and wouldn’t seem so expensive. Otherwise pretty happy with them.

  13. Tommo says:

    Wore these working in a paper mill as my for two summers (summer college student program). I was wearing them in my home workshop the other day, and the sole split right across the ball of the foot as others have described. Would have rated them as a great boot, but the fact that the sole split when the rest of the boot was still perfectly fine is extremely disappointing. Based on the total lack of durability, I would steer clear of this boot, unless you like shelling out [$] for something that WILL NOT last.

  14. Maintenance Technician says:

    Always been happy with Timberland in the past as they were the longest lasting Boots I could find for the oily dirty environment I work in. Unfortunately it seems the quality is no longer there the soles of the boots were very slippery from the start and now after only 3-4 months the sole is falling apart. Would definitely not recommend these boots to anyone who actually wears them to work in.

  15. Unhappy walker says:

    These boots are possibly the worst i have ever bought…the metal lace holders catch and rub on the inside ankle..about 1 hour is all they can be tolerated…vastly overated..have bought much more comfortable ones at the worlds largest retailer(they will not allow this to be posted if you mention an actual name) at half the price….also ..and this is important there is no method of contacting these people by email on their website…they obviousyl do not want their customers to be able to discuss the “non performing boots” Would strongly recommend not to buy.

  16. Lawnmower man says:

    I’ve been wearing these boots for many years because they keep my feet dry and are extremely comfortable. Most pairs I’ve got a year and half to two years of use before needing replacement. My last two pairs have been shot in less than one year. The soles have fallen apart and cracked across the bottom. The rest of the boot is in great condition, hate to throw them out but can’t wear them anymore. I’ve gone to the endurance boot now to see if I get better life out of the sole. If not I may look to other brands for my next pair as these are too pricey to not last at least a full season of use.

  17. Joe says:

    Sole feels it could be comfortable for all day walking, but after an hour I took them off & went back to my old hard sole boots. Foot slides foreword & causes pressure points. The store never mentioned the 30-day comfort guarentee or I would have taken them back the first week (had them <60 days now). Don't know if i was sized wrong or the style of boot (I have a pair of Timberland Logger boots that are awesome). I work 2 jobs a can't afford to buy another pair. So they'll sit in the closet.

  18. Frank says:

    I’m a crane operator, and a rigger for other operators,and I bought these boots because I walk around all day rigging on some jobs, and i never wanted to take them off after work. They were so comfortable, however after about 7-8 months the soles wore out, and then cracked under the ball of my feet of both boots the rest of the boot is fine, I hope they upgrade the soles because I cant afford to buy 2 pairs a year.

  19. Brewer says:

    These boots are extremely comfortable and safe. I have saved my toes many times and the grip has saved me from falls more than I want to remember. I work in a tough industry where floors are wet with water and oil, glass, metal scraps, etc and it tore these boots up. I loved how light they were because I am on my feet all day, but after 1 year of daily use the soles have fallen completely apart. The upper part of the boot (leather) is great, but the soles are terrible. I hate heavy boots, so I guess I just might have to buy another pair for their weight but will be disappointed once again when the soles wear out.

  20. Terry at CAT says:

    I bought these boots late 2002/early 2003 and just bought a new pair today. I have had zero problems. Up until about a month ago there were still no issues with the boot. Then the right sole has cracked. After 7-8 years worth of work and casual wear it is time for the first set to be retired. I hope the second set can live the life my first did.

  21. Wayne says:

    Great boot, It is light(the safety toe is not steel but just as strong) and durable. The boot is water proof and has kept my feet dry even if the boot is soaking wet.
    The leather upper is triple stitched at all the seams and through three pairs they have never came apart at the seams. The only flaw of this boot is the thin outer wear layer on the sole. When this layer is worn through the sole quickly starts falling apart, they should make this layer just a little more thicker, although I do have to admit I do get a good service life out of the boots, about a year and change.

  22. Brandon the Engineer says:

    I have owned two pairs of these boots. They are extremely comfortable. After about 6 months the insoles are too warn and have to be replaced. The soles wear quickly on the heels. I had to replace the first pair because the heel was so worn it caused pain in the ankles. I went to another brand, then purchased these again when the composite toe was lauched. On my current pair, the soles are completely worn and has split almost completely across the ball of my foot. This is unacceptable. I use them at a factory job on concrete all day. I will not purchase these again due to them not holding up over time.

  23. Telcom worker says:

    I have had 2 pairs of these booths in the past 3 years and have to buy my third one now, if I could find a workbooth as comfortable as this one i would try it, this booth is very comfortable but they dont last more than a year, the heal wears and in 10 months water will enter from the heal of the booth allowing your feet to get wet,also the heal protection eventually comes out of the padding and cuts into your upper heal,also the metal upfront at the toe begins to cut the padding at 8 months you can now feel the metal on your feet,these booths are perfect for a good 6 months and then the wear down fast, i could just imagine if i was a construction worker how much more one would come across, all in all I expected more for [$]

  24. Shocku220 says:

    I have owned these boots for over six years. Yes I buy a new pair every year. The old pair gets recycled to cutting grass, weedeating, wood cutting, you name it! After that then I pass them on to the DAV or to a friend who might be down on his luck. People say these boots wear out…they are full of it! I work on on Navy Ships for a living. Run up & down ladders everyday and all day multiple times. Doesn’t matter where I go onboard I have yet to destroy these boots.

  25. Railroader Al says:

    First, I have never owned anything other than a high end expensive boot until now. I was in a store in Springfield, MO and told them my sutuation and that I was tired of my feet hurting and they handed me a box of these to try on. I work on uneven surfaces or concrete daily for 8 to 10 hours in the elements. I have always experienced pain in my feet within the first 3 or 4 hours for the last 20 years. And from day 1 with this pair of boots, I was unable to tell that I had worn a pair of boots let alone worked all day. My feet felt no different that if I had loafed around the house in my slippers all day. And absolutely no knee or back pain. I am very impressed. Pain is no longer just a part of a hard days work.

  26. Randy says:

    These are some very comfortable boots if you don’t plan on using them for work. The soles are way to soft. Mine are about 3 months old and from the sole flexing near the toe the steel toe has been pushed up and you can see where eventually it is going to tear the sole. I know have a 1/8″ step on the inside of both shoes under the ball of my foot. Feels very bad to the point it has bruised my foot. I have always used the timberland steel toe work boots that are a step down cost wise from these with the “normal” type boot sole and they have lasted a long time. The sales lady talked me into these and I am regretting it now.
    They are a very comfortable boot, just not durable with the steel toe. just hope I can swing another unexpected $100+ on boots this soon.

  27. Warehouse Guy says:

    I had nearly the same thing happen to me a few days ago, as the other guy wrote. I was on wet concrete at work when I noticed my foot felt wet. It seemed like water was seeping in from the bottom and when I looked – sure enough! – the sole of my boot had split right through. I have only had these boots about 10 months! For $125+ I would expect a minimum of 2 years ware in the sole or any part for that matter of the “Pro” “work boot”. I hope warranty will do something for me???

  28. $139? Really? says:

    Comfortable right out of the box. Just like the other reviews, less than 6 months later, sole is cracked on right shoe. Otherwise, boot is fine. This is sad for a boot for this price. Since I work a shift scheduling, I only work 14 days out of a month! I had better wear with the “kane” boots from wally world, and they were less than $30.

  29. Radical E says:

    I’ve owned about 3 titans now. Initially i purchased these boots for work at an indoor race track (armored toe was a must) and kept them on thru construction and general work, I found them very comfortable and I dig the look. However if one kneels much at all, the sole WILL split across the bend and you’ll end up with soggy socks from any puddle, and forget about wearing them in any wet conditions. This may be due to kneeling as well but the sides rip open eventually too revealing the inner pad. Both the split in the sole and the leather tearing itself open have been consistent with all the pairs I’ve owned. The split will occur after a few months and if you keep wearing, the tear starts after a year or so. I still wear them for general work and they still do okay as a covering for my feet provided it’s dry conditions…