MBT Tunisha Shoes – Leather Sock Lining and Insole

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Style Details: Get the chic and professional looks with MBT Tunisha. These shoes are perfect for the office use as well as for the casual use. They have the legendary MBT® midsole design and technology which makes those muscles of your body work which stay idle in other shoes. The activity of these muscles improves the overall health of your body and they also put a positive effect on your body. The midsole is made from the PU in a unique design and it causes the exercising effect. These exercising effects starts from the moment your wear these shoes and no matter if you are walking or standing up you will always get this effect. Just like all other MBT® styles these shoes also have the Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) which provides the walk on the moss feeling to take the comfort level on the whole new level. The upper is made from the leather which is fully grained and super quality. The upper features strap and buckle closure at the instep which lets your customize the fit. The footbed and lining is made from the soft leather which wicks the moisture away to keep the foot fresh and dry. The shank is made from the glass fiber and TPU. This combination ensures that the sole is durable and long lasting for rough and longtime use. The outsole is made from the lightweight rubber which provides grip for secure and smooth ride. It weighs 13 ounces as per size 6. Color: Black Leather.

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Tunisha Shoes - Leather Sock Lining and Insole, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Dorothy says:

    At first when I looked at these shoes I found them really interesting, but I was hesitant to order these because I thought that they might not fit well. The shape was a bit tricky for me. After thinking a lot and after reading many reviews I decided to order these. These shoes fit really well on my feet which was my only concerned. My feet are small and tiny and they look perfect on them. Can’t say anything about people with wide and huge feet. My feet look really good in them. They have all nice features which I have always demanded from a shoe. Obviously it was a MBT shoe, so I was sure that it will be very comfortable and YES the sole is too good. It is durable yet flexible. They mold with my feet and look really good. I have received tons and tons of complements on these may be because my feet look awesome in these and the other thing is that they fit perfectly may be that is a reason. I have them in black and I love to wear them with my blue jeans. I think the buckle adds a very nice touch to the over all design. I am sure that you will also love them. I am in love with its sole. It is solid and durable. I am sure that this shoe is going to be in my wardrobe for minimum of 5 years. They are easy to clean and easy to wear as well. I am having a nice time in these. I am sure that this shoe will not let you down. I am thinking about buying more of MBT shoes after having these. They are really good to have these. They are the perfect one. BUY THESE!

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