Timberland PRO® TiTAN® 8-Inch Safety Toe Boots – PowerFit™ comfort system

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Featured Review: (by Loyal Timberland), I have had 4 pairs of these boots. 3 of the 8 inch and 1 6 inch pair. I have never liked steel toe boots. The company I started working for required steel toe. I went to a store and tried them on and loved them. They were extremely light and comfortable to my surprise. I bought them on the spot and have changed since. I have had major surgery to my knees and ankles, and the comfort is awsome. Being a welder, the only thing I don’t like is Timberland does not make the titanium toe with the meta-gaurd. No the are not totally waterproof, but what boot is that you can use in the summer and the winter. I have been wearing Timberland for the last 10-12 years and haven’t looked back. I have had 5 pairs of Timberland hiking boots and love them as well. Comfort, support and durability, I can’t complain. For anyone who has have any kind of major knee surgery, I would recommend highly.

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PRO® TiTAN® 8-Inch Safety Toe Boots - PowerFit™ comfort system, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

5 Reviews

  1. Dealburt says:

    When I first got these boots I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were I would work all day standing up on concrete and would still be able to go walking in the afternoon with my wife and daughter without my legs or feet bothering me the only draw backs are that these boots are not waterproof as advertised and they are wearing out really fast for the price I could have bought a lower priced not waterproof boot and could have gotten the same water protection but I needed a waterproof steel toe boot for work and I have used or worn timberland for 10+ years and I really like the product as far as comfort there is none better I would recommend to a friend but would have to let them know about the waterproof and quality and yes I will buy them again

  2. Maintenance Sup says:

    I had the 6″ version of the titans first, bottom of the soles fell apart, feet got wet. Lasted 6 months. Very comfortable boots though.2 years later, bought the 8″ Titans (thought maybe I just got a “bad” pair w/ the 6″ers). Rotated wearing them, every 3rd day at work, with a pair of Doc Martins and a pair of Red Wings. 10 months later, the heal on the left boot blew out. Lasted an equivilent of 3 months, not good for the money. Thought maybe the cheese factory environment was the cause, but outside contractors wearing the same boots experienced the same outcome.

  3. Rob says:

    I have been working in the communications industry for 25 years and I have been buying the Timberland Pro Series TiTAN 6″ & 8″ Safety Toe boots for the past 6 years and as far as comfort goes they are excellent. A very light weight boot for work. I can be in these boots all day and still come home at night and keep them on because they are that comfortable. I will say, only expect about 6 months of wear maximum out of these boots. The soles do not hold up. The rubber begins to peel and then the sole literally cracks. It has happened on every pair I have had (12 pair total) within 6 months. Wearing them monday thru friday 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day. They do need to redesign the sole of this boot for longer life. When you pay[$] for them, you should expect a year of use.

  4. Chris says:

    These are the best Timberland Pros I’ve owned for use at my dairy job. They stand up very well to the slippery floors in the plant. I had a pair of Wolverines and within a month they got scratched up on the toes, the laces were stripped on both feet, and the soles started to lose their slip resistance. The boots are very stylish and I will use them outside of work too.

  5. Rich Russell says:

    I had a pair of the 6 inch Pro Titans before purchasing the waterproof 8 inch and the soles of the boots came apart in several different areas of both boots. Hopefully this was a defect and the new ones will last longer. These are very light and comfortorable boots but I have my doubt about the durability of the soles.