Columbia Stinson™ Sandals – Techlite Outsole

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Style Description: Columbia Stinson™ are the super lightweight slides which are keep your feet cool and fresh this summer. These strong and durable slides have very lightweight construction and they are made from the high tech material and technology. They can be used indoor as well as for the quick run to the mall. The upper is made from the Techlite™ which has the firm density and it is sturdy. This upper is designed to provide excellent structural support. The footbed midsole is made from the Techlite™ which has the soft density and it provides shock absorption to minimize the stress on the spine and legs. The footbed is also made from the Techlite™ which has soft density. This combination of midsole and footbed ensure that you get superb comfort throughout the day. The footbed can interchangeable which allows you to change the color of the footbed as you like. The outsole is made from the Techlite™ as well which has the lugs to ensure you get traction on various surfaces. It weighs just 5 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight as compare to most of the slides. You can find this style in these colors: Alaskan Blue/ Blue Print, Wild Dove/ Black and Raspberry/ Black.



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Stinson™ Sandals - Techlite Outsole, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. T.K says:

    Its foot bed is like a massage machine. I feel so relaxed when I wear them as I feel like a machine is massaging my feet. I never take these off. When I come back from my office and slip my feet in these I feel so relaxed and good and they make my tired feet feel happy. They totally worth the price they have asked as they are more than a shoe. They are my best companion who seek to offer comfort when my feet are dead tired. I am so in love with these that I also wear these when I go outside specially while shopping around. They are very strong and durable yet very lightweight too. The upper is also designed to offer excellent structural support which is great. Overall I am really impressed with the manufacturing of this product. I love this brand as I think that this is the one brand which really takes care of your feet and offer a great support. I even change the color of the foot bed. I am sure that you will also have a great time in these just like I am having. They are very cushy , comfy and durable. They are comfortable right out of the box the moment you put your feet inside these. They will offer a great support to your feet no matter what happens. If you want your feet to smile all the time then you should wear these shoes and have fun. I have these in blue as I wanted to have a different color than black. I have so many black and gray shoes and this time I wanted to have something different. They are versatile and if you look the price its nothing. Columbia has become the most favorite brand of mine as it maintains its quality in every pair they design. This is again a high quality shoe. You should try them on.