Skechers Shape Ups Action Packed Shoes

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Style Information: Get ready for some shape up action with SKECHERS Shape Ups – Action Packed. This durable and comfortable sneaker provides mimics walking barefoot. The midsole of the shoe has foam and kinetic wedge provides feeling of exercise. Its upper is made from mesh, synthetic and leather along with panels at the side which allow breathability to keep the foot fresh. The laces at the front ensure perfect fit. The collar and the tongue of the shoe provide comfort in each step. The outsole is sculpted from the rubber which ensures smooth walk along with durability. Its heel is 2 inches highs and it weighs 15 ounces (as per size 7). It can be found in these colors: Silver/ Navy, Pink/ Grey and Black/ Chocolate.

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Shape Ups Action Packed Shoes, 4.3 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

32 Reviews

  1. Paula says:

    This shoe is unbelievably comfortable. I have never ever owned any shoes which are that comfortable. I walk daily and with my previous running shoes I use to feel a little pain in my feet, but these are just mind blowing. The exercising effect which brand claims is very much true and these shoes are designed to perform at the best. I have also noticed that they actually make walking very easy and comfortable. I could feel the result in my muscles as well and they are really made to shape you up. It does feel a bit strange to walk in them in the first place but it does not take much time to get use to it. I have them in black color. Size, width is a perfect fit. I am going to buy another pair in different color soon. These are ideal shoes which also do the job as claimed.

  2. Sahm says:

    When I first put these shoes on I felt like I was walking on memory foam! Extremely comfortable & I feel as if I’m getting a workout just walking around in them. I would definitely recommend these shoes to the casual walker or even avid athlete. At age 32 & only 5ft. tall I also love the lil’ boost I get from them! 🙂

  3. Kimberly says:

    When I first wore my shoes, I thought I made a costly mistake, but I followed the instructions, and by the 3rd day I felt a major difference. I have multiple spinal injuries, and refuse to give up working. I work on a very busy Labor and Delivery unit for 12+ hr shifts, these shoes have made my posture better, and take the strain off tne areas that cause the most pain. currently I only wear my shoes at work, but as soon as the budget allows, I plan to purchase another pair. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  4. Rogina says:

    This is my second pair of Shape-Ups. I love that I no longer have hip pain, back pain. I can stand all day in them. My feet don’t hurt when standing for long periods. Love to walk in them. I have a pair for work in the yard or everyday work. I have a second pair for dress up or casual wear. I will continue to buy these shoes.

  5. Call Me Coors says:

    These shoes seem to mold to the shape of your foot the more you wear them. They are comfortable to wear and it is easy to forget that you are getting added benefits from them. I wear these shoes to go walking, run errands, casual outings and cleaning the house. I have noticed a big difference in my calves, thighs, butt and stomach. They go great with jeans and most shorts, as well as capri pants.

  6. Earth Now Skecher says:

    Could not find my Earth Shoes at a resonable price. I search for deal. Ran across an add
    for Shape Ups. Bought 2 pairs white and white &
    black. Usually wear a 7 1/2, bought 8, perfect. Wore them to work all day the first day.
    Every step is like walking on a foam mat. I’ve been home 3 hours and still have them on. I have half a dozen co-workers planning on buying them this week end. The gray and pink suede have to be my next pair.

  7. Trying to Lose says:

    I have been going for a walk every evening and I really felt a difference with these shoes! My posture is better and I can feel my muscles activating all the way up my legs and in my butt which I never did with my normal walking shoes! I definitely recommend these shoes!

  8. Leavenworth says:

    I now own 2 pair of Shapeups and 1 Tone ups. I have Plantar Flaciatis really bad and when i wear these shoes my feet do not hurt anymore. I can now walk in the morning when i get out of bed. These shoes have been a god send to me. I have not wore them outside in the weather yet just at work all day which i am on my feet all day and when i work out. Just bought the Tone ups and gettin ready to use them on my cruise next week and have been wearing them in the house. Can’t wait to be able to buy the boots soon someday.

  9. Vio says:

    I love my new skechers!They are so comfortable!I have problems with my back and they keep me in the right posture. I feel like I walk on clouds!I wear them everywhere. I have 3 young kids and my new schechers help me keep up with them wherever I go:) I am a tae bo addict and these shoes help me with the balance when I do kicks.I wear them with jeans and tights. They make my legs look sooo long, I look much thinner when I wear them!Love,love,love them!I can’t wait to buy a new pair in black!

  10. Colette says:

    Initially, I thought these shoes were overpriced. However, when I received them and put them on I was highly impressed. See, I’m a librarian and I do alot of standing. These shoes are perfect for a standing-all-of-the-time-job. The best part is I was having backache and foot pain from standing. However, when I put on these shoes I could instantly feel my posture change and my feet after a long day feel better too. They are stylish too! I have recommended these to all of my librarian friends too!

  11. Smiley Rosa says:

    I have had all brands out in the market and believe me, I have tried even the most expensive shoes but non compare to my sketchers. They are so comfortable and smooth fitting, these shoes I recommand to who ever needs comfort and a easy way to lose weight. I have lost 15 pounds and have had my sketchers for only two months. great pair of shoes really. 🙂

  12. R K A says:

    They are very comfortable and I have had no problem wearing them from day one. I am a stay at home Mom of year old twins and always on the go but no time for a real work out. This really helps. They do seem to run a little short compared to my other Skechers. When my original pair arrived I ended up having to take them to my local Skeckers retailer and exchanging for a 1/2 size larger. I was lucky they had them in stock because these can be hard to find.

  13. Mom of Three says:

    I can tell only by a few times of wearing that these shoes really work my legs and my abs. They make me walk with better posture and seem to be toning up the legs and hips. It takes a little practice to walk in them correctly, but when you do, you can really feel the difference. I use these shoes when I walk for exercise and I love them.

  14. Ummilyas says:

    When I first tried on the shoes they felt incredbily comfortable. I then bought them and they cause pain in my feet.I was told that they will hurt until i get used to them. I dont know when that will be though. I hope soon.

  15. KL Blessed says:

    These shoes are great for walking. I even walk with them while on the treadmill. Belive me after a couple of days, you will feel the burn. The price was not bad neither due to the fact that we spend $100.00 and up on a pair of tennis shoes just to work out in. I haven’t tried doing aerobics in the shoes yet. But I love the feeling of burning extra calories and toning while wearing a pair of tennis shoes. I’m also thinking about buying the casual shape ups for work. Great buy and I love my shoes.

  16. Kathy RN says:

    I am an RN, and I do alot of walking. I also have 2 bad knees, and osteoarthritis in my back. I can walk all day in these shoes, and have barely any pain. I have never had shoes that would allow me to do that before. I just wish there were more choices in the sandal tone-ups for casual wear! I would definitely be buying those, too!

  17. Susan says:

    I was really excited to get this shoe and have worn them around the house to get the feel of them. They are comfortable, but when you step down the shoe is so cushiony that the shoe spreads out and makes it feel like it is to wide and I could use an arch support. My only recommendation would be more support in the arch area.

  18. Becky says:

    I wear my sketchers to work every day.Day 1 I ached all over heel, knee and lower back. My body was readjusting to the sneakers. Day 2 all my aches have gone. I put no pressure on my heel the entire time I wear them, thats what I love. I faithfully wear them every day to work.

  19. Raylene says:

    I curently wear my shape ups everywhere. They are my everyday shoe. I love the softness on the inpact of walking. I wish I would have bought a half a size bigger. But for wearing them everyday for 0ver 12 hours I expected more results like I read in other reviews… the lack of soreness has me questioning. I believe I will add ankle weights while wearing them eventually.
    Overall a very nice shoe!

  20. Eka Lovely says:

    I was skeptical at first. But I just love my SKECHERS. I work a hospital and I am on my feet for 11 hours at a time, seven days straight. Before the Shape-Ups my feet were aching when I would get home. Now they hardly bother me. I just love them!! They are very comfy and stylish.

  21. Grandma Joyce says:

    I love the fact that the shape ups give me the arch support I could never get from any other sneaker. They offer all day support plus style and even make me feel a little taller which is always a plus. I’ve only worn for a couple of weeks now, but can already feel the tightening in the back of my calf area. I picked this particular style because I wear so much gray, blue and black to work.

  22. Postal Worker says:

    I have found these are the best shoes for working on concrete. I am over Forty and on my drive home from work my feet cramp up and I can barely walk when I get out of my car. With this shoe design I can rock forward with out stumbling and walk to my front door or even a grocery store without looking crippled

  23. Patty says:

    I have no idea why everyone is so crazy about these shoes, they are expensive and looks ugly, they are somewhat comfortable, but you can find a lot of other shoes similar to these offered in much lower prices.

  24. Buggy says:

    I have been walking in my Shape-Ups since the day they showed up. I really like them. They are a bit heavier than normal sneakers, but I think it adds to the workout. They make my walks a little more fun, a little more challenging. I am enjoying them, well worth the money.

  25. Teloca says:

    I wear my Skechers everyday with anything I wear other than when I dress up of course. They are comfortable and it didn’t take long for me to get used to the height or shape and not once have I lost my balance in them. One thing I noticed about the shoes though is that they have a particular odor about them but the smell goes away after I wear them, only to return the next morning when I go to put them on again.

  26. Roechelle says:

    I wear blue jeans with my skechers. They have become my favorite shoe. They are so comfortablethat my other shoes take second. They really do work you out too. My legs always feel like I’ve been to the gym. My rear-end is sore too. I think that they really work. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks. Thanks

  27. Andrea says:

    I bought these to get more Exercise. They are supposed to work the muscles in your legs and buns, and help your posture. In my opinion they do all of that. I really don’t feel them working until I’ve had them on for more then 20 minutes. They help you stand straighter too.

    The only negative thing I have to say is they don’t come in a wide width. My feet are a bit wide and after 20 minutes, the joint by my big toe begins to hurt. I have only had them 2 weeks, and feel that over time they won’t bother me. They are comfortable in every other way. They make my legs, hips and back feel great when walking.

  28. Robin says:

    I have worn my skeecher shape ups everyday since they arrived!! I am a diabetic who suffered everyday with my feet. I stand all day at work until I found shape ups my feet hurt every single day. I didnt buy them to shape up I bought them for comfort!! The shape up part is just an added bonus! I now have two pair and cant wait for my third!! NO MORE HURTING FEET!!! YESSS!!!

  29. Ms Anderson Teacher says:

    I am a high school teacher that must walk from student to student in my computer / keyboarding instruction class. I am on my feel the entire day with the exception of my 25 minute lunch. My feet ARE tired by the end of the day. When I wear these and come home at the end of the day my feet are NOT hurting! These are great. Now I can’t wait to buy more in black and tan. I think I will even try the Mary Jane style to see if it would be more stylish in my professional clothing.
    I own the Curves shoe that is the same style… but as a shoe freak I wanted more style. I must say these Skechers have a more comfortable sole than the Curves.

  30. Laura says:

    At first I took alittle while getting adjusted to how I really should be walking…but once my feet and legs got use to it well I love them. They make me stand correctly I feel like I am getting a great work out when I use them and I miss them when I am not wearing them!! I have received compliments on them they look great and feel AWESOME!!!!

  31. Chaster Bowers says:

    I have worn Skechers before and i love them. These are in a class of their own. I have a bone spur so it was making it difficult to exercise but these have so much cushion i can was without a problem. Very comfortable. I immediately felt a difference in how i stand and the different muscles you feel. These shoes are great.

  32. Jules the Stylist says:

    As a busy hairstylist, I stand and walk ALL day long, so I don’t feel the need to go for boring walks after work. My lower back has been hurting me for months and after wearing my Shape-ups just a couple of times it really has felt somewhat better. For me, they are a little bulky to wear just anywhere, so I wear them with yoga pants on to run errands and they work great!