Propet Stability Walker Shoes

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Description: Two density PU outsole, Internal heel counter, POLIYOU insoles, Supple leather uppers. Colors: Walnut Brown, Cordo and Black.

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Stability Walker Shoes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

2 Reviews

  1. Christine L says:

    Well built, true to fit, and very comfortable. The style and brand came highly recommended by a orthopedic specialist, who fitted a custom made insert made from a cast of my actual feet. I had previous surgery on my left foot, which left scar tissue soreness on the ball of my foot. So I walked on the side of my foot. This caused a very large callous to form, which was also very painful. I thought I would have to quit work soon, as I could barely stand the pain anymore. No matter what shoes I bought, they would never fit me correctly. Now with these proper fit shoes, my feet are starting to heal right again. I no longer experience any pain now while wearing these shoes, and I can continue to work in sheer comfort. It is unbelievable how 1 pair of shoes can change your entire life. My orthopedic specialist provided my 1st pair at a cost of $125. My better half bought my second pair on sale for less than half that amount. Walking is now a joy again. THANKS TO PROPET! I wear these shoes full time, all the time.

  2. Cathy says:

    I bought this shoe for my mother. She always has trouble finding shoes that fit because she is A size 5 but needs A 4e width. Usually I have to get her at least A 6 for the shoe to fit. She loves this pair of shoes (although they are AT LEAST as long as her size six sketchers). She has never had A pair where the width actually fit and felt good and her feet and these are great. She bought A couple of inserts to take up some of the extra length and loves them! These are well made, nice looking and definitely worth the money.